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2023-08-03 15:50:46

How to Create Microsoft Teams Account! (2023 Guide)

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In this video , I'm going to show you guys how to create a Microsoft teams account .

It's very quick and easy .

So if you didn't know how to do that yet , then make sure you watch this video till the end and you'll be able to do that .

Let's get started .

So first of all , go to your search bar and search for uh teams and then just click on the first one , chat meetings , call and collaboration right here .

You can either sign in or sign up for free , but we want to sign up for free , of course .

So just click on it and then enter an email .

So I'm just gonna do that right now and then click on next and select how do you want to use teams ?

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So I'm just gonna select uh for work right here and then click on next and then uh enter your password of your Microsoft account and I'm just gonna click on , keep me sign in and then click on sign in and here you have to fill in your first name , your last name and your company name maybe .

Um So of course , when you actually work for something .

Of course , you got to fill in your company name , but I just got to fill in this .

So just click on set up teams and then you can um for example , download the Windows app , what is pretty helpful , but you can also just use the web app .

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So I'm just gonna click on that and teams is now loading and right here as you can see your uh teams is right here .

So yeah , that's uh how you create a team's account .

And yeah , that's basically it .

So if this video helps you out , please leave a like and let me know in the comments .

So it worked and I'd appreciate that .

But if this video helps you out , please consider subscribing so I can grow the largest how to channel on youtube .

I'd appreciate it .


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