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2023-08-05 08:54:36

How to Create Business Account on PayPal (Simple)

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You can just a little bit remodel what they have already created , because if they are using it , it means it's working .

And if you are going to recreate it and make it kind of a similar to there , then probably it's going to work for you as well .

Now , when we have created and optimise the profile , we need to move to the next step .

And that's creating of the boards .

What are boards ?

Boards are basically pins and a content that is saved under your profile and most importantly , is a content that you don't have to create directly .

Let me show you what I mean by this .

So , for example , if you just go to this profile family food garden that I was showing you before , uh , under the save pins , we can see they have tens of different boards under which we can find tens of thousands pins .

What this means that this account is able to get content on their profile even without creating something by themselves .

So under created , they have their own content .

But under saved what they are able to do , they are able to create a board and add different people content on their profile .

So it looks like there they can get amazing content .

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They can become authority in this specific niche , and so they can be selling the product much , much easier .

So this is something what we want to create as well .

So I would go back into the profile and I just want to click here on this plus and we want to create a board .

We can name the board , for example , vertical gardening .

I will click , create , and this will give me immediately option .

Save some pins to your new board .

OK , so what I can do ?

I can just click on this save and this will be saved into my board .

So I'll be just scrolling through this , And I just want to find some ideas that are going to be kind of similar to this specific board .

And I can just basically fulfil my profile without actually creating the content .

And I can still start getting views and followers just from these boards without me creating the content by myself .

So what is your goal at this moment is to create 4 to 5 different boards under which you are going to save 20 to 30 pins just to fill your profile and you look like authority from the day number one .

And this is how the created board is going to look like .

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And you can have 5 , 10 , 2030 50 boards like this just to gain authority without you actually creating the content yourself and now our profile is set up .

The next logical step is that we just need to take affiliate programme to the product that we can be promoting so we can start making some income .

It is very important to say that sometimes if you have no follows , you are just starting out with growing your social media platforms .

Some platforms won't give you access to their affiliate programme , so you kind of need to go retrospectively and the first you need to build some following and then you can start promoting the products .

But still there are some programmes that you can access even if you have zero following on a social media .

So the very first programme that we can start is actually this one click and grow so I just go .

I will just scroll down .

I just want to find this website .

Click and grow affiliate programme .

Uh , I just want to click on the join the programme right here and from here you just need to go through this application at your first name .

Last name your email .

Basically all the information that they need .

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You can see that this is required so we need to provide it and then if you will be at the end as well .

What they want from you is Instagram tiktok or YouTube channel .

But you can let them know that you are just starting your Pinterest account and you you want to have some quality product like his gardening and you can give them your link to your Pinterest account .

And what is amazing about it is that you will already have content because you have created the boards and inside of the boards will be content so they will be able to see like OK , this is actually kind of a realistic profile .

We can give them affiliate link to this product and then you can use the same exact process on every single affiliate programme that you can find on a Google , then the second option as before , you can just go into the Amazon associates .

You can just create your account , and you will have access to every single product that you can find on Amazon so you can just start looking .

You can just do a little bit of brainstorming like what product could these people benefit from ?

So you can just add there some , uh , guides , some books , some vertical garden accessories , for example like you can see right here and as well .

You can put there some home decoration that is kind of a connected to the gardening and as well you can put there some smart accessories .


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