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2023-07-08 09:23:48

Cooking Steak in Ooni Koda 16 - HD Version

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Hi , welcome to our channel .

I'm Bill .

And this is Laurie over here to my left , uh , recently , within the last week , we purchased an Uni Kota 16 pizza oven .

And tonight we're going to use it to cook a steak on the grizz plate , which is an accessory you can buy from .

Uh , and so the process has been , we've had this turned on high for about 10 minutes .

So we're getting that plate hot .

This oven will go up to 900 or better degrees Fahrenheit .

And , and so here's the process Laurie is going to take the plate out and then we're going to cook a steak and notice the uni gloves .

Uh , yeah .

Ok .

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So the uh , grizzle plate comes with a little , uh , wooden , uh , standoff .

So you can put it down on that and then we're gonna put the steak on right and then back into the oven .

It goes , yeah .

Ok .

You got your timer going .

So , so this might be a 92nd cook .

Um , but this is kind of trial and error .

This is the first steak we've done in our , uh , in our oven and the steak is a little bit thicker .

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Uh , normally , uh , a 20 millimeter steak 0.78 inches .

This one here , uh , is about an inch , but they say you can cook a steak in 90 seconds .

Oh , on one side .

Oh , and then you got to do the other .

Ok .

So I'll just show you a little bit about this oven .

Uh , this one here is a propane powered oven and here we have the regulator , um , and in its current position that is uh , full flame .

So for maximum heat .

Ok .

Fire is coming out .

Whoa , maybe we could turn it down .

You want me to turn down ?

Ok .

We're gonna , now we're gonna put it to its lower setting .

Oh , that's right .

I think that was one of the things .

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Ok , we've turned it down .

Wow .

The flames really shooting out the front .

I think I'm gonna take it out .

Just make the , it's cool .

All right , we're gonna take it out .

Wow .

Oh , all right .

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Remind me to get a fire extinguisher .

Ok , you gotta put it back in to it .

Ok .

Can you move it a little bit away from the side of the though ?

You know what I mean ?

Just a little bit .

That's good .

Ok , definitely .

I guess we got a rib eye , huh ?

A steak should be 1 35 to 1 45 .

But if you're going to let it rest , you should be like 5 to 10 degrees lower for medium rare .

No , it's not Yeah , not even close .

Ok .

Well , I hope you're enjoying the video .

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As you see , we had some flare ups .

So , at this point I put the camera down , I was hand holding so I could help Laurie if she needed assistance .

Um , we were able to put the steak back in , put it in for about 90 seconds , probably 30 seconds too long .

Uh , but that's ok .

And you'll see when she's slicing , uh , that she mentions that maybe it was overcooked .

Actually , when we gave it a closer inspection and I'll have a still of a slice of the beef .

It really turned out just fine .

So , back to the video .

Ok .

Well , we kind of recovered from the flare up .

We weren't ready for the uh the amount of fat on the grizz plate .

So , again , this is a learning process , a little bit of trial and error , learn as we go share what we learned .

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And , uh , we're just kind of letting this rest right now and , uh , in a few minutes we'll , we'll slice it and see what it looks like .

And uh , just to show you there's still a fair amount of uh fat on this plate .

So I guess we weren't quite ready for that and maybe it's the cut of the meat being a rib eye .

It's got a lot of marbling .

So , but these are things that will work and perfect the moment of truth , Laurie's going to slice it , not too bad .

Ok .

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Can you hold a piece up so I can see it a little bit ?

Ok .

Overdone .

Ok .

Well , uh , steak number one will work out the kinks .

And , um , thanks for watching .

Strong in retirement Boone kota .

16 episodes .

Just a couple of quick thoughts and closing .

The steak was superb .

The char was out of this world .

One of the best tasting steaks I've had in a long time .

Yep .

We had a little bit of flair up .

We'll be better prepared .

We have two more rib eyes to cook .

We'll capture that for you and share it with you .

So , really in love with this Niko 16 oven and the grizz platter .

I really don't see us using our regular old barbecue anymore .

Uh I encourage you , try a steak , get the platter , try a steak .

I think you'll be fine .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh Next uh rib eye that we do , we keep everything low heat .

We'll be prepared for some flare up .

Uh But boy , was it a fantastic uh tasting steak ?

Um And we're just having a ball with our Uni Kota 16 outdoor pizza oven .

The versatility of it .

We've cooked Halibut on it .

We've cooked chicken wings on it .

We've cooked a steak and of course , we've cooked six pizzas so far and we're just having a blast .

So , thanks for stopping in at the channel .

Hope you enjoyed the video .

Uh Feel free to leave any comments or questions below and we'll be happy to respond .

Thanks .


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