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How to cook_prepare yummy indomie_noodles at home

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A basic ratio for cooking pasta is £1 of pasta to one gallon of water with two or three tablespoons of salt added the water should always be well seasoned and rapidly boiling before you add your noodles and no matter the amount you're cooking , just make sure that your pasta is not crowded in the pot and has room for the water to circulate and cook it evenly .

Lasagna lasagna can come in a lot of different forms .

Here , we have the dry flat , the dry with the rippled edges and fresh .

These are all lasagna but technically , lasagna is afol which means thin sheet in Italian because you have a thin sheet of pasta .

These noodles are usually boiled first in salted water , layered with sauce and then baked in the oven .

Here we have a spinach and mushroom lasagna .

The noodles are wide and hearty .

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So they do just as well with a rich vegetable filling like this .

Mm Lasagna is a great comfort food dish and it's also a great dish to make large format .

You can feed a lot of people from one pan Bucatini .

Bucatini is a long pasta with a small hole running through the center of the noodle .

It's also sometimes called per .

The name comes from the Italian word buco meaning whole or Percio , meaning pierced .

It's a thicker pasta noodle .

So it definitely has some bite and texture to it .

And this hole in it kind of makes it resemble a drinking straw from a distance .

It kind of resembles spaghetti .

But the eating experience of Bucatini is completely different because it's thicker and with the hole running through the center .

You actually get some of that sauce on the inside of the noodle .

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Here we have a Pepe which is a classic preparation using only cheese and pepper .

You get a little bit of bite and heat from the pepper and it's so simple .

But the chew from the noodle really enhances the saltiness and the pepper of the sauce .

Muffled .

Dean is a long flat noodle similar to a skinnier lasagna pasta with the rippled edges .

You can find it dried flat like this or curled up in nests which are less likely to break and at 10 inches , it's one of the longest noodles that you'll find commercially available , which is nothing to shake a stick at like all pasta .

The color gets lighter and it gets a little engorged from taking on the water during cooking .

But you see here that it keeps its shape and these ridges will hold all kind of delicious sauce .

It's like a very long ribbon which makes it great for plating because you only need a few noodles per person .

Muffled .

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Dean would pair really well with something that will coat the length of the noodle with some chunks in it like seafood or eggplant .

So it would go really well with a pasta .

A noma tell tell tael is a long pasta noodle that's similar to fettuccini .

The name of this pasta comes from the Italian word which means to cut and it resembles long cut ribbons .

Here we have fresh and dried versions in front of us .

Tag comes from Emile Romana , which is a region in the north of Italy .

So it's more common to see this pasta sold fresh and including eggs in the dough .

The flatness of the noodles is similar to fettuccini but they are thinner .

So you're still gonna get texture and bite but not as much as you would from the fettuccini .

Here we have a tag with bone which is a classic way of serving .

Tag .

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Boers is typically a meat sauce or you can substitute meat for mushrooms like we have here .

Another great preparation for tagliatelle is pasta carbonara .

The small pieces of the guan cling to the noodles along with the creamy sauce but don't overpower it because the components of Boers are usually quite small .

Everything clings and coats the noodles beautifully .

So you get a little bit of everything in one bite .

Mm Papa deli , papa deli is a long flat ribbon shaped pasta .

It's wider than Talel but not nearly as wide as lasagna .

So you can see that the cooked pasta expands a little bit and becomes more translucent .

Pale is typically made with eggs .

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So you'll see that it gives it that elasticity that you get from the egg whites because of the width of these noodles , they stand up really well to a hearty sauce like a wild boar Ragu or a heavier creamy sauce is a type of pasta , pasta is a general term for any small grain size pasta , pasta can come in different types of shapes like stars or circles , but is kind of like little balls or grains .

And you can see how small it is .

It looks like small stones or seeds .

It's great for comfort foods , like cold salads , put in soups or broths or also prepared like risotto .

It's also a symbol of fertility , which is why it's traditionally used in Italian wedding soup .

Here we have the a de pepe prepared in a dish called pastina .

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It's a little confusing because pastina is the category of small pastas .

But it's also the name of this dish to make it , you cook the pasta in a light chicken stock or water and then add butter and milk and then finish it with some pecorino or Parmesan .

It's creamy .

It's comforting .

Mm , I'm gonna be happy dancing all day but it's pretty much butter and cheese .

So how can you go wrong ?

Or Orzo is a short pasta sometimes lumped in with pastina .

The word orzo translates to barley , which makes sense because it looks a lot like a barley grain .

The ana de pepe was much smaller and finer .

The individual grains have this thicker center , thinner points at the ends .

So you know that it's gonna give you a nice textural difference when you're using it because of the size and shape .

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Also creamy cheese sauces and you would get a lot of that deliciousness in every single bite .

Anything that you could really get that flavor and that sauce on the inside .

So don't be afraid to use larger garnish with something like this .

You could also use the dry ones for macaroni art , which is my nephew's favorite medium .

Yo , gnocchi is a short pasta that is sort of shaped like a shell and you can find it fresh or dried .

I know what you're thinking .

Most people are familiar with G as the small dumpling that's made with potato .

These g are technically gti also called , they're smaller , they're dry and they contain no potato .

The word comes from which means knuckle on the back of the you can see where it's dragged with a knife over the board to get the ridges on this side .

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But where the knife pulls the dough , it makes little tears which give it great texture for more sauce to cling to because it is a little thick .

It has great bite and you can feel with your tongue , not just the ribs on the front , but also the torn texture on the back .

So it's not just like eating a flat noodle , the bite and the chew along with the texture of this pasta can really stand up well to a hearty sauce like a Ragu or bone .

It could also go with something a little finer like a pesto because it would get into all of those grooves delivered , bring more flavor per bite if you don't have .

And you're working with the potato g , which is more of a dumpling .

A simple sauce is great .

Something that doesn't overpower and really lets the pasta come through something like a Pomodoro that would really highlight the G ravioli .

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Ravioli is a short stuffed pasta that can have a variety of fillings .

These ravioli are rectangular shaped but they can be round , square shaped like dumplings and folded .

There are so many different types of filled pastas .

These ravioli are stuffed with ricotta cheese , but there is no end to the type of filling that you can have .

It's typically made with an egg dough .

And that's because the yolks are gonna give it a little fat to make the dough very smooth while the whites are gonna give it elasticity and structure so that the dough doesn't break when it goes over the filling .

Here , we have ravioli with brown butter and sage because raviolis are so focused on all the flavor from the stuffing .

They're typically paired with simple sauces or just a little oil , garlic and herbs .

That is so lovely .


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