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2023-08-05 09:34:32

Chicken Pulao Recipe In 10 Minutes - Pressure Cooker Biryani Recipe

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Hey guys today , I'm gonna show you this very , very quick one pot delicious meal that is quick chicken pulau in pressure cooker as pressure cooker recipes does not take much time .

So let me show you the simple steps on how to prepare this .

And this is a quite comforting food in true sense to prepare this super tasty and super quick chicken biryani in pressure cooker here , I've got this chicken which is around half a kg and it is with bones which I've washed nicely .

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And I'm going to marinate this with some salt , half a teaspoon of Kashmiri red chili powder , little black pepper powder , half a teaspoon of cumin powder , half a teaspoon of kaam masala , half a teaspoon of any store bought Biryani masala juice of one lemon , two tablespoons of the or yogurt , plain yogurt and a teaspoon of ginger garlic paste makes everything really well lemon juice and they will act as a tenderizer for the chicken and will make it really soft and juicy with them .

So coat it nicely with the marinate so that all the chicken pieces are nicely coated , well coated with the marinate like this .

And now I'm going to leave this just for half an hour .

Meanwhile , you can soak your rice .

So here I've taken this 1.5 cups of long grain or parsi rice , which I've soaked and we need to soak this just for about 20 to 30 minutes .

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While the chicken is resting , smoothie rice will give a nice flavor and texture to the pulau just like biryani .

So try using a good quality bashi rice here next up in a pan , you can use a pan here today .

I'm using this pressure cooker for quick recipe to this .

I'm going to add two tablespoons of oil along with a tablespoon of key that is clarified butter for that extra rich flavor .

But you can definitely use oil only once it is heated over medium flame will add in a piece of cinnamon or dal Chini .

5 to 6 cloves or long , 2 to 3 green cardamom that is 6 to 8 black pepper corns .

That is Cali merch , a bay leaf that is but and a teaspoon of jira or cumin seeds , fry everything really well for about 20 to 30 seconds or until fried well and aromatic .

Next , we'll add in two onions which are cut into slices like this .

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And we are going to fry the onions for about 5 to 6 minutes or until they turn soft and golden brown in color .

After about two minutes , I'm also adding a tablespoon of ginger garlic paste and a few green chilies .

You can use whole green chilies or slid green chilies and cook that as well with the onions .

So you can see the onions are nicely golden brown .

They're like almost deep fried .

And that's the perfect color for pulau .

Like if you're using , if you're frying the onions , then this should be the color of the onions for pulau .

And once the onions are nicely golden brown , I'm going to add in one or two tomatoes .

So today I'm using two tomatoes , which I've chopped like this and cook the tomatoes for about two minutes or until they are slightly soft .

Tomatoes will help in giving nice moisture to the .

So do not cook the tomatoes for long as it is , we are going to give this whistle .

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They become slightly tender time to add the chicken .

So we'll add in the marinated chicken and then cook the chicken over medium high flame for about 2 to 3 minutes .

Mix it really well with the onion and tomato base and keep cooking the chicken for a while until you see the white coating outside the chicken pieces .

Cooking that in Hindi , what we call is bono that is chicken kanas are the important the chicken .

So keep tossing the chicken until it's well bono or until it gets nice white coating on outside .

So now we'll cover it with the lid and let it cook over low to medium flame just for about five minutes .

So that the chicken gets cooked from inside as well .

Because after this , we are going to put the rice and just give it one whistle , which is not enough for the chicken .

Like one whistle is enough for the rice , but one whistle will not be enough for the chicken .

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So right now it's a time to cook the chicken over low flame for about 5 to 7 minutes .

So it's been almost 5 to 6 minutes .

Let's remove the lid and trick the chicken is nicely cooked with the masala .

You can see it's slightly cooked but still not fully done .

It's almost half done and it has also left some water , which is perfectly fine .

Now , we'll add in the rice , which is 1.5 cups , already soaked , mix it a bit with the chicken base .

Once all the rice is nicely mixed with the chicken time to add some water .

So here we have used 1.5 cups of rice .

So normally we use 1 to 2 ratio that is three cups of water .

But chicken has also left some water .

And we have also used some tomatoes in this which has got enough moisture .

So today we are adding not three but 2.5 cups of water .

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So for 1.5 cups of rice , we need to put just 2.5 cups of water .

Give it a good mix .

I'm also adding some salt for the rice .

Remember , we have also put some salt in the chicken , so be careful and then some fresh coriander .

And I'm also using some fresh mint leaves because I had it handy for extra flavor just like biryani .

But if you don't have , you can simply use coriander makes everything really well .

And now we are going to cover it with the lid and we'll wait for one whistle and after that one whistle , we'll turn the flame to Lewis and cook for another two more minutes and then switch off the flame and then we'll wait for the entire pressure to release .

So now the pressure of the vessel is completely released .

We are going to remove the lid and check superb .

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You can see the rice is fully cooked and how beautiful it's looking , the water is also completely dried with the cooked rice in it .

We'll show you from close , we'll mix it a bit with fork and show you we'll just puff up with the fork and show you how well it's cooked .

You can see all the rice grains are nicely separated and the chicken is also fully cooked and the rice is not at all sticky because we use the right amount of water in it , which is very , very important for the pressure cooker .

Pulau or Biryani to just puff it up .

It's looking really tempting .

You can simply serve hot , hot with some and after serving , I'm putting some fresh coriander with some onion rings .

You can also serve some lemon wedges on the side .

And here you go guys , your quick and easy chicken pulau is ready without much efforts .

Ingredients and time .

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Doesn't it look really delicious ?

And if yes , then do like share and subscribe to my channel for more such easy recipes .

See you soon in the next video .

Bye bye .


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