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2023-08-04 12:21:47

Create a Bookkeeping Spreadsheet in Excel in 10 minutes

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Hello and welcome to the Mr Spreadsheet youtube channel .

In this video , I will show you how to create a simple bookkeeping spreadsheet for you to record your business transactions .

During the tutorial , I will use a basic data table created with Excel's table creator tool and I will incorporate a data list dropdown box and also examine Excel's filtering tool to analyze the data .

The completed spreadsheet is very easy to use and can be expanded and adapted to your specific requirements .

As usual , I will show you how to get a copy of the final template later on in this video .

And if you need any help on the Excel functions that I've used , then please do leave a comment below .

I hope you enjoy watching .

OK .

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We will start our bookkeeping spreadsheet by entering the word date in cell B four , in cell C four , enter the word type in cell D four , its description and in cell E four type in value cells F four through to 04 contain the analysis details for each of our transaction lines .

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I have entered sales materials delivery , motoring , admin , marketing , finance , professional drawings and other .

Finally , I have added an additional column called notes in cell P four .

Now you may have different analysis types for your business , but don't worry because you can always change these later .

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Now that we have our bookkeeping spreadsheet headers , we can use Excel's create table routine to automatically prepare a precise and well formatted table for us to use .

So select the range B four through to P 18 .

And whilst this range is highlighted , select the insert ribbon and from this ribbon , click on the table tool , the create table dialog box will now open , accept the default data range and check the my table has header box .

Now click OK .

You now have your bookkeeping spreadsheet table .

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We just want to make a couple of changes to this check the total row box to add an extra row at the end of the table so that we can total the individual columns , select a table style to your liking .

And finally from the page layout ribbon uncheck , the view grid lines box so that we have a crisp clear background to our worksheet .

Now every transaction needs a date .

So enter the first of March 2021 into cell B five press enter and the column width expands to accommodate this date in C five , the type column , we want this to be one of six transaction types .

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So we need to create a list of these and then create a drop down box from which to select one of the six types .

Let's create this list but locate it off screen , navigate to S four and enter in the word types and in the six rows directly beneath this , enter your transaction types .

Mr bank receipt , bank payment card , receipt , card , payment , cash , receipt , and cash payment .

Now highlight these six transaction types and from the formulas .

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Ribbon click on the define name tool , enter types in the name field of the new name dialog box and click .

OK .

Now press the home key on your keyboard to return back to our bookkeeping spreadsheet with your cursor in cell C five .

We can now create a drop down box selector which will allow us to choose from the transaction types that we've just created .

Select the data ribbon and choose the data validation tool in the allow field , select list and in the source field , enter equals types and then click .

OK .

A drop down box now appears to the right of C five .

Inviting us to select one of the six transaction types .

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Please choose bank payment , adjust the column width to accommodate the contents .

And in cell D five enter James Cook and enter the value minus 217.34 in cell E five .

We will analyze this transaction to delivery .

So navigate to the delivery column and enter minus 217.34 in cell H five .

OK .

We have now completed all of the essential information for this transaction .

Now , we need to add some totals .

We need to copy the formula in C five such that all rows now have the drop down function and we need to add a check routine and finally add a title and format .

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Our workbook select cell C five , the first row of the type column and simply drag down to cell C 18 each row now populates with bank payment , simply delete these by highlighting the range C five to C 18 and pressing the delete key on your keyboard .

The narratives disappear but the drop down box still remains , navigate to the totals row for the value column .

This is cell E 19 .

And from the drop down box , select the sum option .

Now drag this formula all the way across the worksheet to cell 0 19 .

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Such that we have totals for all of the columns , you can delete the contents of cell P 19 as we do not need these to make sure that our data entries are correct .

We need a check total .

This check total will ensure that the figure in the value total is equal to the sum of all the analysis totals .

So navigate to cell C 19 and enter in the formula plus E 19 minus some open brackets and then select F 19 through to 19 and close the brackets .

This value should always be zero .

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If it is not , then there is a data entry that needs correcting with your cursor in cell B two , enter in a title for your bookkeeping spreadsheet .

Make this bold and increase the font size .

Now highlight the range F five through to 0 19 .

And from the format cells tool select number and set to two decimal places with the 1000 comma separator box checked and negative numbers to display in red , preceded by a minor sign .

Now click , OK to complete snap the range B 19 to P 19 and change the background color to make the totals row stand out and make this bold and increase the font size .

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Now to emphasize our check total .

Navigate to cell C 19 apply a different background color and a different font color and center .

The cell contents finally navigate to sell a five and from the view ribbon , choose the freeze pains tool such that when you expand the bookkeeping spreadsheet , we can easily navigate upwards and downwards whilst the column headers and the title remain in view .

Now let's test out the bookkeeping spreadsheet in the second row .

Enter the date second of March 2021 and choose bank receipt from the type dropdown box .

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Enter ABC limited in the description field and as this is a receipt , enter the positive value of 1000 in E six .

Analyze this to sales and then check that your entry is mathematically correct by ensuring that your check total in cell C 19 is zero .

Now , as you progress , you will eventually run out of rows .

You can simply use the insert row tool from the home ribbon to add more lines .

Always making sure that you copy the dropdown box feature in the type column to populate these new rows .

I have now populated the bookkeeping spreadsheet with a month's worth of data .

And in this final part of the video , I will demonstrate the use of Excel's filtering tool to further analyze our data .

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Please pause the video for a moment and copy the data on screen into your worksheet .

Now let's say that we want to know the value of our card receipts in the month .

So click on the downward pointing arrow in cell C four , then uncheck the select all box and then check the card receipt box once you click on OK , the bookkeeping spreadsheet will truncate showing only the card receipt transactions .

You can use this filtering routine across the entire spreadsheet and you can use multiple variables .

Just click the undo tool to revert back to the full table and that completes our video tutorial on how to create your bookkeeping spreadsheet .

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We do hope that you enjoyed our spreadsheet video and that there was lots of content that you found both useful and informative .

No , if you would like us to send you a copy of this spreadsheet file , then please subscribe to our channel and give this video .

A big thumbs up .

Alternatively , please visit one of our channels on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter .

Now , if you are a small business and want to keep your bookkeeping records in Excel , then why not watch our accounting spreadsheet tutorial alternatively , why not view our how to keep your accounts in Excel video .

This is our easy to use and inexpensive solution for your small business bookkeeping needs .

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Thank you once again for watching our spreadsheet video and Oh , yes , please do subscribe to our channel .


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