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Chicken Tikka Biryani - Chicken Biryani Series _ Using Homemade Tikka Masala Powder

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It contributes a lot to perfuming the oil , but it's also the idea of layering , which is very ubiquitous in Pakistan and Pakistani cooking .

So the onions you can see are evenly brown .

We're gonna use some of these onions to top our with and I'm gonna use most of them as part of my chicken masala .

So chicken , the is essentially gonna be the chicken element that we're gonna make .

That's basically going to be chicken with spices and it's basically a chicken and gravy and then you have your rice element and then those two things are gonna get layered together .

You cook this on pretty high heat , making sure it all gets coated in oil .

I'm gonna add ginger and garlic paste .

A generous tablespoon of each .

I'm gonna add three tablespoons of my spice mix and anything that's left extra .

You can just reserve it .

You want to create a nice flavorful masala that won't overpower but compliment the rice .

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I'm gonna add two bay leaves , a cinnamon stick red chili powder .

The turmeric is for color and flavor .

It's gonna add that iconic yellow , that biryani is .

At the end , we're gonna add the very iconic abuja which are dried plums .

So they're really sticky .

You usually don't eat them whole .

You can maybe take a little bite , but they're mainly used for perfume and fragrance .

So while this is getting nice and toasty , we're gonna add our tomatoes .

I like adding it because it helps form that gravy adds tartness , adds sweetness .

So this is Daisy natural is the word for yogurt and , and it means from the subcontinent .

So I would say that I'm a Daisy person .

What's different between they see yogurt and the yogurt that you might see in the west is that the western yogurt is strained .

Well , this is not .

So it has a little bit more water to it .

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The masala is looking incredible once I've added my yogurt and tomatoes , I'm gonna add my potatoes .

These are cubed pretty big so that they can cook at the same time as the chicken .

This is a very controversial step where I'm from , from Los Hard , which is Punjab .

We don't really usually add potatoes but people from the south from Karachi and Hyderabad think that Biyani is not Biryani if it doesn't have potatoes in it .

So the last step of this chicken masala is adding the onions back .

I'm only gonna add two thirds and reserve one third to add to the top is garnish , it's gonna melt really nicely in with the chicken and the potatoes .

Long grain bay rice from India .

Pakistan is super important .

I love using zebra brands .

There are extra long bay rice grains .

They don't break while they're cooking .

So you really want high quality rice .

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One of the most important visual cues in Pakistani cooking is where the oil separates from the masala and all the elements that might be in the stew .

This is kind of what you're looking for where the masala is kind of cooked down and the spices have gotten nice and toasted and the potatoes should be about half done .

At this point .

I'm gonna salt the chicken just lightly .

That's actually perfect .

I'm gonna move the chicken to the side and I'm gonna bring out the pot that we're gonna assemble our Biryani in .

I have the lid here wrapped in a kitchen towel .

I'm gonna make the food coloring the yellow to Biryani is very iconic .

And there are some dishes specifically rice dishes in Pakistan that add food coloring .

You get that yellow from the masala and the turmeric that we added in there .

But we're gonna add a little bit more .

Saffron is not traditionally used in Biyani in Pakistani cooking .

It's a little expensive .

It's not something we use every day .

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दस मिनट हो चुके हैं ।

चिकन हमारा देखिए अच्छे से पक रहा है ।

अब हम इसे टर्न कर लेते हैं ।

टर्न करने के बाद इसे मीडियम फ्लेम पे पका लेते हैं ।

चिकन भी अच्छे से गल जाएगा यानी पक जाएगा और ये ड्राइव हो जाएगा ।

ये जो ग्रेवी है इसे हम थोडा सा ड्राइ कर लेते हैं ।

देखिए ये तो अच्छे से पक रहा है चिकन का कलर इस तरह से आने तक हम इसे ऐसे ही पकाते रहेंगे ।

थोडी देर के बाद इसे भी करते रहिए ।

ये अच्छे से हो जाना चाहिए ।

चिकन टिक्का तो हमारा तैयार है ।

चलिए वो फ्लेम बंद कर देते हैं ।

इसे प्लेट में निकाल के रख ले ।

अभी हम बिरयानी की अपनी बनाना स्टार्ट करते हैं ।

फॅमिली तीन टेबल स्पून तेल गर्म कर लें ।

तेल गर्म हो चुका है ।

इसमें डालिए दाल चीनी के पी सुंदर लो तीन इलायची और दो हरी मिर्च ।

इसे पि ऍफ के लिए छोटे करले ।

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We might add it to the Biryani to elevate it maybe make some saffron water for that perfume , but a regular day to day Biryani that you might get from the market will not have saffron in it .

So the chicken is gonna be in two layers and the rice is gonna be in three .

So I'm gonna add one third of the rice very delicately .

You don't wanna go to the middle .

You wanna keep that rice nice and intact and long .

So you go from the side so you're not smashing the rice and very delicately spreading it out .

I wanna make sure that each layer has an even amount of potatoes , an even amount of chicken , you can leave the whole cinnamon in .

It's kind of up to you .

But since it's such a nice big piece , even if somebody excellently serves it to themselves , they'll be able to put it aside .

We're gonna add the cilantro .

A third of it in the mint cilantro primarily is one of the most heavily used herbs in Pakistan and mint is right behind it .

Mint is usually used piggy backing the cilantro .

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I'm gonna add a couple of slices of lemon .

This is also purely for perfume and then I'm gonna keep building my spy .

So now I'm gonna go with the 2nd 3rd of rice , the remaining half of the chicken , the 2nd 3rd of mint and cilantro , a couple of more slices of lemon .

The last layer of rice is on top .

I'm gonna add the last of the herbs and then the fried onions .

This is gonna add a nice crunch and savory component lemon .

And then I like to use a spoon to make little divots in the rice where I'm gonna pour the food coloring in and the food coloring is gonna go on top as well because if I just do it on top , it's not gonna go all the way to the bottom .

But you also don't want the rice to be all yellow .

So I'm gonna turn our heat on for about 15 to 20 minutes .

While I put my rice on Dumb .

Dumb is dum and basically means it wasn't quite done .

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And now I'm just steaming it all the way through .

We put it on the lowest flame until it's done .

That's gonna cook the rice all the way through .

It's gonna cook the chicken all the way through .

It's gonna cook the potatoes all the way through .

And you don't want to peek once it's closed , just let it be depending on your flame .

You might start to see steam escaping the sides , which is the cue that it's done is a very special technique to South Asia .

The Biryani cooked for about 20 to 25 minutes .

I took it off the heat and I let it rest for about 10 , 15 minutes .

So it should be good .

Now , I'm gonna do the grand unveiling .

It's beautiful something my mom drilled into me is always make sure that you are fluffing rice from the side versus going right in .

So you're not smashing the rice .

Brian is always served in a platter .

Never in a bowl .

I can tell that the chicken is perfectly cooked because my spoon hit it and it just fell apart .

Brian's played it .

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I have some potato .

I like dark meat so I always go fishing for that .

Brian is always served with which is a yogurt sauce and it's just a nice cooling creamy element to a dish that's pretty heavily spiced .

I am pretty excited about this perfectly perfumed potatoes cooked perfectly chicken is really nice and tender and you get all that layers .

I think that my mother would be like , that's some pretty good biryani more than flavor .

They would be looking for like the texture .

Oh , your rice is perfectly cooked or chicken is perfectly cooked or your potatoes aren't turn to much like those would be the things that you would notice before even the flavor .

But the flavor has obviously a ton of warm spices .

There's a lot of perfume to it and the cilantro and the mint are just a really nice accent and freshness with the delicious .

If you wanna learn how to make Pakistani food , Biryani is a really wonderful place to start .

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It's a labor of love , but once you nail it , it is one of the most satisfying things that you'll make .

Mom .

Are you proud of me ?

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देखिए कितने अच्छे से खिले खिले जैसे लग रहे हैं मैं फ्लेम बंद कर देती हूँ और इसे हम ट्रेन कर लेते हैं यानी ये पानी उठा लेते हैं ।

बिरयानी को दम करने के लिए एक बडा सा ॅ ले लें और इसमें फर्स्ट प्लेयर है आलू का ।

देखिए इस तरह से आलू कलेर बनाने से चावल हमारे नीचे से नहीं पकडते ।

दम के दौरान दूसरे बिरयानी की रेसिपी में भी आप ये प्रोसीजर फॉलो कर सकते हैं ।

ऍम चावल डाल देते हैं फॅार उसके ऊपर चिकिन लेयर डाल दे ।

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612.22 --> 673.73

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ऊपर से बहुत अच्छी खुशबू आएगी ।

बिरयानी इसके ऊपर हमें ऍसे क्लोज कर देते हैं ताकि इसकी ही बाहर न जाए ।

दम करते वक्त ये तो है दम का प्रोसेस स्टार्ट करते हैं सब के ऊपर हाई फ्लेम पे तवा रख दें जब ये अच्छे से गर्म हो जाए ।

इसके ऊपर बिरयानी कॅाल रख देते हैं ।

फ्लेम को हाइपर ही रखिये ।

इस बिरयानी के बर्तन को तवे के ऊपर हाई फ्लेम पे दो से तीन मिनिट के लिए रख दें ताकि हीट तवे के जरिए से इस बर्तन के अंदर अच्छे से एंटर हो सके ।

अगर आपके पास तवा ना हो तो ये जो ऍम है बिरयानी का दम के लिए जो आप यूस करते हैं हॅूं का होना चाहिए यानी थोडा सा वरना आपके बिरयानी नीचे से पकड सकती है यानी जल भी सकती है ।

इसीलिए मैं हमेशा दवा यूस करती हूँ ।

दो से तीन मिनट हो चुके हैं ।

फ्लेम को लो पे रख दें और इसके ऊपर लाइट बंद करके इसे हम एक पंद्रह से बीस मिनट तक पकाएंगे ।

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दम पे इसे ओपन मत करिए ।

पंद्रह बीस मिनट हो चुके हैं चलिए देख लेते हैं हमारे बिरियानी कैसी बनी है ये भी निकालते हैं माशाल्लाह आ जाओ अब बिरयानी हमारी तैयार है थोडा सा साइड से निकाल के देख लेते हैं ।

देखिये कितनी टेस्टी लग रही है ।

खुशबू भी बहुत ही अच्छी आ रही है इसमें और चिकिन के पीस उं बहुत ही ज्यादा टेस्टी लग रहे है ।

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

देखिये देख सकते हैं कितना अच्छा कलर आया है इसका चलिए गरमा गरम बिरयानी अब हम एक प्लेट में निकाल लेते हैं ।

चिकिन पीस भी मैं आपको तोड के दिखा देती हूँ ।

देखिए बहुत ही ज्यादा टेस्टी लग रहा है बहुत गरम है देखिए खाने में भी बहुत टेस्टी है इसमें जो ऍम हमने दिया था कोयला को जला के उसका टेस्ट बहुत अच्छा रहा है ।

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

काॅप में जरूर बताये आपको मेरी आज की बिरयानी के इसलिए कि लाइक करें इस वीडियो को शेयर करें सलाह


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