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2023-08-04 12:22:53

How To Create Awesome Profile Pictures for Instagram, LinkedIn, FB, & YouTube (Profile Pics Ideas)

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How's it going , everyone ?

Today , I'll show you how to create awesome profile pictures for Instagram , LinkedIn , Facebook or YouTube .

You know the colourful ones you see all over the place .

These can help you stand out from the crowd and help raise awareness for your content or for your profile .

We'll be using can , which is an easy to use and free drag and drop graphic design tool .

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Firstly , we need to remove the background from your profile picture as we only need a small image .

We can use an online tool called remove dot BG .

Upload your image and it will remove the background automatically .

If it's not quite perfect , you can click edit , then select Array Slash Restore to fine tune the edges .

Most of the time it gets it right .

First time .

If you want to download the high res version , you will have to pay .

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However , in this case , we can just use the preview image , which is only 408 times 6 12 pixels .

But that's more than enough for most profile pictures , which are quite small .

I believe Instagram only requires a square around 100 and 10 by 100 and 10 pixels .

You can use Photoshop or photo P for this task , but because we only need a small image , this will do for now .

Now that we have our profile picture without a background , we can head over to can click on , create a design , enter any dimensions that are square .

I'll choose 600 by 600 which should cover the profile picture requirements For most social websites .

You could choose 10 80 by 10 80 but that might be too much .

In this case .

Click create design , then upload your profile picture without a background and add it to the page .

Then click backgrounds and select a background you like .

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You can either choose a solid colour at the top or select one of these picture backgrounds here .

A cool trick you can do with these backgrounds is actually turn them into a smooth gradient .

For example , you can select one of these .

Normally , this looks too busy .

However , if we click , adjust and then change the blur , we can create a nice , smooth gradient effect .

We can do the same thing with this yellow and orange background .

Click , adjust and then change the blur .

If you have a specific brand colour you need to stick to , then you can find more gradients at these websites .

My favourite is ui gradients dot com .

When you go to the home page , it displays a random gradient .

However , if you click show all gradients , you can see a wider selection .

You can rotate them and download by clicking this Get dot JPEG button .

Another one worth mentioning is gradient dot IO .

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This offers multicoloured gradients in a range of styles .

These are available to download for free , and you can use them as a background or use CS S code to add to your website now back to can .

You can , of course , also add a photo to the back as well .

If you wanted a professional linked in photo , you could find a picture of an office and add that to the background .

You might be thinking that these images are square , but they appear as a circle on social websites .

Normally , the websites turn your square photo into a circle .

By cropping it , you can see what it will look like by adding a circle from the elements tab .

This can help you align the photo .

Once you've added the circle , you can then resize it so that it covers the entire page .

I make sure the edges of the circle just touch the edges of the square .

You can get it exactly in the middle by kicking position and choosing middle and centre .

You might have to resize it again slightly and then reposition to get it in the middle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now everything in the circle will appear in the profile picture .

You can then adjust the size and position of your image .

If you hold control and then right click , you can select the layer behind the circle and use the arrow keys to move the image up or down or left and right once you finished , then just download the PNG and upload to the website of your choice .

This is my instagram .

You can see a bunch of people with cool profile pictures here .

This is kind of the where I got the idea from to change yours .

Just click on a profile picture on the top , right ?

Then click on , add a profile photo , then upload your image .

I'm still planning content for this page , so I have no posts .

At the moment , my main focus has been YouTube , but I'll use this instagram at one point and feel free to follow me .

If you have an instagram page my handle is at learn with .

So that's it .

If you found this video useful , feel free to like and subscribe .

Also hit that bell to get notified of new videos , and I'll see you on the next one .


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