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2024-02-11 08:29:01

You are being lied to! How to spot a liar instantly using dark psychology

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You think you can handle the truth .

Let's cut through the noise today .

I'm breaking down how to spot a liar .

No fluff .

Just raw insights get ready .

You're about to see through all the bullshit with 10 psychologically proven signs detectives employ regularly in investigations and interrogations .

The last one might change the way you look at people .

So if you wanna keep living in ignorance , click off now one , if they keep flipping their story , liars can't keep their facts straight .

Ever heard someone change their story more than they change their socks .

Red flag .

A liar's greatest enemy is their own memory .

Two .

If they can't look you in the eye or they stare too hard eyes are the window to the soul , right ?

If someone can't hold your gaze or they're trying to drill into your soul with their stare , something's off .

It's a classic sign .

They're playing you three .

If they're burying you in details .

Liars love to sound convincing with an avalanche of details .

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It's all smoke and mirrors .

They think if they bombard you with info , you'll buy into their story .

Don't fall for it .

Four , if their speech is a train wreck um us and pauses longer than a Sunday sermon .

When their words are stumbling more than a toddler , they're probably lying .

It's their brain lagging trying to fabricate a story in real time .

Five , if their body is telling a different story , crossed arms fidgeting or fake smiles that don't reach their eyes , their body's screaming the truth .

Even when their mouth isn't watch the body , it doesn't lie .

Six .

If they're touching their face , too much , touching their nose , mouth or ears while talking , that's the subconscious trying to cover the lie .

It's like they're trying to block the BS .

They're spewing seven .

If they get defensive over nothing , you ask a simple question and they react like you've accused them of grand theft auto over defensiveness is a dead giveaway .

They're not just defending the lie .

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They're protecting their fragile ego .

Eight micro expressions .

They flash across their face for a fraction of a second .

Pure unadulterated truth .

Catch that you've just seen through the mask nine .

If their actions and words don't match .

Nodding .

No while saying yes .

It's like watching a badly synced movie .

Their body is out of sync with their lies .

Trust the body .

Ignore the words 10 .

If they're trying too hard to convince you ever hear someone swear on everything they love that they're telling the truth , the harder they try to convince you , the more likely they're selling lies

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