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2023-08-03 15:21:55

Make Money Trading Online Every 60 Seconds How I Turned $250 Into $20,000 In One Month

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Today , I wanna show you step by step exactly how I turned $250 into almost $20,000 in just one single month using something called binary options .

Now , if you haven't heard about binary options , it's a new type of online trading that is completely different and much easier than Forex trading stock trading , even crypto trading .

That's because there's only two options in binary options , call or put , all you have to do is decide if a currency will go up or down in a certain period of time and every correct prediction will bring you a profit .

So suppose you do $100 trade at a return of 70% profit in just 60 seconds , you could make back $70 in just one single minute .

But how do you know if it will go up or down ?

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And how do you make sure that you don't lose money and you always stay consistently profitable ?

That's why I've created my own working strategy that I want to show you guys .

So right now with some live trades .

So here are those live traits that I mentioned , we're going to be using the turbo option , which simply allows you to do shorter trades .

I like to do the one minute trade as this allows me to make the most amount of profits in just 60 seconds .

I always start out with a $10 trade and select fixed time so that it's going to be exactly 60 seconds in length .

And then I zoom out to see when the expiration time will be .

As you can see here for a $10 trade , I will make $7 of profit for every correct trade .

And over here on the left is a tool that allows you to know whether or not a currency will go up or down in the next 60 seconds .

And it's called the Trader insight tool .

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As you can see , I just placed a put trade because the Trader Insight Tool had been about 70 80% on put , indicating that it's likely going to go down in the next 60 seconds .

So as you can see here , we have a red dotted line and a red solid line .

As long as the moving blue line stays below the red solid line , I will be winning the trade .

And if by the time of the expiry at the red dotted line , I'm still below the red line .

That will mean I just made $7 of profit in just one single minute .

So you can see here we are bouncing around up and down , but now it looks like this trade might be a win .

Let's give it a couple more seconds and then I'll go ahead and do another trade and there you go .

I got my $10 back plus an additional $7 of profit in just 60 seconds .

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So now I'm going to speed up the video and show you guys more of how this strategy works and what you do in case you happen to lose a trade .

Because though the trader insight tool works more often than not , it is not always correct .

And that's why you need a way to quickly recover any loss in order to stay profitable and to continue to grow your account .

So now the trades are sped up four times the normal speed .

And as you can see , I placed a put trade and if by the end of the expiry , the red dotted line , the moving blue line stays below the solid red line , I will make $7 and there you go , another successful trade using the trader insight tool .

So now sometimes though these trades don't come out successfully , and that's what I want to show you right now because with this trade , I thought it was going to go down .

So what I did was I set the amount to $20 and the moment that this trade expires incorrectly , I'm going to place another put trade .

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And if this one comes out correct , this one will recover my previous $10 loss and keep me profitable .

As you can see , time is going by .

And if by the end of this expiry , it's correct .

It will recover my previous loss and keep me profitable .

And as you just saw , I made back $14 of profit , which recovered my $10 loss and still netted me $4 on top .

The trade insight tool said it will likely go down .

So now we're doing another $10 trade .

This one will give me $7 of profit and there we go , another $7 of profit .

Now we're going to place a call trade because the trader insight tool said it would likely go up and this one looks like it's going to be a loss .

So what do we do when there's a loss ?

We double the amount to recover it .

So I'm setting it to $20 and we're immediately placing a call and hopefully this one will be a win .

By the time we hit the green dotted line looks like it's going up .

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This one could be a win and nope , it's going down .

It might be a loss .

So we're prepping a $40 trade .

Yes , that one was a loss and now we are immediately placing a call .

If this one comes out correctly , this will recover the previous two losses .

So we're waiting , is it going to be a win ?

And yes , it was a win with that $40 trade , which recovered the previous two losses and still gave me a profit on top .

So I'm gonna let these trades continue to go .

But what I want to tell you guys is that this strategy is foolproof , simple to execute and highly profitable .

And this strategy has worked nonstop for me allowing me to grow my starting deposit from $250 to where I am today at nearly $20,000 .

And I did this in just one month .

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If you're ready to get started , click the link below and go to my website binary options mastery dot com .

And I will personally show you step by step exactly how to open a binary options account , how to deposit funds that you will use to grow your account , how to apply my working strategy .

I show every step no step is left out and the final step how to withdraw the earnings to your bank account , your Bitcoin wallet , et cetera , et cetera .

If you enjoyed this video , please feel free to like share comment and subscribe .

And if you do leave a comment , I'll make sure to reply within 24 to 48 hours all the best .


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