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2024-02-11 15:27:23

🧠 How To Study Faster 🧠#shorts #study #psychology

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Six easy psychology hacks to study fast .

The last one is the best .

So listen to the end or you will miss the 0.1 study for 20 to 25 minutes , take short breaks of 1 to 5 minutes and then repeat .

This is called the Pomodoro technique .

Our brain remembers information better in small bursts .

Two try to explain and teach the information to another person .

It works .

Even if you do it in your head , this will help you understand this is better because you will concentrate on the important stuff .

Three go to sleep right after you're done studying this will help improve your memory of what you just learned .

Four use mnemonic devices .

These are memory aids that convert new complex information into familiar associations .

For example , to remember a list of items , create an acronym or a story that involves each item .

This way the information becomes easier to recall .

Five change up your study environment .

Research has shown that varying your study locations can boost retention , six , incorporate multi sensory learning .

And that is why

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