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2023-08-03 15:48:29

How To Create A Poll On Youtube Mobile (Android & iOS)

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Welcome to a Foxy Tech tips tutorial on creating a poll on youtube on mobile .

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Open up the youtube app on your phone , then tap on your user icon in the top right corner of the home page .

Tap on your channel from the options that appear at the top of your channel .

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You need to hold down on and slide the top menu bar from right to left until you see the community tab tap on community .

Now at the top of the community page , tap on the text box to make a post right to the question you want to ask in your pul , then tap on the P icon in the bottom left corner of the text box .

Here you can add your call , answer options .

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You can add more options by tapping , add another option at the bottom here , you can choose whether your poll will be public or for members only .

You can also schedule your poll to post at a later date .

Once you are finished editing , you can tap post in the top right corner to post your pul the poll will be posted to your community page and that draws an end to this tutorial .

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