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2023-11-06 15:14:32

4 Easy Ways To Reduce Hunger During Intermittent Fasting

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Intermittent fasting is an effective solution to lose weight , improve your health and increase longevity .

But there's one minor issue that most of you may experience hunger .

So we're here to give you four beneficial tips on how to reduce your hunger during intermittent fasting tip .

Number one , eat enough food during your eating window .

Even though the key factor of intermittent fasting is the timing of your eating and fasting schedules .

What and especially how much you eat is just as important as when you eat .

Remember that fasting isn't a free passport to eat junk food .

We recommend you stick to high quality low carb and high fat meals in between fasts .

Focus on nutrient dense foods like fruits , veggies , whole grains , nuts , beans , seeds , as well as dairy and lean proteins .

By the way , there was a study that showed you could smell dark chocolate to kill your hunger .

Crazy , right ?

We can't guarantee that you won't eat it while smelling it , but you can give it a try .

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Just let us know how it worked anyway , back to healthy meal choices , choosing the right foods will stabilize your blood sugars , give you satiety and make fasting smoother .

But remember that consistency is key to maintaining a successful intermittent fasting routine .

The food quantity and portion size matter just as much as the quality of food you put into your body .

You don't have to obsessively count calories , but you do need to make sure you eat enough to make it through your next fasting window .

If you're really hungry because you didn't eat a full meal , you're much more likely to break your fast , which means you will fall out of fat burning mode .

Tip number two , stay busy .

You'll probably agree that when you're bored , you eat all the food reflex kicks in even when you aren't really hungry , especially when you start eating in front of the TV .

Oh boy .

Then we have a real problem .

Now , imagine you're in a fasting state and you're bored to death .

It will naturally make your fasting harder since have all this time to think about nothing but food .

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What we strongly suggest is to make your fasting periods as busy as possible to stay on track .

Try to schedule your activities during your fasting periods .

When you feel hunger pangs take a long walk , a brisk walk isn't just an enjoyable distraction , but it also maximizes the fat burning effects when you're fasting .

So go ahead and combine those two for your best results .

Another thing you can distract yourself with is doing household chores such as cleaning or garden .

I know you're giving a deep sigh right now because it may not sound like a fun activity .

But believe us , it'll keep you focused on something other than your hunger and help you maintain a cleaner , more organized home .

But , well , if your home is already sparkling clean , you can also do work related tasks .

You've been putting off such as finishing that report or responding to some emails and before getting all those activities before starting your fasting window , put a close sign on fridge just for your own sake .

Tip number three , build a regular sleeping schedule .

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Sleep is more important to intermittent fasting than you can possibly imagine .

Studies show that sleep is one of the key factors in controlling your appetite as it helps regulate ghrelin , the appetite stimulating hormone lack of sleep leads to higher ghrelin levels , which is why you may feel hungrier when you are sleep deprived , building a steady and regular sleep schedule will help you balance your hormone levels , minimize food cravings , decrease inflammation in your whole body and boost your weight loss results .

When you get proper sleep , you'll feel more energized during the day and handle stress easier .

So there are a few effective ways to improve your sleep quality .

Don't eat at least three hours before going to bed and make sure your bedroom is well ventilated .

Also stick to a regular bedtime schedule and don't go to sleep too late .

We know you like to scroll on your phone before bedtime but try to avoid it , read a book .

Instead , tip number four , stay hydrated .

The simplest easiest and healthiest method to stave off hunger .

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While fasting is to consume adequate amounts of fluid , especially water , thirst can often be confused with a feeling of hunger .

So keep yourself hydrated .

In fact , filling up on good clean water will be your number one weapon to fight hunger .

It can also give a physical feeling of fullness which will help with true hunger pangs if you find it difficult to drink water , especially in the morning , drink sugarless tea or coffee .

Similarly to water , a hot beverage will not only give you a sense of fullness , but will also occupy the hand to mouth action , making you feel like you have eaten by the way .

An interesting fact , one of the studies shows that a small amount of cayenne pepper will reduce your hunger since it causes a shock to your body in a sense that reduces your hunger .

So you can spice up your coffee or green tea with a small pinch of cayenne pepper that will help fight your hunger pangs just don't overindulge it if you have issues with your stomach because it may cause a tummy ache .

All right .

So when you start dinner , fasting , just prepare for hunger , but don't be afraid of it .

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Make our suggested ways of habit and soon you'll notice that hunger pains were just a short term inconvenience .

If you want to find out more about how to reduce your hunger by choosing the right drinks .

Check out the video , top six drinks that make your fasting easier .

And if you feel that your emotions increase your hunger levels , see the video how to fight emotional eating .

Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe to health insider .

More videos are about to come .

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