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2023-07-10 08:59:59

Martin Beat Me In 1 Move 😠

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And if we notice whites given up two nights , a bishop , it's 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 points worth of material has only captured five points of material , but it's the black king that's checkmated .

So chess is clearly not just about capturing pieces .

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I think Martin would see that .

So I'm gonna just wait and play it slow and see if Martin makes a mistake .

Ah , ok .

That's what we needed , we can take this pawn in this pond .

Ok .

I mean , I'm tempted to take it and just see what happens because then we could just take everything , but it seems like it's too much of a risk .

Let's just play it slow .

Well , we'll see what Martin's gonna do if I go right there .

Ok .

Let's come back here .

You saw that ?

All right , Martin , let's go here .

It's still a lot of ponds .

We don't wanna go here .

That would be unfortunate .

Let's go this way .

Mhm .

See that .

Ok .

Um Let's go down here .

I need him to make another mistake .

See if he sees this .

Ok ?

He didn't see that one .

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Let's take this pawn and I mean , at some point I could take a chance that he's not gonna capture the night .

I just don't know if now is the moment I don't think it is .

Let's go back here .

He saw that like everything's defended .

Wow .

Literally everything is defended .

It's ma in 11 I can't even move .

I'm gonna save this as a last ditch effort .

So let's , let's keep trying .

Let's see if he makes a mistake .

Let's go here .

Ok , let's go back .

Ok .

This paw is hanging .

Let's see if he notices that he didn't see that one .

So we'll snag this guy , this guy .

I just can't let him get a queen still risky .

I can still do that , but it's still risky if I go here there is the fork .

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Will he see that if I go here ?

I'm getting check .

No , I'm not really getting check made .

Right .

Let's try this , I guess .

Ok , good .

We can take this pawn .

Still .

Can't get the night out .

Right .

Let's keep playing patiently .

Oh , boy .

All right .

Let's go here .

We use the king to help .

Let's see if we can snag that .

Pa , hey , what's Martin doing ?

Is he gonna let the night out ?

Not just yet , but maybe soon .

Let's go here .

Hm .

How do we do this ?

I , you know what I could do , I could sacrifice the queen with the idea that it lets the night out and I might be able to win that way .

That seems like a decent chance .

I'm gonna go for that .

Ok ?

If he's gonna get a queen , I'm just gonna do this .

If he does take it , the queen sacrificed herself but the night is on the move .

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Oh , but is he gonna checkmate me first ?

Oh no , he has one .

Is he gonna see it ?

Is he gonna see it ?

Well , we all know Martin never misses mate in one .

I want a rematch .

I wanna rematch .

All right .

So what if I just , I mean , let's just see what happens .

Let's just see what happens .

Is he gonna take the night ?

Ok , Martin is smarter than I gave him credit for .

Let's play again .

Martin since I lost in one move .

That's not a bad title for a video .

I lost to Martin in one move .

Ok .

Well , you know what ?

Let's just use the king .

Let's go , let's use the king and see what happens .

Let's go over here .

I'm just gonna try to confuse Martin with some weird moves .

He didn't see the fork .

So maybe it's working .

Should I try it now ?

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Maybe there's enough happening that he's not gonna take it .

No , I don't think so .

I think Martin is too smart for that , but he doesn't see that .

Oh .

Oh , that could be just what I needed .

Martin .

I think you messed this one up , my friend .

Ok .

He's still trying to get a queen though .

All right , I'm gonna have to be smart about this .

If I take this , the night is still stuck .

So I'm gonna have to spend some time using the queen .

Hopefully .

No , he's gonna get a queen .

Oh man .

Ok .

Still I can't , I can't get the night out .

I have to spend some more time here .

Ok , good .

He didn't get the queen .

All right , great .

Now he did .

All right .

Ma in three .

Oh boy .

Oh boy .

What do we do ?

What do we do ?

Let's , let's start bringing the night out .

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Oh , it was main and three if I moved my king , I guess to survive longer , man .

All right , let's try this again .

We gotta beat Martin .

We got , I think we can do it .

Let me just see what happens if I take this pawn ?

I just want to see .

Is he gonna take it ?

Oh , he didn't take it .

Now , I could take the bishop or I could gamble with one of these pawns that he wouldn't take it .

Maybe he'll , like , get confused and he'll think that the queen is defending the knight and he won't take it .

We did just like that just like that .

Martin fell for my trick and that's how you beat Martin in four moves .

I like to call it the Martin scholar mate .

Ok .

Well , that was fun .

And , uh , I hope you guys enjoyed this .

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Uh , I think I have a couple of other ideas in mind for how I can challenge Martin , but this was a fun one and I'll see you guys next time as always , stay sharp , play smart and take care .


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