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2023-07-10 08:48:46

How to Cook a Chuck Eye Delmonico Steak - THE JUICIEST STEAK EVER!

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So what we got here is a chuck .

I steak .

Some people call it De Monica steak right now .

Rib eye steaks are about 18 bucks a pound .

This is about nine .

You can make it taste just like a rib eye and you will love it first with our steak .

Let's go ahead and just put some olive oil on top and then go ahead and get salt the top .

You can use sea salt or you can use just regular table salt .

I like to put garlic powder on one side as well .

Once you've got that done , go ahead and add fresh ground black pepper makes all the difference in the world to add to that nice crust as well and go ahead and get that all rubbed in .

Once you got that all rubbed in , flip it over and just repeat it on the other side .

Once you've got that steak all ready to go , just pick up any extras you have on the bottom .

If you'd like , we're gonna get this thing ready to cook , but we're gonna let it get to room temperature first .

So it cooks right .

Don't do it with a cold steak .

You're gonna regret it .

So , we got a hot pan .

Now , I like the iron pan personally , add a little more olive oil to the pan and , uh , this pan is ready to go .

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So , what we're gonna do now is go ahead and get our steak at room temperature and we're gonna lay it in the pan .

We're gonna get a beautiful sear on that steak .

Now , it can take just the size of the steak .

It really just depends , sometimes it can take four minutes on one side , uh , maybe a little longer , just depending on how thick the steak is .

So , we're getting a nice sear there .

You see that little bubbling happening ?

All right .

So we've got that going nicely .

So , uh , it's about maybe three minutes in here and , uh , I'm just gonna take a look here .

I'm gonna probably let it go for maybe another minute here .

It's almost there .

But once it gets to about the 44 minute mark , I'm gonna go ahead and do the next step .

So it's at four minutes now .

So what I'm gonna go ahead and do is just flip it .

Now , it's a very tender steak .

So it may fall apart at times .

But now I've got it flipped here .

The next step is add three tablespoons of butter and we're gonna finish off this steak .

Give it that nice , beautiful , beautiful buttery taste .

We're gonna make a sauce , take a little dried char on the top and make it all .

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Part of all the flavors are just gonna come and fuse together nicely .

You're gonna see that butter start to have that little like caramel color .

This is beautiful here .

You don't want to burn the butter , but once it gets about maybe one ounce of the butter , then you wanna start basting your steak and look at that steak .

It's beginning to glow .

The other side is probably only gonna take about two minutes .

Really .

Not that long .

Just depending on the size of the steak .

We got that nice caramel color with the butter sauce and all the juices from the steak .

We're just gonna ba it one more time at the end and once we've got that done , we're gonna go ahead and remove our steak and we're gonna rest it .

Now , you can add more butter to the sauce here if you'd like .

And I give it a more robust flavor , but I just pour it in directly from the pan the way it is and there's our little sauce there .

And when you put your steak down , just slice your steak after it's rested , lay it down .

It's not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen , but it's probably one of the most tasty steaks you've ever had .

It's really , really good .

So you've got your steak in that sauce .

There is no dry here .

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Dry does not exist with this steak .

Got it nice , medium rare .

If you wanna cook it a lot , a little longer .

If you like it cooked a little more .

Go ahead and do it .

But the beauty is of the steak is you got a nice tender steak here and what you do , you go ahead and dip it in that beautiful sauce there and once you got it dipped in that beautiful sauce there , oh , it is .

Melt in your mouth .

Goodness , this is so good .

And honestly you don't need to spend the extra money on a rib eye .

If you can cook this with this easy technique , you'll be very happy and you'll buy this very often .

Thank you so much for watching .

Have a great day .

Bye bye .


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