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2023-08-03 15:29:59

ZERO to $10,000 Online Challenge _ Make Money Online _ Part 1

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in today's video , I'm going to set myself a massive challenge .

I'm gonna see if it's possible to go from zero to earning over $10,000 online .

Obviously , I've been making money in lots of different ways over the last few years .

But a lot of people want to see me start from zero having no money at all .

So I've decided to take the challenge on and see whether I can do it .

The rules are I can't use any money , obviously , and I can't use my following , so it is gonna be pretty tough .

I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it .

I've got a few different ideas and strategies that I can that I can try out , and we're gonna see whether it works .

So let's dive into it .

For the first part of the challenge , I decided to head to fiver dot com and try to offer a service in exchange for some money .

The downside to fiver is it's very , very competitive , so it is quite hard .

But this is the only option I've got .

I think I , I think I need to get on to a trend , something which is trended at the moment and offer a service around that and also offer something which is obviously fairly new .

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So not a lot of people are offering that service .

But I had a little idea before , and I think this is pretty genius .

I think it could work well .

So you might know that there's a new app on the block , Um , an audio app called Clubhouse .

So it's this one here , and basically it's It's an audio app where people can talk in rooms and and a lot of entrepreneurs are using it .

So on the app people , the only thing that you can see when someone is speaking is a profile picture .

Um , but what a lot of these top speakers are now doing is they're kind of making their profile pictures to stand out by adding borders around them or cool backgrounds behind them .

So I feel like this is probably the most trendy thing that I can think of .

That's very easy for me to do , because I could just do that on .

So I'm gonna give it a go anyway and see whether I can get any sales .

I've uploaded it .

It's live , so let's hope that we're gonna get some organic people searching for this .

Um and we'll see how it goes from there .

I'll keep you updated .

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OK , so it's the next day .

Now , my five gig has been up overnight , so now is the moment of truth to see whether I've had any sales .

I've not checked it this morning , so I'm gonna log into my account and check it .

I'm hoping that I would have had at least one sale , but we're gonna find out now .

Let's log in and check it out .

I failed you .

You trusted me , I .

I failed you zero orders .

I mean , I knew I to be fair .

I didn't think I was gonna have any orders this soon .

I only created one gig , but zero orders .

That's a bit of a blow .

Obviously I need to try and change this up a little bit .

The good news is I've had 20 impressions and seven clicks , So it is reaching people and I'm getting clicks .

So I do think it is a matter of time before I actually make one sale .

While I was waiting for the fibre sales to come rolling in , I knew that I had to diversify and think of some other income streams .

So I decided to hit up my old mate Google .

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And after trawling through a lot of crappy options , I stumbled across a few sites that offered to pay you for taking free trials .

And I saw some good reviews for them , so I decided to give them a go .

The one that I've seen popping up is called Oh my dosh , which is this website here ?

Um , it's a UK one .

There's quite a few different ones .

There's one called inbox dollars as well in America , which is a similar kind of set up .

They pay you out if you sign up for a trial like a TV subscription plan and you get a free trial , and then what you can do is cancel the subscription or cancel your membership before they take the money out and you can keep the cash .

So I'm gonna give that a go now and see .

So I've got some good news .

I finally have some money in the kitty , so the challenge is off to a start .

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I'm so happy I've been on this website signing up for trials for things and so far , it says here you'll see here I've earned £6 but I've actually signed up to more things .

But some of them take a little while to process .

So the total that I've earned so far is £11 .

25 with this challenge , What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do it in dollars , mainly because it looks like more .

And it's gonna be easier to hit $10,000 than it is to hit £10,000 .

So the total so far , the running total that I've made is $15.43 in the bank .

Now , some of these offers pay out within , like , 24 hours into my bank , and I can withdraw them .

But some of them take a little bit longer .

So I'm not just gonna pause the challenge and wait for this to be paid into my bank .

I'm just gonna add that to the key and use that and move on to the next next part of this challenge because I just wanna keep the momentum and keep the ball rolling .

Morning , guys .

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So first of all , excuse the morning head because I've just jumped out of bed , but I've got some really good news .

So last night , just before I was about to go to bed and all that came through on fibre .

So someone's ordered my gig on fiver .

So what I did is I .

I just I did .

I fulfilled the order straight away .

I just got their picture , added the the board around it , sent it off to them .

And then while I was asleep , they they obviously approved it .

Give me five stars , which was amazing .

Um , and then even better news happened .

I've just woken up and another order has come through , um , about 3 a.m. while I was asleep .

So that five star rating is really helping me rank now , um , and it's hopefully going to snowball from here , so I'm gonna do the order now .

Um , and hopefully some more orders are gonna start coming through throughout the rest of the day , and we can start building up that cash so we can move it into something else a little bit later .

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Just finished the second fiver order , um , fiver takes $1 out of each of them , so you get $4 per order , which means another $8 into the Bank , which means we're currently at a total of $23.43 .

It's slow progress , but we are making progress for the next part of the challenge .

I think I need to take it up a level and start earning some bigger chunks of money .

I mean , the fiver gigs are still ticking away in the background , but it's going to take me forever to get to $10,000 if I'm just selling little $5 gigs here and there .

So I've been having a little browse around , and I was looking at what's trending at the moment .

And one thing that is trending at the moment is Cryptocurrency .

Um , as you see here , it is literally peaking again .

There's a lot of hype around Cryptocurrency , um , almost as much hype as there was in 2017 when it was at its peak .

So I was like , How can I capitalise on this new trend ?

It's trended .

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Hey guys , welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for tuning in .

So in this video , I'll be sharing with you on how to earn money online by watching ads if you are new here .

Welcome to the channel .

My name is Queen Mago .

Money .

I share information on how to make money online and that's the information that you can find here on the channel .

So if you want to supplement your income , you want to start an online business , you're looking for a side hustle something to do without having to invest any money .

I've got it here on the channel .

So try to check out some more videos at the end of this one , do consider joining this family by subscribing and going with us through this journey as we learn more ways of making money online without wasting any more time .

Let's get started with today's video .

Alright guys .

So in this video , we'll be looking at different ways to make money online by watching ads .

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And yes guys , it is definitely possible actually making money in this age .

It seems like you can literally make money by doing anything .

So if you're looking for an easier way to make money , uh , extra money because it's not going to be a lot of money to supplement your income , to have fun , to get to know other websites .

And so on this method would be for you .

We'll be looking at four different websites that are available worldwide for you to make money by simply watching ads .

The first website that we're going to look at is going to pay you for clicking and going into different websites .

And yeah , guys , I do have to explain this one because once you get into the website , you will see a paid option .

Now , this website , it does allow you to pay and get to click on more ads if you do it that way .

However , I don't recommend it because there is a free option for clicking on ads .

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Now , the difference is there are different amounts of ads that you can click on per day .

So if you had the gold membership as they call it , you have , you know , many more ads to click on and make much more money .

So these kinds of websites , I don't really believe in putting in your money and hoping to find more ads rather click on more ads .

And as soon as you get paid , reinvest that money , you know , for me , that makes sense .

So the first website works like that and it's available worldwide , they pay on different options , but we'll look at that once we are in there .

But it is this website that I am looking at right here on my screen .

It's called a View with a V at the end .

So you'll find it on a view dot com .

But as always guys , I will leave you links to all the websites that I'll be sharing here today on the description box down below .

So you can find them easier .

But this is how the website looks like .

When you learn on the home page , you'll find a page that looks like this and you can straight out see that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Once you are done filling out all that information , click on , I am not a robot , agree to their terms and conditions register your account and yeah , go back to the email that you've used to sign up here to confirm your account and just like that you would have started your process of signing up to this website .

Now , I did go ahead and check out this website on different blogs and as well as on trust pilot , but I can't open them all .

So you can go , go ahead and read up more information to determine whether you want to go ahead and sign up to this website and try to make money with it or not .

Now , on Trust pilot , they have a star rating of 3.8 and I did go ahead and read up some of the reviews which they got there .

Some people do trust this side .

They say trust that side , real side and pays early , but income is low for free membership .

That is something that I've already spoken about .

This person had a bad experience .

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And you can see here that I already have 15 paid ads .

So if I click paid ads here , you'll see that these are youtube videos that I can click to earn um different points .

So their point system here is called BAP or BP .

And once you click on it , you can convert it into dollars .

So one BP is equals to 0.0005 in US dollar .

So I recommend that you go and check out this website to find out more information about it and to help you determine further whether you want to sign up and make money by watching ads .

Website .

Number two is also available worldwide and they have different payout options including pay pal .

So it is this website that I'm looking at here , it's called Start Les .

You'll find it on star dash clicks dot com or using my link on the description box down below .

Now , when you look on the home page , you can see that they have different tabs here .

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They have a tab for publishers .

They have a tab for advertisers .

Now , if you want to make money on this platform by viewing ads , you need to come to the home page and click on publishers .

Now , I'm going to show you by scrolling a little bit down where you can see more information .

So as you can see , they say publishers earn money online , start working , now earn money and get paid .

So publish ads and get paid , get paid instantly .

That's another thing that's really amazing about this website .

You get paid as soon as you get money .

As you can see here , you can get paid to paypal via bank transfer and many others to get started , you can immediately click here to start .

Now , you would click on publisher sign up to start the sign up process .

And it is similar to the other one that we've just gone through .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You have to fill out all your information , your personal information , such as your name , your birthday , uh your home address , they're looking for all that type of information , your email address , uh security questions and many , many things that you need to fill out here before you can start working .

But I think it's worth it now with this website , I have also signed up but I want to first show you the reviews which they have on different platforms .

So looking at different blogs and websites , I've seen that they have an average of 4.8 star rating on many different websites and blogs .

And I think that's really , really amazing , but I've pulled out the reviews on a trust pilot .

And as you can see here , they have a four point star uh star rating and they have over 20,000 reviews , which is very , very rare .

92% of people are satisfied .

These , they have rated this website as excellent and only 2% have rated it as bad .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So you can go ahead and read up all the reviews , use that to find out what the challenges are for people , what excites them about this website and so on .

But I'm just gonna log in to show you the inside of the website .

All right guys .

So I'm inside the dashboard of my account .

As you can see , I've done a bit of work on the left .

You will see pay per click ads , click on P PC ads here and then they will show you the different ads that are available for you to click as you can see , I've got quite a few of them , quite a few of them that I can click on .

And this is how you make money on this website by clicking on ads .

All right , guys .

So the next website is going to pay you in Cryptocurrency .

They have their own crypto token , which you can then convert into other crypto coins and cryptocurrencies .

This is actually a plug in which you need to download and install in your computer .

The kinds of adverts that I've seen are not weird adverts which I can't relate .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So about the safety of this website and other information .

I think it's best you go and you research a little bit to find out if this is something that you would want to do because I do get the impression that as you are browsing , they are getting the information and they are using that to recommend uh relevant ads to you .

So if you are happy with that , um you can go ahead and sign up to this website .

And another thing I have to mention with their sign up process is that it is very , very elaborate .

They uh they're going to ask you to submit your ID or you know , any proof of identification , it could be your license and so on for you to get verified on this platform .

And the reason they are doing that is to ensure your safety on the platform to make sure that you are doing things as you and yeah , guys , so that no one hacks your account and you know , quite a lot of things that you need to , to consider on this platform .

So get ready with your KYC .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , that's what it's called uh before you can sign up to this platform because they are going to need it in order for you to find out more information , just go and check out this platform .

Also check out the company behind this platform as well because I think there's interesting information on that .

Now , before we get on to the fourth one or the last one , I'd like to take this moment to ask you to please take a moment to hit the like button if you are finding value in this video so far , I would really , really appreciate that .

And yeah , guys , we're going to proceed with the last one , but this one is not really new here on the channel .

I just find it very , very interesting .

And yeah , it is one of the platforms where you can make money by clicking on ads .

And it is the current app which is now known as the mode and app .

So this app is mainly designed for you to earn money by listening to music .

So there are different radio stations within the platform where you can listen to music all day and earn money in that way .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

However , they do have an option where you can click to watch little sleep .

It's 30 seconds ads .

And I think it depends on where you are in the world .

And yeah , from that , you can get to earn points which you can then convert into cash .

Now , with this platform , you can earn via paypal and Cryptocurrency as well .

I do have a dedicated video for the current app .

I will link it down below .

So you can check out more information and see exactly how to cash out from this platform .

So yes guys , these are the four platforms for this video to make money by watching ads .

Now there are other platforms where you can make money by watching videos and I did a dedicated video for that .

So if you want to check out other websites where you can make money by watching videos , it could be uh full length videos , it could be ads like this one .

I will link it on the description box .

So sure to check out that video as well .

Do let me know what you think on the comments section .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I will see you on the next video until then have a great time .


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