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2023-08-05 10:21:47

How to create your Own Channel_Banner art for your YouTube Homepage! [2019] [HD]

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I think we're tuned to another video .

This video is gonna be a tutorial .

Video on how to create your , um , channel out for your YouTube home page .

Um , so , yeah , so the first thing you have to So let's just get started .

So the first thing you have to do , let's say , pick a background and then back And , like , I'm just gonna go with a simple , simple background and just choose a green background and then find which background you like .

You can be any background , but I'm gonna choose that one and then basically save it as a desktop and save it somewhere that you remember .

So that's done .

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Next thing you have to do is , um , So you got your background .

Next thing you have to do is basically go on like a text maker thing .

Um , so , yeah , I'm just gonna go in cortex .

There's other , um um text style things generator things that you can go , but I'm just gonna go and go For now , I know a good one called , which is a really good stylish , um , font .

Choose so you can go for that .

So you choose which one which font ?

Um design you like .

So I'm just gonna pick on a random one like this , and then put your YouTube channel name .

So I'm gonna put my my YouTube , um , channel name like that , and it should appear like this .

But you If you're using a different different text generator thing , then that's fine .

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And make sure in any generators or curators text curators , it should be on a transparent .

So yeah , you could .

So if you're using this , you could click correct logo .

But I'm just gonna go straight to save image and then call it .

Just call it text for now .

OK , there we go .

Um , so that's done .

So you got your text and you got your background .

Next thing you have to do is go on pink pick monkey .

It will be a link in the description if you want to check it if you want to .

If you're following me , there'll be a link to order just , um , to order links that I'm doing in this tutorial .

So yeah , so first thing .

So you click .

So let me just show you you click .

Edit .

Once you click edit , you scroll down and find your background side green .

So you click that one , and then it should come as this .

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But if you start anything , you must click this crop , sign there and then click that scroll all the way to the bottom and click the second to last one , which is 202,560 times 1600 H DH , D TV .

So you click on that one and then click apply , and that's basically the size of the channel or whatever you want to call it .

So basically , that's the size of the channel .

The next thing you do is go on a text and actually not to take the butterfly sign .

There we go .

You click the butterfly sign and then click your own , and then it should open it and then find your text that you did and make sure it's in transparent , as I said before .

So there's no white , um , um , backgrounds .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So make as big as you want or whatever you want to do and then place it around it about in the middle .

You could .

You can add other pictures around it if you want , but I'm just going to leave a simple for now .

simple quick tutorial on how to do this .

So simple idea .

So when you're done doing order designs , you click the save button here and then it should let this and it should look like this and then click save to my computer and then save it .

Like , Is that is that that is saving , So that saved that saved .

Now , now I'm gonna show you .

I'm gonna put that as my channel .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So if you go on your YouTube home page , click my channel , click your channel , and then click the pencil mark over here and then click Edit channel .

Click that and you click the If it Comes , you click the select photo from your computer and then scroll down to the one you've you saved and done .

So that's that .

And then wait for it to upload .

And then once that's uploaded you , you can click adjuster crop if you want to see where you want to place it .

I think that's all right like that .

So I'm gonna leave it like that .

Click select , And then it should say saving .

And then comes your channel up .

So yeah , so that's basically it for this video .

If you did like it .

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Please leave a Please leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already .

And Yeah , and hope you enjoyed it .

Thanks for watching .

And I'll see you in another video .


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