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2023-08-04 12:23:44

How to Download Fortnite on Android when Device Not Supported! (2023)

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Coming up today , how to download Fortnite on your Android device when it says device not support it .

Keep watching and find out how you can still download Fortnite .

Yes .

What's up guys ?

Welcome back to another video on how to digital in this video .

I'm gonna show you how you can download Fortnite on your Android device when it says that it's not supported .

So as you guys can see right there , if I just open the Epic Games app and then click on Fortnite , you'll see that for my device , it will say device not supported , right ?

If that's been happening , happening to you as well , you want to close the app and you want to open a browser .

So I'm just gonna use my Samsung internet browser and let's see where it is .

It's right there .

I'm gonna open that .

And then as you can see right there , I search for GSM Fix , Fortnite .

That's what you want to search for as well .

And then you want to click on downloads a papk fix .

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So right there you'll see .

Download Fortnite , a PK fix device not supported and create Fortnite .

You want to click on that .

Download link from Fortnite and it's then going to download a file as you can see it there , it's downloading , I'll get back to you once that's done and there you go .

So next up you want to click on it and you don't want to click on install and right now it's gonna install Fortnite .

I'll get back to you once that's done .

Ok .

There we go .

So Fortnite just install and I opened the app .

Once you open it , they'll ask you if you already have an account or if you want to create a new account .

So depending on if you have one or not click on the right option for you and then once you do so it will actually take you to this page you want to click on , agree and then it's gonna install Fortnite on your device .

You simply gonna gonna wait for that , it's going to update and all of that .

And then once all of that is done , you can actually open Fortnite , the real game and there we go .

So the , the game just started right now .

I'm like logging into my Fortnite like account , my Epic Games account .

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And this is pretty much how you can get Fortnite on any device where it says device not supported .

If this video helps you out , please consider leaving a like let me know in the comments if it works .

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I appreciate it .


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