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2023-09-20 19:07:48

This Place Is Empty In The Summer

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what's up guys and welcome to another video and welcome back to a familiar site aka the apartment in dubai after eight weeks traveling and what felt like seven summers i am finally back .

can't forget the coffee machine that's one thing i've struggled with when i've been traveling is finding a good coffee and not having to go on an absolute mission to find one so once again we're making these fresh every single day .

big up the juror zed ted i think today we will make ourselves a delicious cold brew .

cold brew .

oh , that is potent .

it's very potent .

very delicious .

exactly what the doctor ordered .

so i'll be honest with you i've been back for a couple of days and i've barely gone outside .

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the reason behind that is because it's absolutely boiling , it is technically still august , we're coming to the end of august , and i've never been here in dubai in august .

but today i'm gonna venture outside because i am in need of some vitamin d , some nature .

and i think i'm actually quite lucky today because for whatever reason , the sky seems quite clear .

usually in dubai at this time of the year , it's very hazy , there's like this smog .

you can't really see far into the distance .

it's probably not very healthy , but today it's not so bad .

so we're gonna put on a pair of swim shorts and head outside .

speaking of swim shorts , we have two new models , which i believe will be available as soon as this video goes live .

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so we have the maroon color which is a it was actually a very experimental color which turned out to be really good especially when you got a tan and then we were going with some sort of a retro 90s style pinstripe short so these should be available now go check them out oh yes it is warm as you can see not a single person is sunbathing because that would be an extremely suicidal move .

you know it's so hot that like your eyeballs start to sting but regardless i'm just going to go for a little walk and get the heart rate up .

one thing i've noticed straight away is it's so peaceful .

usually this beach , the jbr beach , is absolutely rammed full of people .

it's like one of the hot spots for the tourists when they come to dubai .

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but right now it is extremely quiet which is a pleasant change to be honest a lot of people do still visit this time of the year the reason they do that is because there's a massive discount on all the hotels so i'm not sure when it begins probably at some point in july but july august and even september the hotels are like a third of their normal price and then as soon as it comes to around the 1st of october which is when the season technically begins again the prices go straight back up .

it is absolutely kicking off over here .

this big tower behind me used to be a skeleton like nothing was happening for years and then i think about a year ago the five group took over it and now it is very soon to be a five hotel .

for those people who don't know what the five hotel is , it's a notorious hotel for partying and entertainment .

let's put it that way .

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they have one on the palm , they have one in jvc , and now they're gonna have one in jbr .

that's gonna be interesting .

oh , look who's here .

the main man , thaddeus .

what's going on , ladies and gentlemen ?

what's going on ?

how was your summer ?

good , man .

how was yourself ?

it was good .

see you film again .

yeah back on the vlogs back in the vlogs .

yeah boy so we have sourced some much-needed refreshing cool water .

my god , it feels good by the way , that guy thaddeus what a guy he is one of the most intelligent and charismatic men that i have had the pleasure to meet .

if you guys speak german and i'm sure a few of my viewers do speak german i highly recommend you check out his channel .

the man is absolutely oozing wisdom .

speaking of wisdom i have a fair share of my own to be passing on to others .

now i'll be doing just that in the next mastermind , which is going to be in dubai in november .

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and once again , it will be open for 10 people only male and females .

so if you are interested in leveling up , increasing your earning potential , acquiring new skills , building your confidence , your social media presence , your brand and your network , this is a weekend you do not want to miss .

more information in the description .

so we are back in the infamous chaguar .

as much as i would like to drop the top and look at all of the skyscrapers and feel the breeze through my long luscious brown locks that will not be happening i am not brave enough to do that at this point .

i think we've got another couple of weeks until we can do that .

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now i'm going to go head over to one of my favorite spots to eat , progetto acai .

i haven't eaten anything yet today , just a bit of coffee , water and some electrolytes .

so it has been a bit of an extended fast so man needs to stuff his face and get some nutrients and fuel into a system before we train later on today .

thank you very much boss .

oh my goodness .

this is my go to breakfast .

cannot fault it .

we've got four eggs in there , we've got some like salsa , tomatoey sauce , we've got some tofu .

we have a verde smoothie .

celery , apples , ginger , lemon and cucumber .

we tuck in and enjoy .

delicious .

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oh , so guys , let the session begin .

we are at the notorious b1 bernouche gym it is well it's leg day on the cards a little bit of a difference though , i'm going to be concentrating on the old gluteals .

i will explain why shortly .

okay guys so got my pre-workout here it is an excessive amount of coffee black coffee it's what i like to drink to be honest because all the pre-workouts that you get for absolute crap so the reason why i'm training glutes today is because i want a big fat latina ass .

it's being in line .

no but seriously , because the way i've been training i've been using a lot of machines .

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i've seen a great deal of quad development and even hamstring development but i never really purposefully train my glutes and i've noticed they've started to fall behind a little bit so i just need to bring them back up so everything is very proportionate .

i want them to be stronger as well and i think this is a problem a lot of men have because they don't train their glutes because they think it's only something women do .

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their glutes tend to be pretty weak relative to everything else and then when you look at the entire posterior chain they might have a strong back maybe the hamstrings are quite strong but their glutes are just not strong at all and that's really gonna hold you back whenever you're doing big compound lifts such as the squats , deadlifts and things like that and you you run the risk of injuring yourself so stronger glutes , bigger glutes that's the focus for the next couple of weeks i still can't get over the fact that joe's not here anymore it's literally so fucked up i can't believe it and i feel like a big part of the fitness industry died when he passed away .

i miss his videos , i miss his energy and obviously he was spending quite a bit of time here in dubai and i had a few sessions with him over the past couple of years .

it just didn't deserve to happen to him .

it just goes to show that life is very short and you just have to appreciate it every single day .

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by the way , whenever i do a lot of leg exercises , i tend to do it barefoot so that i have more stability and more proprioception .

but i've noticed with these shoes , these are probably the best nike shoes that i've purchased they actually allow me to have a great deal of stability when i'm doing compound movements usually i'm just knocking about in running shoes .

i like them because they're comfortable , but they're not the best shoes for lifting weights , particularly when it comes to the lower body .

so if your shoes aren't optimal , take them off , do it barefoot .

but if you do have lifting shoes , squat shoes or your knee shoes which i'm wearing now then you can actually get away with lifting safely and more effectively with them on .

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righty , ho , ho , ho is the last exercise .

we're going to do like a reverse hyperextension , which is absolutely phenomenal for the glutes also lower back as well .

it's not actually that common in gyms it should be because it's definitely going to help strengthen your glutes and improve activation .

so , just finished up a great session .

the bunda is busting out of my shorts there isn't really a huge amount to do outdoors at the moment i mean i could go back to the apartment and you could watch me work for five hours or we could do something a little bit more exciting .

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so , what is exciting and is outdoors ?

the water park .

ho ho !

listen , you're never too old to go to a water park and i'm actually getting some practice in for when i have kids .

i need to make sure that i am good at going down the slides and that i'm confident and not scared so that when i do have my own kids , they're gonna be like , wow , dad , you're so brave and so cool .

so guys , we have officially entered the water park , switched over to the gopro now to get all the action captured .

i've also got fast-tracked because there's a lot of slides which i need to conquer .

we have a very short period of time so let's go .

only slight issue at the moment is the floor is bloody boiling .

so we've actually found a solution to giving away complimentary butt socks .

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not the most attractive but it's gonna help us battle against that absolutely scalding claw .

let's go .

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oh , that was wild .

whoa .

so the water park was absolutely lit .

that was a lot better than i thought it would be .

it was a lot bigger than i thought it would be .

we didn't even have the chance to go on all of the slides i think recently they under went at some kind of an extension where they increased the size of it by a third so it is arguably the biggest water park in the world and you can't do it justice just by going for a few hours even with the fast track so i recommend if you do come to dubai there's definitely something you have to take off but you might as well make a full day of it because it's actually a hell of a lot to do .

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alright guys we are going to finish the day strong after training legs and burning an ungodly amount of calories at the waterpark .

you can imagine i've worked up quite an appetite and i'm most definitely in a calorie deficit so i think we can afford to pig out a little bit .

i'll tell you one thing i've missed over the past few months of travelling and that is a very , very good pizza .

so we're going to go check out one of my favorite pizzas in the whole of dubai so crew , you to make some good pizzas ?

yeah !

look what we have here .

obviously they're not both for me .

although i could eat both of them .

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there's something about this pizza which is just absolutely insane .

they call this the short rib pizza because they put little bits of short rib on the pizza .

some truffle oil , cheese , and that is literally it but it's so gooey and moist oh my god the first slice is the best thing ever .

there's this little barbecue sauce .

it's like a little bit spicy , but sweet .

barbecue sauce .

drizzle a bit of that on .

perfection .

oh my goodness !

you know it's good pizza when you eat the crust .

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when you eat every single piece of crust that's when you know it's good pizza .

so guys that is that .

i'm well fed and i'm actually very satisfied with how my day has been so thank you very much for watching it's time for me to head home and to be honest get ready for bed because i'm absolutely shattered so thanks for watching and as always i will see you

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