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Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Cook Rice _ Martha's Cooking School S3E6 'Rice'

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So now I've started browning the chicken .

These are chicken thighs .

I marinated the chicken thighs and one tablespoon of paprika and two tablespoons of olive oil .

Just to get this great color started .

There's plenty of olive oil in the pan .

This is pork that is cut into one inch squares that this sizzle and cook , stirring it , keep it heat regulated .

You're gonna keep regulating the heat up and down so that everything gets cooked appropriately .

First , the meat , then I'm just cutting an X in my tomato .

I peeled and seeded most of my tomatoes .

Just do that .

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Put this into boiling water just for like a minute until the skin loosens .

Snails believe it or not were once the most commonly used meat in the Valencian PAA as they were cheap for special occasions , they added rabbit or duck .

But nowadays you can have chicken .

You can have pork .

You can have all kinds of fish , lobster , delicious things can go into a OK .

This tomato is ready to take out .

I'll let it go into ice water for a second .

The name comes from the Latin word patella which means pan and it's from this word that the Valencian word PAA is dried your vegetables , your fish , everything should be in small bowls ready to add to the before you start cooking .

Now , here's our tomato .

I cut it in half this way and you see there are seeds .

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Just use a spoon or your finger to take the seeds out of the tomato .

Chop up your tomato .

All the pieces should be approximately the same size and now add your onion all over .

This is one large white onion , a Spanish onion for the two tablespoons of finely chopped garlic over the whole thing .

It is looking so gorgeous and you'll see as you layer this , it just gets more and more beautiful .

Now , the tomatoes , these will start to exude some of their tomato juice .

The peppers , one red pepper cut into slices .

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This has been seeded one green pepper , same thing seated and sliced already a pretty picture .

So this will take about 5 to 8 minutes depending on the temperature .

So pretty , a little sprinkling of salt , little bit of black pepper .

We want a really , really flavorful .

It's just an art to make one beautiful .

Now , you can add your squid .

This is one and a quarter pounds of calamari and spread this around .

This should be fresh , not frozen .

This starts to firm up almost immediately upon reaching some heat here .

And we have 12 jumbo shrimp .

I'm going to add these by hand .

These are beautiful .

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Now , shrimps don't take a long time to cook , but this is the right time to add them to your .

Now , while this is cooking up in a bowl , you're going to add cognac about a third of a cup of cognac , 1.5 teaspoons of salt and two teaspoons of saffron which you grind in a mortar and peel .

Now , as you hear , I'll add a tiny bit of salt .

Here .

It does help with the grinding .

OK .

Add this to your cognac .

The liquid takes on a beautiful , beautiful pinkish yellow color .

This is going to make this the valencia that we're looking for .

Now to your cognac , add one scoop of hot chicken broth .

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All of this chicken broth is going to be added to the once the rice is added as you watch me do this .

I hope that you're thinking , wow , this is a dish that I can make .

It's a great Christmas Eve dish for a party is a great summertime dish .

£1.5 of short grained white rice .

This is short grained rice specifically grown for dishes like this to be cooked in a pan .

Now , stir this a little bit , the rice starts to saute , it gets a little opaque .

And what's gonna happen is that the rice gets a little crusty on the bottom of the pan and that crustiness is called a SOCA .

And so if your doesn't have it , well , it's not a OK .

So this is looking extremely good .

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So in our ongoing series of over rice dishes , we've covered some classic rice killers from Hunan Province , some of our favorites from Guizhou Province .

And this time we will be going over to Sichuan , probably everybody's favorite province for food and panda .

Speaking of Sichuan food , I think its Xia ability needs no introduction from tofu to chicken .

I guess everybody knows how awesome Sichuan cuisine is to devour alongside rice .

So this time we want to cover some kind of um lesser known abroad , Sichuan dishes that are also amazing rice killers .

First , we'll take a look , get Sichuan preserved mustard green and then we'll look at a classic flavor profile fish fragrant , but this time smothering that sauce over a soft and pillowy omelet .

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Short grain rice is characterized by fat , almost round grains that have a higher starch content than the long grain or medium grained rice .

And when it's cooked , it becomes quite moist and viscous causing the grains to stick together .

Other short grain rice is grown in Spain have a unique capacity to absorb large amounts of broth .

That's the rice we're using here and it's starting to get plumped and starting to cook nicely .

So now I'm adding the Mussels , make sure the Mussels if that's open like that , you don't want it .

They have to be tightly closed , well scrubbed muscles and your muscles should be kept icy cold until they go into the and the last vegetable string beans , this can be , these are pre cooked .

I already blanched .

These and these are ari you can use regular string beans , golden string beans , whatever you choose is your mouth watering .

Yet .

Are you drooling ?

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And lastly , we'll cover a mildly spicy , minced beef and celery stir fry from the that is home style flavor profile .

So , right , as a tradition in our Xia series something simple college dorm style stuff in the back and if you are talking about Sichuan look no further than so is this style of Sichuan pickled vegetable that's made from a variety of mustard green that got this really big stamps .

It's first uh to perch which process is called , that is giving its name .

And then after purging its season to ferment and then later cut and package , it's often translated as Sichuan preserved vegetables or Sichuan preserved mustard .

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Uh which of course is not to be confused with the classic noodle topping , which unfortunately , these two often shares the same English translation .

And this has led to a lot of confusion when people are trying to pick up for their noodles or other Sichuan dishes .

But end up picking up instead because this is everywhere in Chinese supermarket .

And this confusion also led to a lot of people asking then what do I do with this ?

Well , the basic answer is to just eat it straight up if you're hungry and want a snack , eat this with some white rice .

It's a surprisingly tasting college dorm style meal right there or you can also use it to make a stir fry like the one that we cover in our Chinese fast food video up here .

Or you can use this as a base and make a very quick simple cold dish .

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So to do so just unpack one bag , toss them one bit cove of minced garlic .

One rex of cilantro , one teaspoon , toasted one sesame seeds , quarter teaspoon of sugar , half teaspoon , dark Chinese vinegar and drizzle in some toasted sesame oil .

Mix a little while .

Then you have this to go with rice or even noodles , which I personally enjoy the most besides the ever popular savory and spicy dishes .

Yuhang fish fragrance with its sweet and sour spiciness .

It's another popular candidate to down some rice and sauce with omelets is another Sichuan classic .

Together with the more common pork slippers or eggplants .

But this one is probably the most good looking dish in the Yuan family and bonus .

This is actually a very easy dish with only three simple prepping steps .

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A quarter of a cup of basil leaves finally chopped and the three quarters of a cup of raisins soaked in the orange juice .

Nice and plump .

I'll add my Pioli nuts .

These are one quarter of a cup of pine nuts or pignoli nuts that I've lightly toasted on a tray in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes just until they're golden , just until they're aromatic .

And now you can add to this , the cooked rice .

Obviously , this rice is not quite done , but I do have what we call in the tray .

A swap out here is our swap out .

I once went on a camping trip up to Baxter State Park in Maine and I took a big container full of these stuffed peppers .

We all had a feast .

We didn't catch any fish that day .

Not so good .

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So here today we are supping it with the more available pickle chili that is from the neighboring Guizhou province .

It's less sour than the Sichuan pickle chili , but it hits similar notes with its savoriness and lacto fermentation .

So it's a decent sub when you can't find the Sichuan pickle chili .

So just take 20 g about one heaping taste tablespoon , given the means to further break it down , then sell the site third and last lack of prep eggs .

So first mix one teaspoon corn starch with one tablespoon of water and a quarter teaspoon of vinegar .

The starch helps to hold up the puffy structure of the egg and the vinegar helps to cut the egg and then just in four eggs with toast for me like this and we can start cooking .

So there are many routes to achieve omelet .

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Uh Some people like to deep fry their eggs individually to achieve maximum crispy and puffiness .

Some people like to fry up some fatty pork for their sauce .

But here today , we are sticking with a more straightforward and simple version in the spirit of a week night meal .

So first ya get your piping hot show off the heat and in the oil here is about three tablespoons give a little swirl to get a nice non-stick surface heat on high .

Now let the oil heat up till when an egg drop can puff up immediately , then turn the heat to medium low , pour in the egg .

Once the edge is form , use the back of your spatula , gently push the egg towards the center to create layers and thickness .

Meanwhile , slightly turn until the walk around so that the bottom gets cooked evenly .

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We called my mom Big Martha even though she was about , well , maybe five inches shorter than I .

Ok .

So here ready to go into the oven , I'm going to make a little envelope out of aluminum foil , but I don't want the foil touching the peppers .

Now , a little sprinkling of olive oil down the sides of the peppers and cover with parchment .

We don't like the metal touching the food and fold up your envelope .

They'll steam a little bit and you can open them up to brown them if you want for the end .

But these go into a 350 degree oven for about 50 minutes and then uncover them for another 10 minutes .

Now , fresh out of the oven , don't you think they look really good ?

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Last up men's beef and celery .

So this dish is a very specific variant of a more general home style uh Sichuan men's beef dish called together with this beef Chinese celery .

It's a classic but so would be uh cut up long beans or chopped fresh chilies .

So it's really just anything you like .

We chose this specific dish uh beef with celery .

It's because over on our patrons court that it's an obsession .

People love making it so much that it started to be referred to as the dish .

Now , we've never covered this dish before .

So the recipe that they are following is actually from future Dunlop's cookbooks , either food lob or every grain of rice .

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And if you are watching in this video , there's a high chance that you probably have at least one of her cookbooks on your shelves , so you can check those out too .

But today we decided to also throw our heads into the ring of the dish .

So for our recipe here , we'll be using Western celery in some Chinese celery .

Uh but for the beef , we'll stick with Hammons because that does make a pretty big difference for the final dish .

So with 150 g beef loin , cut it into strips and a smaller dice then stir main thing for about five minutes until you get to a roughly chopped texture like that .

Then add in quarter teaspoon dark soy sauce , one teaspoon wine , a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon corn , starch , Maxwell and salad .

Next celery here is about 220 g of Western celery .

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Do use Chinese celery here if you can find them though , peel off the ultra layer at the bottom , if it looks fibrous , then cut it in half , cut the wider part into three or four strips and the smaller part into two or three mince them into half centimeter pieces , then add in quality spon salt , give a good mix and Sao side to purge for 10 minutes .

As for the leaves , give them a couple of rough chop and sale .

Now , let's quickly measure our 15 g or one tablespoon , Sichuan chili broad bean paste .

That means 5 g or half in ginger and 3 to 4 big cloves of garlic .

And let's whip up a simple furnishing sauce with half teaspoon soy sauce , quarter teaspoon , one teaspoon corn starch , two tablespoon water mix well and , and by now , the celery is also perched , give it a nice squeeze to expel as much water as you can .

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And then we can stir fry .

So first get your walk piping hot .

Show off the heat add in the oil .

Hear about two tablespoons heat a medium high , add in the beef and quickly break it up , then fry it till the colors are changed .

Now show off the heat , scooch the beef to the side of the walk , add in another tablespoon oil .

Then in with turn the heat back on low fry it till the oil is stained red .

About 1.5 minutes .

Then add in the aromatics fried to fragrant .

Also about 1.5 minutes that makes the beef back in .

Turn the heat too high .

Give it a quick fry , then add in the celery another quick mix , stir the sauce and add that end mix while heat off , toss in the celery leaves , mix and out and then the dish is done .

So right .

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ऍम बारह दिखाना है ।

आज की रेसिपी है स्टीम राइस बोले तो बॉल राइस इसको बनाना काफी आसान होता है ।

आज जिस तरीके से हम स्टीम राइस बनाएंगे जिससे आपके जो चावल खेले खेले बनेंगे और ये एकदम आसान तरीका है जिसमें आप छोटे से लेकर लम्बा चावल आसानी से बना सकते हैं ।

आपको कोई भी चावल आप इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं ।

इसके अंदर उसमें आपका चावल जो है इसमें से काफी खेला खेला बनेगा ।

एकदम आसान तरीके से बनेगा ऍसे कोई भी बना सकता है बोले तो मुँह अकेले रह रहे हैं ।

दस जो अकेले रह रहे हैं या फिर फर्स्ट टाइम चावल बना रहा है तो इसमें तड से आप आसानी से बना सकते हैं ।

आपके इसमें चावल बिलकुल चुकेंगे नहीं ।

कोई भी हाँ नहीं होंगे जिसमें तड से हम आपको बताएंगे ऍम बताइये आपके चावल एकदम खेले के लिए बनाएंगे और काफी अच्छे भी बनेंगे ।

और अगर आपको ये विडियो अच्छा लगता है तो उसको आप लाइक कीजिये और मेरे को सब्स्क्राइब करना ना भूलें क्योंकि आने वाली रेसिपी राजमा की होगी ।

जो आप सब लोग बहुत पसंद आएगी उसको हम ॅ तरीके से बनाएंगे और मेरे चरण आप सब्स्क्राइब बनाना बोले तो चलिए हम स्टाॅप स्टार्ट करते हैं ।

बॉल राइस बनाने के लिए हमें चाहिए तीन सौ ग्राम चावल ।

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So about half goes in first and you're going to press this down and now you're remaining rice on top of this .

Just want a nice even layer .

I first learned how to cook Persian rice from my friend Harvin .

She's Persian and she makes very good Persian food .

Now , tuck the cheese cloth right on top of the rice .

This dish is cooked entirely on top of the stove cover , cook it for about eight minutes , reduce the heat and cook it for another 20 minutes or so on low .

OK .

Here we have it .

Remove the cheese cloth .

Hm .

The rice smells so good .

And then when we turn this out , it will be the beautiful rice dish that we're hoping for .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It takes a little bit of control and coordination .

I think it's good .

Look how beautiful this cinnamon flavored vanilla rice drink is a frothy Mexican classic with a flavor reminiscent of rice pudding grind .

Six tablespoons of rice , a little spice grinder like this works very well .

You want to really pulverize the rice grind it until it resembles a fine powder .

Traditionally , the rice would be ground on a grinding stone in a very , very nicely .

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ये मैंने नॉर्मल वाले चावल दिए ।

इस तरह के आप देख सकते हैं इसको हम बाॅल में डाल के तीन से चार और अच्छे से तो बोलेंगे ।

ये देखिए मैंने बाॅल में चावल को डाल दिया है ।

अगर मेजर मिंट जानना चाहते हैं तो मैं आपको बता देता हूँ ।

दो कटोरी चावल एक जन के लिए दो टाइम के लिए काफी होते हैं ।

अगर आप दो लोग हैं , दो टाइम खाना चाहते हैं तो चार कटोरी चावल ले लीजिए ।

अब इसको हम अच्छे से धो लेते हैं ।

तीन से चार बार अब देखिये मैंने चावल को अच्छे से धो दिया है ।

अब हम इसके अंदर बॉयल करने के लिए पानी डालेंगे ।

पानी हमें इतना डालना है कि चावल से हमें पांच गुना रखना है पानी को जैसे वो अच्छे से बॉल हो सके ।

अब आप देख सकते हैं मैंने पांच गुना पानी डाल दिया है ।

इसके अंदर और ऍम फर्स्ट टाइम बना रहे हैं ।

तो ये चावल जो अपन लेवल तक आ जायेंगे बॉयल होने के बाद तो चलिए हम ऍम करते हैं ।

हमने अपने हॅाल को हाई फ्लेम पे रख दिया है ।

इसको हम अच्छे से उबाल आने तक उसको हम देखेंगे और उसको हम बीच बीच में चलाते रहेंगे जैसे नीचे से लगना जाए ।

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

इस तरह से अब आप देख सकते हैं थोडा सा बॉल आने लगा है हल्का हल्का अंदर से और ये जो तरीका आपको सिखा रहा हूँ चावल बॉल करुँगी है , एकदम सिंपल है ।

कोई इसमें ऍम नहीं है कि कितना हमको पानी चाहिए , कितना टाइम लगेगा ।

सिंपल इस तरह से आप करते आपका चावल बनता जाएगा ।

एकदम लग रहा चावल बनेगा ये मेरी गारंटी है ।

ये देखिए हल्का जिंदा से बॉल आने लगा है जिसको हम चला देंगे ।

एक बार अच्छे से चलना जरूरी है नहीं तो नीचे से यह लग जाता है चावल आपके ऍम हाई रहती है तो नीचे लग जाता है तो हम चलाते रहेंगे ।

देखिए अभी कैसा होगा चावल अभी हो रहा है धीरे धीरे स्टीम आ रही है ।

अब आप देख सकते हैं हमारे जो चावल है उसका जो साइड है एकदम डबल हो गया और हम उसको बीच में चेक कर के देखते हैं ।


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