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2023-07-08 09:16:13


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Guys , we're bringing the outdoors in and we're doing a beautiful rib eye steak on my ninja foodie grill coming up .

This is Cookie with CJ .

The show about cooking , drinking barbecue and all the other stuff that goes along with it .

I am not a chef .

I am not a bartender .

I am not a pit master , but I play all three on TV .

I'm gonna show you how to make quick , easy tasty recipes and have a little bit of fun along the way .

So let's get this party started .

Everybody .

Welcome to cooking with CJ .

I'm CJ .

And if you're returning subscriber part of CJ S crew , hey , you know , I love you .

If you're new to the channel , make sure you hit that red belt , that belt , that , that button down there , not the , the bell next to it and the button do all that so you can get the alerts on all of what we're doing here .

All the good things we're doing here .

All the new Ninja foodie grill stuff we're doing here .

That's right , guys , I got the Ninja foodie grill .

We're gonna bring the outdoors , the inside .

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We're gonna do a nice lovely , big fat rib , eye stick on it .

It's gonna take no time at all .

It's gonna be delicious .

What more can I say ?

So , the first thing I did was take the steak out , let it come up to room temperature a little bit and then I sprayed it down with a little canola oil because with that ninja foodie grill , you need to have a high heat oil in there .

So the canola oil works just perfectly for it .

Took some old fashioned Montreal seasoning straight from the Cormick .

They get fancy with it .

Put a couple sprigs of , uh , rosemary on top .

It can be , let it sit for a little bit longer .

Let the salts in that rub , get into the , into the steak , make it real nice .

All right , we had to preheat the foodie for about 10 minutes on the high setting .

So it gets to about 500 degrees and then we're gonna take , I'm gonna bring you over here .

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Let you hear what happens when we put that steak on that grill .

The sizzle is real for sure .

I'm on over here .

It's gonna be a quick , easy recipe and the steak is gonna turn out wonderful .

I've done many steaks on this foodie grill and I'm telling you what it rivals anything I have in the backyard as far as my smokers or my grills .

All right .

So I'm excited for this one .

I'm excited to show you how we do this .

All right .

So come on over here , let's get started .

All right guys , the preheating is done .

Let's get the steak on ready for that sizzle .

Oh , yeah .

All right .

So we got that going .

We're gonna go four minutes on one side , flip it over to the other side .

Another four minutes .

Check it out , check the temp .

We'll get ready to eat this .

All right , guys , we're four minutes through .

Hear that sizzle in there , right .

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Let's take a look .

Look at the S marks perfection .

All right , let's finish this up another four minutes .

Ok , guys , another four minutes and change is up .

Let's check the 10th 1 35 1 34 right ?

We're looking at right at medium rare .

Alright , we're looking good .

So we're gonna pull this off .

Look at those sear marks , dig it .

I'm gonna pull this off with on the tray here .

Let it rest then we'll cut into the bad boy and have a feast .

Let this rest cut into it .

Mhm .

It looks pretty damn good to me .

Nice , medium rare .

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Nice and juicy .

Very nice .

Alright .

Come on back for the taste test .

All right guys , we're done like I said no time at all .

Four minutes aside .

Let it relax a little bit .

Let them juices kind of reabsorbing that meat .

Tighten it up , bring it tight .

Get you don't want your juices falling out .

You want them in the meat , keep your heads out of the gutter guys .

All right guys .

So , I've already cut up my steak right here .

Let me get , just get one of these little bites .

Beautiful , medium rare .

Mm .

I'm telling you .

This is like no other indoor grill you've ever seen .

There is no smoke coming out of this thing .

This steak just turned out amazing .

I love the flavor of the steak .

I would never think I could do this indoors but this foodie grill came out , right .

Did it right .

Some good stuff .

All right guys , that's it for today .

Look for many more of these foodie grill videos .

They're coming , they're gonna uh we got a lot in the hopper .

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We got a lot of ideas we're gonna do with this .

I'm loving it .

I love that we can bring the outdoors in .

I'm a big barbecue guy .

So it's nice to know that I could show you ways to do things , do things like in the barbecue but indoors .

So for those of you don't have a barbecue grill outside or you live in an apartment or the weather is bad .

Whatever you could do many , many things on the Ninja foodie grill that you can do outside on their barbecue grill .

All right .

So look for more videos coming our way and make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can see everything that's uh launched on these videos .

Do see you guys .

Uh Appreciate you being here .

Thanks for stopping by .

Thanks .

For cooking with CJ .

Take care .


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