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Nightly News Full Broadcast - Nov. 10

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Tonight , Gaza's hospitals reporting they are under siege surrounded on the ground but who's to blame for the new deadly explosion , killing so many civilians .

Israeli strikes lighting up the night sky over Gaza .

The images coming in from Gaza city's largest hospital , a projectile falling on the compound where civilians were sheltering , did a Palestinian group misfire yet another rocket .

This as Israeli tanks spotted outside a children's hospital .

It all comes after Israel agreed to daily humanitarian pauses and what about the hostages ?

Our new reporting ?

What's holding up those talks also breaking tonight , the FBI seizing cell phones and an ipad belonging to New York City mayor Eric Adams , what we're learning about the growing investigation including how the FBI demanded those devices .

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This just in former Senator Martha mcsally assaulted while jogging and Marjorie Taylor Green receiving a death threat , the suspects in both cases under arrest tonight .

This is NBC nightly news with Lester Holt and good evening , I'm Tom Yamas in for Leicester .

Tonight , we begin with the rapidly deteriorating situation in Gaza City and the growing concerns for civilians with hospitals in the Hamas controlled territory now surrounded by fighting .

The images take a look , a massive fireball exploding near one major hospital and about six miles away , the horror as a projectile is seen falling on the compound of another hospital .

Gaza city's largest Israel saying it was yet another misfire from a terrorist organization .

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And it all comes after Israel agreed to daily four hour humanitarian pauses to allow civilians to flee with Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying today , quote , far too many Palestinians have been killed and as negotiators work to free those nearly 240 hostages being held by Hamas .

Our Kir Simmons is in Tel Aviv tonight and he leads off our coverage .

This was the sky over Gaza tonight in Israel's war with Hamas and overnight near the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza City .

A fireball hours after the White House says Israel agreed to humanitarian pauses in the fighting but no ceasefire close by above Al Shifa Hospital .

A projectile then screams later a second explosion at the outpatient clinic .

My mother , my father , my brother , she cries tonight .

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Israel says radar evidence shows one strike on the Al Shifa hospital was from a misfired rocket from a Palestinian terrorist organization .

Israel says Hamas has operated a command center under Al Shifa using civilians as human shields .

Hamas has turned hospitals into fortified positions .

This is the challenge that we are facing .

This is precisely why we are encouraging people to go south .

We spoke to a doctor at Al Shifa Hospital tonight .

Have you seen any Hamas fighters , Islamic Jihad , any group like that there , the US today with blunt criticism of the civilian death toll .

Far too many Palestinians have been killed and we want to do everything possible to prevent harm .

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Israel today , pointing to the two humanitarian corridors it's created and a continuing exodus of thousands of Palestinians .

Our camera crew in Gaza meeting a man whose family of 15 say they didn't want to leave their home but felt forced to .

It was basically to we went , tanks were left and right .

They were shooting everywhere near us around us inside Gaza Hamas still hasn't released more hostages .

Israel says any ceasefire now after the murder of 1200 Israelis would be a surrender to Hamas .

There won't be a ceasefire without the release of the Israeli hostages .

All right , Kyra , let's pick up right there .

You have new reporting on the negotiations to free these hostages , including Americans .

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Tom , an official with knowledge of the talks tells me they stalled in the past over how many hostages will be released and that is still a sticking point tonight , Tom , despite progress , Tom , let's hope some get out .

All right here , we thank you for that .

And the war abroad is fueling tensions here at home .

Both anti Semitic and Islamophobic incidents are on the rise .

College campuses continue to be a flash point along with posters showing kidnapped Israelis being ripped apart .

We get more now from Ann Thompson college campuses , lampposts and city blocks in this country .

These are the new flash points of the Israel Hamas war escalating tensions over the past month at New York's Columbia University led to today's suspension of two student groups .

Both pro Palestinian accused of violating school policy with threatening rhetoric and intimidation at Ohio State .

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The university's president says there were two incidents that targeted the Jewish community in the last 24 hours , two students were assaulted the Jewish center vandalized .

Meanwhile , across the country , people are tearing down pictures of the 239 hostages held by Hamas .

I feel personally attacked .

Why are you taking this off ?

Many incidents going viral including this one by a Florida dentist .

Here's his explanation .

It's to promote peace .

It's to , you know , de escalate the situation for many Jewish people .

This is anything but de escalation .

This is what happened to a sign covered with posters at the University of Minnesota .

Sadly , there is so much anger the Israeli artists who created and hung the first posters in New York City are shaken by the reactions .

I lost a little bit of hope regarding humanity .

Nitz on Mintz and Duda Bandai who prefers to keep his face hidden .

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Say the goal is awareness , not politics .

What do you want people to see when they look at these posters ?

We want , we want them to see the real humans .

They they are real human being .

You know , even Los Angeles Museum of tolerance is not immune .

Police had to break up the sprawl outside a screening of hamas' attack on October 7th Israeli actress Gal Godot helped promote it .

The anger , fear and suffering of this conflict without borders .

Ann Thompson NBC news , New York .

Now to that breaking news here in New York City , the FBI seizing electronic devices belonging to Mayor Eric Adams as part of a corruption investigation taking them from him right on a city street .

Jonathan Deans has the late details in what appears to be a growing federal corruption investigation .

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The FBI has seized the electronic devices of New York City's democratic mayor , Eric Adams , the FBI approaching Adams Monday , two sources familiar with the matter say the mayor turned over two cell phones and an ipad and later turned over additional electronic devices .

The mayor's attorney saying tonight he's not been accused of wrongdoing and continues to cooperating with the investigation .

Adams tonight saying I have nothing to hide .

Questions appear to center around Adams chief campaign fundraiser , 25 year old Brianna Suggs whose home was raided by agents several days ago .

Earlier this week , Adams voiced support for Suggs who has not commented publicly .

I sleep well at night , I am clear that we follow the rules .

We follow the rules .

Investigators are in part looking into possible campaign donations tied to a construction firm and its ties to Turkey .

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But a source familiar with the matter says late last week , it was the mayor and his lawyers who turned over information about additional wrongdoing separate from the campaign finance investigation .

One of the mayor's lawyers says in the spirit of transparency and cooper operation , this behavior was immediately and proactively reported to investigators .

All right , Jonathan joins us , live in studio .

So Jonathan , what you're reporting here is a remarkable scene .

Those devices taken by the FBI from the mayor on a New York City street .

Yes , Tom , we're told that the mayor was coming out of a speech near NYU .

This , as we're told the FBI first considered seizing the devices during the mayor's appearance Sunday at the New York City Marathon .

Again , the mayor denies any wrongdoing and no charges Tom have been filed in this investigation .

All right , Jonathan Dean from that breaking news , Jonathan , thank you for that .

Also tonight , a rash of violent threats and assaults against lawmakers and election officials across the country .

We're learning of new arrests and new details as the justice department cracks down .

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We get more .

Now from Gabe Gutierrez .

Tonight , a Georgia man is under arrest accused of threatening to kill Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene , her office releasing the angry expletive filled phone call saying threats to murder , elected officials should never be tolerated .

Another member of Congress from Georgia Rich mccormick also saying this week he closed his district office after receiving serious threats of violence .

And just today , a Nebraska man was arrested after allegedly assaulting former Arizona Senator Martha mcsally while she jogged in Iowa .

I am ok .

A man came up behind me and he engulfed me in a bear hug and he molested and followed me until I fought him off with the trial .

The man charged with assaulting Nancy Pelosi's husband under way in California and a man with a long gun arrested near the Capitol grounds this week .

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These latest incidents are only heightening the already tense political climate .

Five secretaries of state have confirmed election offices have recently received threatening letters some laced with fentaNYL .

I just want to really emphasize the seriousness of this .

You know , some people like to call fentaNYL a drug but it's actually poison , it will kill you .

The Capitol police chief says the number of threats against lawmakers has jumped about 300% over the last seven years and he's calling for more federal funding to keep up with the caseload .

Tom .

All right , Gabe , we thank you for that in 60 seconds .

The stage is set for a high stakes showdown between President Biden and the leader of China and the American family finally able to escape Gaza how they survived 27 days of fear .

Stay with us .

All right , we're back now with a potential breakthrough amid the rising tensions between the US and China .

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President Biden said to meet China's President Xi chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander joins us now in studio Peter , this is a big deal .

Yes , this is a big deal , Tom the White House today confirming that President Biden and President Xi are going to meet next Wednesday in the San Francisco Bay area .

It's going to happen on the sidelines of an Asia Pacific summit there .

This visit is notable their first to face in a year with tensions growing after the US shot down that Chinese spy balloon , the relationship really at its lowest point in decades .

President Biden is likely to press Xi on China's close ties with Russia amid the war in Ukraine , its aggressive posture toward Taiwan and about concerns regarding election interference heading into the 2024 election .

This meeting not expected to produce may announcements .

A White House official telling us simply restoring communication between the two countries' militaries , Tom would be viewed as significant progress .

It would be all right , Peter , we thank you for that .

Great to see you here in New York and as pressure mounts on the Biden administration to limit civilian casualties in the Middle East .

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Tonight , an American family that just got out of Gaza is sharing their story of being trapped for 27 days .

Here's Antonia Hilton for aboud Wafa and one year old Yusuf .

This is their very first time outside playing in the grass trying out the swing at home in Massachusetts in over a month , just days ago , they were one of the Palestinian American families pleading to go through the Rafah crossing and flee Gaza .

Hope was that ?

Hey , this is a nightmare that we wake up from .

They were visiting family in Northern Gaza when they awoke on October 7th to the unmistakable sounds of war airstrikes intensify at night .

As soon as the sun sets .

I think that's when everybody knows that time to start praying for the night to pass through and then , uh , be alive in the morning .

How does that affect you as a parent ?

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When your number one hope in the world is to keep your child safe ?

Wondering if you're gonna be able to do that ?

To be honest when we were there .

Um It was one question .

I used to pray like every moment for God , please not take one of us .

Three of us .

It made us feel helpless .

Yousef could end up being on the news like the many other innocent Children that have died and , and that was heartbreaking for us , Wafa and a cat named Milka would entertain Yusuf as aboud waited in hours long lines for food and often dirty water .

By the time you get to the line or even want to eat bread anymore , the amount of deil that you've seen standing in lines for something as basic as bread , it eats away at you after being turned away repeatedly at the Egyptian border on November 2nd .

Finally , they received permission to cross .

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But safety for their son meant leaving their parents and siblings in uncertainty knowing that bad news could come at any moment , makes it hard to stop , to start feeling normal .

Even if not physically , we're very much still in it , making it almost impossible to find peace .

Even back home in the US Antonia , Hilton NBC News , Medway Massachusetts up next Harry Smith on how a psychedelic drug could be a breakthrough treatment for vets .

As we honor veterans , a surprising new treatment for PTSD involving the drug MD Ma also known as ecstasy .

Harry Smith has this one .

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are quickly fading into history .

But for veterans of those conflicts with PTSD history feels like yesterday , we spent most of our time outside the wire walking around , driving around , getting shot at and blown up .

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Marine veteran , Scott Ostrom did two tours in Iraq .

How hard was it to come back when I first got back ?

I thought it was par for the course to have nightmares and be sleepless .

Ostrom describes 12 years of hypervigilance every waking hour on edge and I was just constantly thinking about what I would need to do if , um , something were to happen and how to be ready .

And I always , I was always armed when I was carrying my gun with me .

Really ?

Yeah .

The va prescribed antidepressants and opioids with zero results .

He says , did you think about taking your own life ?

Oh , yeah .

Plenty of times we lose almost a veteran an hour to PTSD and suicide .

But says researcher Jennifer Mitchell help for treatment resistant vets may be close at hand psychotherapy in conjunction with MD MA , a psychedelic drug better known as ecstasy .

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So , over 71% of the individuals that received MD Ma assisted therapy lost their diagnosis of PTSD by the end of the study .

She says FDA approval for the therapy could come as early as next year .

The drug says Mitchell opens the patients to self compassion to catharsis .

They were able to finally revisit a very deeply seated emotional memory in a way that allowed them to untangle and , and work through their trauma .

It worked for Scott Ostra , all those walls that I had built up over the years to dissolve .

Did MD Ma save your wife ?

MD Ma gave me a new life .

One that's more worth living and one that I feel more comfortable in my own skin .

Ostrom has quit drinking and stopped using other drugs , other veterans that you know , when you tell them about this , what do they say ?

How can I sign up ?

Harry Smith , NBC News , Denver .

That's nightly news for this Friday .

Thank you so much for watching .

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I'm Tom Yamas .

Have a great weekend .

Thanks for watching .

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