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2023-08-03 15:32:50

Top PTC sites – Earn Money by Clicking Ads (3 Legit Free Options)

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Do you want to know how to earn money by clicking ads ?

And are you interested in finding out what the top PTC sides ?

Meaning pay to click sites actually are ?

Then this video is for you .

My name is Michael and I am very often asked about the best PTC sites where you can earn by clicking ads .

And they , so I decided to create this video here where I will first of all explain exactly how much you can earn by clicking ads because there are a lot of fake claims around this and you need to do it with the right expectations .

And then I will also show you three legit and realistic methods to actually earn by clicking ads .

So before we get to the three sites where you can actually earn money by clicking ads , then let's first go over what you can expect to earn in general by clicking ads because there are a lot of pay claims .

You will see many youtube videos .

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Also that claim that maybe that you can earn one or two or maybe even $3 or more per click .

And that is just not true .

That is click bait to get views and they , in most cases have not even tried the platforms or they are just outright lying because this is not how much you can earn just for clicking an ad .

Any one that claims that is lying to you and any platform that actually claims you can make this much is a platform to stay away from because you will likely just end up losing money instead .

But there are legit platforms that will pay you to click ads and there are hundreds of them actually .

However , there are a lot of them that are not worth it in my personal opinion , but it all comes down to expectations .

And one thing you need to know is that many so called PTC pay to click sites will try to push you to upgrade to potentially earn more .

And for most PTC sites , they are trying to push you to invite others .

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And it actually is mostly what it gets into trying to get you to recruit others instead of actually letting you earn by clicking ads .

And then you have to pay to upgrade to earn more .

And all this and many people I know have lost money by using these PTC sites .

And therefore , I do not recommend the ones that actually try to push you to an expensive upgrade because for most people , it will just not be worth it .

And for most of those sites , you would also have to click maybe at least 1000 ads to earn just $1 if you do not pay to upgrade and then buy dollars .

So therefore , in this video here , I decided to show you three examples where you can earn completely for free .

They will not push you to upgrade or anything like that .

You still just need to know that it will not be something that will give you huge earnings .

It will take quite a lot of clicks to be able to earn decent money , but it is free .

You can get started right away and you can do it no matter your background and there will be options no matter the country you live in also .

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So with the expectations set , let's now go over these three legit pay to click sites that I want to show you .

The first option I want to go over is called Time Box .

And Time Box is actually not just like a PTC side P to click side .

It has a lot of different ways to earn and one of them is to earn by clicking ads .

And to go there , you just sign in .

If you're not already a member , I will leave a link below here .

So you can go to the full review on my website and there see the joining link .

So you can easily see sign up and here you can then go to the earning section to content and here's something called ad clicks and then first , you just need to confirm that you're not a robot and then you will get these video ads you can watch and you will only see one at a time .

You will open it up and it will just start counting down .

You can see exactly how long you would need to let it run and how much you would earn .

And this maybe does not look like a lot .

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But compared to most classical PCC sites , this is actually quite a lot for an ad on many sides , you would maybe only earn 0.0001 or something like that per ad .

And here you actually earn a little bit more .

And you can also see how many available offers once I have completed this ad here , I would get the next one and new ones are added continuously .

So you can just keep coming back later in the day or the next day if you run out and then if you want to earn even more when you run out of ads here , it has many other earning options and in some cases , they even pay a lot more than the ad options here as well .

But this ad options is definitely one worth checking out on Time Box if you are interested in earning money by clicking ads .

So the next option I want to show you is called Coly and Coly has more of what I would call a classical PTC section .

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With these small website ads here where you click and a new website opens up and you have to watch it for a certain number of seconds .

And then you will earn some coins .

For example , here I would click , a new screen would open up .

I would have to view it for five seconds and then I would earn nine coins and you can see it has quite a lot of different ads here .

I can click and coin supply also offers a lot of other ways to earn .

If you want to boost your earnings further than just earning by clicking ads , you just need to be aware that coin supply is only relevant if you are interested in cryptocurrencies because that is the only thing you can get paid out here .

But it actually does pay and I also have a video with payment proof .

I will leave a link in the top corner here .

So you can see exactly how to take your earnings out .

But if you're interested in clicking ads , it offers quite a good amount .

And just like time box I showed earlier also you can join coin supply no matter the country you live in .

So the final side I want to show you is called think opinion .

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And this is not so well known actually , but it is a get paid to side with a lot of different ways to earn .

And compared to many other get paid to side it offers something that you can actually often not find there .

And that is paid to click a because it has several awards that actually offer that in general .

If you go to the Awful World section , you can see it has a lot , but most of them can also be found on other get paid to sites .

But here , it also offers at the moment of recording this here , three offer walls that also offer you to earn by clicking ads .

One of them here is called Skippy ads .

You can find it here in this overview here , you see Skippy ads here and here you can see there's a click section where you can earn .

You can see how long you would have to actually watch it here .

This one , for example , for 10 seconds and how many points you would earn .

And this is one of the a walls here .

They also have this other one here called my ad wall here and they also have one called a click wall .

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So decide to check out in opinion after watching this video here .

Then those three aw walls are where you can find they paid to click ads .

And here you can get paid in cash via paypal .

And it also offers several other payout methods .

And for some of them , you can take your earnings out already when you've earned $5 .

But that can vary from country to country .

But also on this side , you can join no matter the country you live in .

So overall , as you can see , there are some legit options to get paid by clicking ads , but you need to make sure to do it with the right expectations .

It will not make you a full time income , it will not make you rich and you will not find a site that will pay you 20 cents per click or a dollar or $2 or $3 per click .

I know some videos claim that but they are honestly just lying to you just to get views .

And I'm often asked here or where can I find a high paying PC side that will pay me 20 cents per click .

You cannot , that is not how it works .

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It will not be worth it for these sides to pay that much because they would lose money and you have to think about it .

The only way we can earn from these free earning methods is if they can also earn , it's not charities .

Of course , it needs to be a win win situation .

So you need to be realistic around it .

And what I have shown you here are some of the sites that in my experience after I've been testing hundreds of sites will give you the best free ways to earn by clicking ads .

And I hope this video will help you figure out if clicking ads is the right way for you to earn money online .

And also gave you some good ideas about how to do it and some platforms you can join and I will leave links below here to these different platforms I mentioned .

So you can easily get started if you want to any of them .

And you are also welcome to join all three of them if you want to because you definitely can and then you can get access to more options .

But I hope this video will help you and make sure to give it a like if it did help you .

And also don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the notification bell .

She won't miss out next time .

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There's a video with tips and tricks about how to get the most out of .

Get paid , two sites , paid service sites and other free ways to earn some extra cash on the site online .


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