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6 Side Hustles To Start Using AI

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I know six ways that you can use to make $1000 every single day using just chat GP T and your phone .

And one of my students in my Discord server has been doing this so successfully that she has closed multiple deals with multiple magazine publishers .

And here's Carmela's testimony on how she was able to close 2 , 10 grand deals on two articles on Black Rock .

And if you don't know what Black Rock is , Black Rock basically is the company that rules the entire world these days .

But you know what I know a much better way that you can use to do the same process that Carmela did .

And in fact , it's much easier and faster .

Chat GP T is a great tool and you know what makes it even better that it works on your phone .

Just take out your phone , open the chat GP T website and boom , you got it on your phone and this is where the opportunity for you lies .

When you send one of these magazine publishers , your article , you are going to get paid per word that you type .

So the magazine articles usually pay a dollar per word .

But that is , if they don't end up publishing your article to a certain magazine and only on their website , you're going to get paid a dollar per word , which is not bad .

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Let's say you send them a 500 word article that's already 500 bucks .

And if they end up printing your article into some of their magazines , then you're gonna get paid double that .

You're going to get paid $2 per word .

And if you send them a 500 word article , then you're gonna get paid $2 per word , $1000 per article .

So it actually all depends on how good your article is and how creative you get with it .

If you send them an article that's in high demand , people are searching for that , it's gonna make it more likely that they're gonna want to print your article .

But let's say that you don't send them an article that they want to print .

You just send them an article that they want to publish on their website , three of those a day and you already got $1500 every single day on your hands .

And today , as you can see on your screen right now , I have a list of 100 and 80 article websites that you can sell your articles to .

If a day has 24 hours and you spend one hour trying to send one article to one website there .

Literally aren't enough hours in a day for you to be able to do 180 articles .

But since I'm going to teach you how to do this with chat GP , t it's going to take a lot less than one hour .

So to start the process , first , head over to Google Trends .

And as I can see here , Google Trends has just updated , which is nice .

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All you have to do is to find the training .

Now , page is go here on the top and click on training now and you're going to look for the topics that are trending .

As you can see on my screen .

Warriors has 200,000 searches , Man City and RB le Peak .

I don't even know what that is .

Has 200,000 plus searches , Darren Walker and so on .

Right .

So all you have to do is just copy the topics that have high demand , just copy the keywords in here .

Next website that we're going to be heading over to with the keyword that you copied is Google News .

So let's say I copied the keyword for Warriors .

I'm going to go to Google News and I'm going to paste the keyword here .

Hit enter and let's see what articles are going to pop up as you can see here articles from two hours ago , five hours ago , two days ago .

Now , once you found the article that you want to copy because what you're going to be doing here is copy and paste .

Search for an article that you want to copy .

I'm gonna go for this one that's been posted two hours ago .

So I'm just going to click on it and open it .

And as you can see , we have some videos or we may have some images as well .

You don't want to copy the videos or the images .

What you want to do here is just copy the entire words on the page .

And we're going to take that to chat GP and ask chat GP T to rewrite the entire article for us .

OK ?

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So now I've copied all the tests on the page and I ask chat GP T rewrite this article and make it more engaging and fun to read .

Now , all I'm gonna do here is just hit , enter and wait for chat GP T to make its magic and give me a new rewritten article that I can use no copyright .

Once you have your entire article , just go back to the list that I gave you at the beginning .

This list that you're seeing on your screen right now , find the website that you want to sell your article to submit it to them and get paid .

And I've also included here for you the best writing jobs on upwork .

So if you think you want more money from this side hustle , you can go to upwork on this website that I've provided here for you and you can look for writing jobs which upwork has 3279 writing jobs posted here .

You can look through these jobs , pick one that suits you and start doing it right now from your phone .

And as I can see here , some people are looking for article , writer expert using chat GP T this could be you easily .

And as I can see here , this guy is paying a $5 fixed price per article that you do for him , which is cheap , but you also have the other option as well .

And if you're looking for the links and resources for this side , hustle , go ahead and check out the description of this video or the pin comments .

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It's all included in the text file and don't forget to sub to the channel .

So you don't miss the future opportunity videos to make money .

And at the end of this video , I'm going to point you towards a video that I made on this step by step in depth on how you can perform this with much more detail than this video that you're watching right now .

Now stepping up to the next side hustle on this video , you can literally get paid to do students homeworks with a 4.8 star review on glass .

Do we now have a website called school solver ?

And if you go to school solvers website , you will see that people are literally paying from a few cents to hundreds of dollars for people to solve their school homework can see here in front of me right now , people are paying $1000 for someone to complete this task .

Another thing that you will notice when you open here , the website is that they have 1558 pages of things for you to solve .

So it's kind of never ending .

And if you're wondering how to get to the page where you can answer the questions , go to their home website , click on answer questions and then you will find the questions for you to answer all you have to do .

To be able to use .

This website is to just create a free account and then you're good to go .

So basically , this website is a bidding for homework .

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And this guy here is asking for 3 99 nine A pop .

What is Confluence ?

And this is where chat GP T comes in .

Come here .

Copy his question .

Bring it to chat GP T and make chat GP T answer the question .

That's it .

That's all you have to do .

But this is what I did .

I came to chat GP T and asked it , what is confluence ?

And then it gave me a short answer .

I asked it to give me a longer answer up to 500 words .

That's what it did .

You can see here I have to do now is just copy this , put it into a Google Doc and then answer it on the website and get paid for that .

And the amount of money that you can earn from this website basically take into account the average of the price that people are paying here , which is from a dollar to $1000 .

Let's say it's an average of $30 a question that you answer .

Let's say that you answer six questions per hour at $30 each .

And you do about five hours a day doing this .

That's already a nice 900 bucks every single day that you're going to be making from this website alone .

And let's say you pick more expensive questions .

Let's say you go for the 1000 bucks one , then you're going to be making a lot more than that .

And as you can see here , this platform has been mentioned on techcrunch , tnw , Forbes , Mashable and product hunts .

Another website still on the topic of students that you can use to make money is study pool .

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Study pool .

You can earn by uploading things like pass notes that you've taken and sell them to tens of millions of students that are on this platform .

And to get started with study pool is a breeze .

Go to their home page .

Study pool dot com .

Click here on sell docs at the top right corner , click on , start selling your documents .

Now , create a free account and start posting your documents whenever you upload a new document to this website , it will live forever on the platform .

And every single time that a student reads one of your documents , you're gonna get paid 10 bucks for that .

Now , $10 for each time a student sees your document might not seem like a lot right now , but it can quickly add up when you think that tens of millions of people are on this platform .

And if you think of study pool as a long term game , every single document that you post is going to stack on top of the other and very very soon you can build a nice quick passive income stream .

Talk about making passive income easily .

This is it now here on their website , they do a really good job by showing you the top contributors , people are earning tens of thousands of dollars just by selling their documents on this platform .

Now , still on the side , hustle of helping students .

I want to give you a third way that you can earn money from this side hustle .

Now this one is going to blow your mind .

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I did some research on upwork and I found that people are getting paid $60 per hour to $420 every single hour .

Yes , you heard that right ?

$420 every single hour just to write essays for people .

And if you go here on upwork , you're going to see that people are getting literally paid $65 per hour to up to $420 per hour .

Just like Christina here , $420 every single hour .

She's made $200,000 on the upward platform .

Now you can write these essays on chat GP t all you need to know is how to give it the right prompts .

And now that we're in a topic , drop a comment down below .

If you want me to make a full in depth video step by step on how you can perform this exact same side hustle here .

And remember most of these side hustles and most of these making money ways that I teach here on my channel .

I also teach in pro university .

If you want to check out pro university , go ahead and check the link in the description or the pin .

Comment below .

Now , if you do the math on how much money Christina has earned on this platform since it's telling us that she made $200,000 in 918 hours .

Let's say that she works eight hours per day , right ?

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That adds up to 100 and 14 days .

That's not even six months .

So she made $200,000 by doing this in less than six months .

This is just crazy .

Let's say you do half of that and let's say you take a year to do all of that money , 200 grand a year to do something from your phone that you literally get chat GP T to do for you .

It's just crazy .

Now , something that you've never probably imagined that you can make money from is writing product descriptions for people .

And how about making 100 bucks per hour by doing it ?

Yep .

You heard that right ?

If you go up to up work again , you look for product description writers , you're going to find people making from $20 per hour to 100 and $55 every single hour .

I'm not even kidding .

Check out this Sam here , she's making 155 bucks an hour and she's made more than 100 K on the platform .

Now , this is probably the easiest thing that you can do from your phone and get paid $150 per hour by doing it .

And the coolest thing about upwork is that you can literally see how much money people have earned doing these side hustles .

These guys are literally freelancers .

And the reason why I always come back to upwork is because all of my employees are hired from this platform .

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So let's take Hayley here as an example of how much money you can make .

She's not making the top 155 bucks an hour , but she's making a cool 99 bucks every single hour .

She works whenever she wants .

She's her own boss .

She can do this from anywhere in the world and she has four jobs in progress .

So she clearly has the demand , right ?

And as I can see here , she has made $200,000 on the platform .

She has worked 1920 hours .

If you divide that by eight , like pretending that she works only eight hours per day , that's 240 days .

A full entire year has 260 working days .

So she hasn't even worked one entire year to make all of this money .

So I can confidently tell you that this is a side hustle that you can make 200 to $300,000 every single year by doing this with a salary of around 100 bucks per hour if we're going with the average .

But how do you actually do this side hustle ?

How do you actually make this happen ?

I know you're pretty intelligent .

So I'm trying , I'm gonna try to make you guess , guess who's gonna do it for us .

So , since I have a product myself , I'm gonna give chat GP t some details about youtuber Pro , which is my flagship youtube course .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I'm going to tell it to write a description for me , which by the way , I literally did this and put it on my website .

Oh And by the way , you can get this information from the owner of the product , the person that's going to be paying you to do this job .

So I went ahead and asked chat GP T to make a persuasive description for my youtube course and use these benefits here with a brilliant description for my youtuber Pro course .

Now once chat GP T has done it for you , post it into a Google doc , give it to your customer and get paid .

And as you can see , most of these side hustles require almost zero effort to just take some action .

And all you need is basically a phone and internet connection .

And next up on this list is something that you might not have ever imagined that people get paid to do this , summarizing youtube videos and repurposing the same content to things like emails , blog posts or even ad copy .

That is something that I myself hired someone to do full time for me and guess where I hired them up work .

Well , let's use one of my videos here as an example .

So go to the video that you want to summarize use Google Chrome for this because Google Chrome has a lot of options .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then on your video , you want to click on these three dots here show transcript and when you see the transcript of the video , click here on these other three dots , click on tuggle time stamps and you're going to see the entire script for the video , just copy all of it , scroll down to the bottom , go back to chat GP T open a new conversation with it and ask it to summarize the video for you .

So here it is .

I gave my entire script to chat GP T and asked it to summarize this video for me .

That's what it did .

But the first time that it did , it actually gave me a very short answer .

So I just asked it , give me more detail and it gave me more detail .

Actually summarize the entire video into actually things that I can use to repurpose to make a blog post , send out to my email list .

These things here are the things that I use on my youtube channel .

If you're a longtime subscriber of my channel , you know that I use text files , I use chat GP T to do the text files .

If you're a longtime subscriber of my channel , you know that I use these things for a text file .

I use these things for practically everything .

And that's not just me , that's all youtubers , all content creators need these things , all of these text files that you see on my videos are made by a real person .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All she does is go through all of my videos , watch the videos , summarize the videos and make them into a very nice text file that my audience can benefit from .

So I hired this person on upwork , not trying to disclose how much she makes .

But on average , on upwork , you're going to be able to earn from $45 per hour to $350 per hour .

And yes , you heard that right .

350 bucks every single hour and literally all you're going to have to do is just watch videos from content creators , write a summary of them and then split that up into content that they can use for other mediums .

Let's say you don't get paid the high 350 bucks per hour and you make half of that , which is 100 and $75 an hour .

If you do this for six hours a day , then you've already made yourself $1050 every single day .

And you don't even have a computer , which by the way , if you're doing this , you should seriously think about buying one .

But next up on the list , we all know that A I is going crazy and I don't even have to keep sitting here and telling you that you can make crazy money from A I anymore .

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But what most people don't know is that you can make money from selling A I prompts every single order that you give to the A I is a prompt .

And just like I asked you to summarize this video for me , every single prompt that you give the A I is going to generate a different outcome and the better the prompt , the better the outcome .

And by doing some research online , I found this really cool website where people are literally making thousands of dollars online just by selling these prompts .

So business owners can save time and they don't have to keep figuring out the prompts by themselves .

Prompt base dot com is a website that is kind of like the Amazon for A I prompts .

It is a marketplace for prompts .

Now , you might be asking yourself , why would people pay for this and how , how much money can you make from these prompts that you're going to be selling ?

Answering your first question .

I've noticed that most of the people on this platform have been selling their prompts for 1 99 to 10 99 a pop .

The highest that I've seen so far is 9 99 but don't be turned off by the price because people here on this website are doing exactly the same things that we spoke on the previous side , households .

Like I said , this website here is like the Amazon for prompts and just like Amazon .

This website here gets a lot of views per month .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you go here on similar web dot com , you're going to notice that this website is getting 1.3 million views every single month .

This means that every single prompt that you put on this website is literally going to be stacking up on the top of the last one creating that snowball effect .

And with 1.3 million visits on this website every single month , you can expect to make $1000 on this website passively with 20 to 30 prompts posted on a website .

Let's say that 1% of those 1.3 million people that visit this website every single month , 1% of them just take a look at your prompt .

That's already 13,000 people looking at your prompt .

And let's say half of those people buy your prompt for $5 a pop .

That's already $32,000 that you're going to be making every single month passively .

And that's only counting one prompt .

Like I said , the more prompts you have selling the more money you're going to be making .

Now to answer your second question .

Why do people buy these prompts ?

The first and most obvious answer to that question is the power that knowing how to prompt an A I properly brings with it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And big companies are so aware of this that they are now paying 250 to 330 $5000 per year as a salary to people who become prompt engineers in their companies .

One of the real life use cases that I personally have for these prompts is to be able to create website designs and thumbnails for my youtube channel with these A I tools and the right prompts , you can literally create anything that doesn't even exist in real life in just a few prompts .

And if you don't believe me , just do a simple Google search here , how much people get paid as a prompt engineer .

250 K to 335,000 every single year .

Do you know what the best of this is ?

You don't even need a degree .

Yeah , there are no college degrees for this profession .

So if you want to become a professional prompt engineer , just take a month out of your schedule , learn how to become a pro at this and start making $300,000 every single year .

Now , for this last side hustle , there are some freelancers making over $300,000 a year by doing this and they're doing this by creating resumes and cover letters for people and for you to be able to take advantage of this side hustle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All you need to do is just head over to chat GP T , ask chat GP T to create a questionnaire of the things you would need from a person to create a resume , take those answers to chat GP T and give it the prompt to create the resume for you .

Using the information the person just gave you and use that same information on a free template .

That resume dot IO is going to give you , sell it to the person for $50 a pop and repeat it as many times as you want .

Do about 13 of these a day and you have yourself a 20 K a month side hustle .

Now , if you want to see how to use chat GP T to make over $1000 a day .

Click the video on your screen right now .

See you there , work hard , play harder .


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