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2023-07-10 08:42:01

Pasta e Piselli - Rossella's Cooking with Nonna

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Everyone .

I'm Ella Rago and welcome back to cooking with .

No , I'm here today with my very own to bring you one of the most amazing Italian comfort food dishes that there is .

No , no .

What are we gonna make today today ?

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I gotta make a , this is very good , very easy plate for new generation because they not take too much time for cook .

So might not seem like something that you would associate with Italian comfort food .

It's not a red sauce .

But believe me , for those of us that are first generation Italian American or even , you know , probably 2nd , 3rd generation , you remember somewhere along the lines having on one of those nights or maybe you didn't feel well or it was just something really easy to put together and it's something that I have a lot of fun child memories of .

And I wanted to do a video .

I know it's really easy , but I really wanted to make a video for everyone because that's that one thing that when you go to college or something and you're far away from home that you start thinking .

Hm .

I want something that reminds me of you know none of those basements and is gonna hit the spot every time .

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So it's super easy to make .

You don't need a lot of ingredients and all you need is some onion , white on onion , plain white onion , some parsley , some frozen peas th of course .

And some small pasta either or small shells like I have here and some extra virgin olive oil and salt .

That's it .

That's all you need to make a good old fashioned past the way would make it for you .

So what is the first thing we gotta do ?

I gotta put on .

OK .

So I'm gonna turn on the burner .

So we begin our by boiling onions in water together .

So you add it , add the onions to the cold water , bring it to a boil and you wanna boil this for about 30 minutes .

Now , I know it seems like a long time .

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But after the boiler , you know , they , they gotta put a piece inside because they got , you need more time for the pizza .

So we wanna make sure we got the nice onion .

I gotta put salt too on .

OK .

So we're gonna bring this to a boil and see you in a few minutes .

So now that the onions are nice and soft , they've been boiling for about 30 minutes .

We're gonna go ahead and add our Yeah , 10 minutes .

OK ?

So these will boil for about 10 minutes .

Yeah .

OK .

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Just checking on our peas and it looks like they're done .

Now you got your parcel inside .

Now you have a very fresh yeah just your turn now past prepared plate .

Oh yeah you gotta put all your oh you forgot .

Yeah you gotta put all OK ?

Ok that's enough .

Ok ?

And that's it .

That is our pasta .

Very easy .

Very easy .

Yeah it won't take too much time .

Mhm .

Now you gotta make plate .

Ok ?

Now for pasta I know you are probably thinking that why don't we just boil some pasta in here ?

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But that is against all the cardinal rules of .

No , no , no .

Why you cook before ?

Because that way they cook too much .

The pasta .

Yeah , you need pasta .

Ok .

So you heard the lady , you cook some pasta separately and then like we have here , we have sort of the pasta you want , how much you want ?

So we got some small shells right here .

Any little pasta is ideal .

And then I'm gonna take this spoon again .

Put some juice too .

I got her the juice .

Mhm .

Oh , how pretty does that look with the green ?

Hm .

And you can make this as juicy as you want , as dry as you want .

Some people like it a lot .

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The way you want this , play for the , the baby .

They love the baby , they love this .

You make for me when I was a baby .

Oh , yeah .

I know you like , I make some , I make a butter rice too .

The way you want .

Beautiful .

How beautiful does this look ?

Did a poco you want more ?

Just a little tiny bit of uh some extra virgin olive oil on top .

Very nice .

Very nice .

I love it .

You gonna taste ?

I love the way the peas go inside the little shells .

Mm .

They're so good .

Mm .

The pasta .

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Very nice all the time .

Very good .

Mm .

It's so good because you cook the , the sweet peas in like that salty broth with the onion .

So the flavor is really combined nicely .

The onion they give a nice give it a very good and I know this is so simple guys but I will never get tired of eating pasta .

To me it's the ultimate Italian comfort dish .

It's like it's like , you know , little with a little broken .

It's just one of those things that stays with you forever .

So no , thank you for being my today .

Thank you for showing everybody for you too because you learn better than me .

So I would like to take uh an opportunity to dedicate this episode to a very special fan and viewer of cooking with no Jena Del Pazzo .

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We got your letter and it was absolutely beautiful and I am so very touched that cooking with nona helps you through a difficult moment in your life .

And even though your nona is no longer here , you have my and you have all the of cooking with .

No , you're still so young and you have so much to look forward to in life .

So always keep going and put a smile on your face and no loves you too .

You too .

Say you love .

Oh , yeah .

Too much .

Very nice .

Bye everybody .


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