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2023-07-10 09:17:02

Fine dining STEAK RECIPE _ Red Wine Sauce & Dates Puree

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Hello , everyone .

You were asking me to make some steak .

So today I'm gonna make it for you .

I'm gonna show you how you can make delicious dish with strip on steak , carrots , cooking African spices with red wine and shallot cups .

And before we start with the recipe , I wanna make some challenge for you .

Whenever you're gonna cook one of my dishes , take a picture , post it on your Instagram stories .

Tag me there and I'm gonna give you some feedback on it .

Good luck .

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I start with my date period .

I will cook dry date .

A mixture of water and red wine half by half season it with salt and pepper and cook it until dates will be very soft , something like this .

And last step is to blit everything in the machine and red wine is done .

Now , I build some carrots so they are ready for later .

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Also clean top of the carrots with a knife if you wanna use the green powder .

And now it's time to start with the steak , big piece of meat like this will take at least 20 minutes to cook .

So I will start now and then finish the rest of my garage .

Just make sure you season it properly .

Otherwise , your steak will be bland and don't forget even sides of the steak .

Now , I will do nice crust around .

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Make sure your pan is hot enough , so you seal the steak properly and then just put a steak inside the oven to finish your proper doneness .

Now , just deglaze the pan with red wine and leave it to reduce down .

Now , I mix the spices with water and salt and I will be cooking my carrots inside in this time , it's when they reduced .

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So I put some stock in and then I use it more .

I start cooking my shallots in salted boiling water and also my carrots .

Now I just transfer my sauce in a smaller pan and finish it with butter .

And basic red wine sauce is done .

Made this cook .

So I take it out of the oven and leave it to rest on the side .

Also , shallots are cooked .

So I peel them and keep just nice cups .

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So you're never gonna miss a new , my new video because on this channel , I'm gonna teach you every week how to work like a product and now I just burn the sides so they get better flavor and color .

Carrots are ready as well .

So just cut them in the and they are ready to go .

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Last thing is to a portion of my meat and I'm ready for plating today .

I'm gonna do two plating options .

The second one you can see on my Patreon page .

Get the link in the section down below .

I start with a nice piece of my strip .

Stay on the play then coming in .

Carrots , cooked in Ham , spices , Burnett .

Shout Cops .

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Few black olives with red wine , few car tops and finish it with amazing red wine sauce .

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So I hope you enjoy today's steak recipe guys .

If you have any questions , let me know in the comments .

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So you never gonna miss any of my new video because on this channel , I'm gonna teach you every week how to do a cooker at home .

Thank you for watching and I'll see you soon .


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