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2023-08-03 15:29:37

4 Ways to Earn Money by Solving Maths Problems Online (Up to $1,000+ Per Month)

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Do you want to know how to earn money by solving math problems online ?

Then this video is for you .

My name is Michael and I have tested hundreds of different ways to make money online .

And I have come across opportunities no matter your interests and backgrounds .

And in this video here , I will show you four legit ways to make money by solving math online .

So if this sounds like something you could find fun and interesting , then keep watching .

So before I go over the four options here , I just want to make it clear that some of these options are very easy but will not make a lot of others require a little bit of extra skills .

But then you can also even earn more than $1000 per month potentially by using some of these options .

So it's more to say that whether you are really great at math or if you're just a little bit interested in it and would like to earn a bit extra by practice your math skills .

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Maybe , then there will be options for you here .

Of course , the more math skills you have and the more interest you earn this , the higher the earning potential will also be .

But I will show you four different ways .

So it's not a prioritized list because which of these options that is the best for you really depends on your preferences and your skills , you can also use all of them if you want to .

So with that explained , let's now go over these four options here .

So the first option here is called photo study here .

And they have the option for you to become a photo study expert here .

And then you can start making money online here and you can even earn more than $1000 per month here .

This is two .

So this is not for everyone .

This is not guarantee , you will start by earning this , but how it works is that you will do these small online session , chat sessions with people that need help with algebra or math general .

And usually the sessions will be around 10 minutes and you can do as many as they are available and as many as you can take of course .

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So you can just kind of plan your own time and start earning by that .

On average , you can earn between two and $10 per hour .

So it's not a huge hourly rate .

But if you really enjoy doing math and helping other people at the same time , and then you can just plan it around and do a little bit extra whenever you want just be aware that there is an application process here that might take you around an hour or so to go through and you need to get approved .

You need to pass this test here also to be accepted because they need to make sure that you really are good at math here to be able to join as an expert .

So if you fail your attempt , then you also have to wait a few months here to apply again .

That's just something to be aware of .

But if you really like math , this definitely gives some great earning potential with a bit of patience .

So the next option is quite different .

It's called Math Cast app here .

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And this is one you can join no matter your skills because you can just participate in these small duels here to participate in someone else and see who is the fastest at solving small different math problems .

And this one is completely free .

You can just sign up and start earning right away .

However , you do need to be aware that this can take a lot of patience or you need to be very good to be able to earn here .

I have a full video where I show inside and show how long it will take to actually get paid here and I will leave a link in the top corner here .

So you just need to be aware that this is the easiest to get started with out of the options here .

But it's also the one with the lowest earning potential .

That is how it's often connected .

But let's move on to the next option here .

So the next option here is called school solver .

And that's where you can also join as an expert here or to answer questions .

This can be not only about math , this can be about basically any school subject you can see right here .

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Now , which ones they have , you can see how much the person is willing to pay for different questions here .

Exactly how long it will take you to reply .

Answer these questions depends .

But of course , usually the more you get paid here , the more time you should also expect to have to invest .

And some of the ones that are marked as urgent here will also pay more .

And you can just hoover over here and get a small glimpse of what you need to do here .

What the question is that you need to reply to here and you just see down here .

For example , this is just page one out of 1400 .

So there's a lot of different ones and you can also just use the search bar to search for math if that is the only one you are interested in .

But other than that , there's a lot of other topics as well .

If it's not just by solving math problems that you are interested in earning and you get paid via paypal here whenever your answers get approved here .

So it has a good payout options as well .

So we have one more option to go over .

But before going over that , I would appreciate if you could just take one second to like this video here because it can help it to be seen by more people .

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So the last option here is called Photo Ma here and this is an app you can download , you can download both for Google Play and for the app store here .

And then people can scan their math problem and you can then join as an expert here to solve these different here through the app here also on your own time and then get paid to do that .

Just be aware that if you just go to the website , this is the one that students and teachers can find more information .

So you need to go all through to the bottom here all down here .

And then there's something called math experts .

We are hiring and this is where you need to go if you are interested in earning by solving math .

And then here you can start solving or you can join the math expert team here and then you of course , have to go through that application process because here also they have some requirements .

You need to be a real expert here to be able to earn .

But then you can also earn more than $300 per week .

Potentially just be aware that it says here , these are the top experts .

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So that's not necessarily what you will earn and definitely not what you will start earning right away .

But what is great about this is also if you just have a few hours once in a while and you're good at math and like sharing it , then you can earn some extra money by doing that .

So as you can see if you are good at math and like solving math problems , then you can get paid to do it .

And there are quite a few different good ways to do that online .

And you can see some of them requires you to have more skills , others are easier to get started with .

Which ones are the right for you really depends on your schedule , how much time you have and your preferences .

But I hope this video here gave you a good overview of which options are the right for you .

If you are interested in earning online in other ways , then I have many videos here about ways where you do not need any specific skills where you can very easily get started .

I will leave links below here .

So you can see more about that .

So make sure to check that out also .

But no matter what , I hope this video helped you and if it did , then make sure to hit the like button and also don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the notification bell .

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So you won't miss out next time .

It's a video with tips and tricks about different ways to make some extra money on the side online .


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