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2023-07-09 14:18:46

Should you grill STEAK in a PIZZA OVEN

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There was a mushroom here lying right here and it was like , 00 , just pick me up .

So you already have a barbecue .

Do you really need another barbecue or should you get one of these ?

I'm talking about the pizza oven , the Nero Bernard pizza oven .

Maybe you should get one because think about it , you already have a barbecue .

You already got , I don't know , maybe you got three or four barbecues .

What are you gonna do this summer ?

How are you gonna surprise your guest ?

You can't go to a pizza restaurant .

So maybe you should be getting a real pizza oven .

You might be thinking , what is it ?

A real pizza oven ?

Let me show you take a look inside .

There's a real pizza stone in here .

It's the real deal .

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You got the insulation and let's just fire it up and show you what happens once it's lit up and the firing up hard begins in the back .

Now this is gonna be a lot of nasty jokes .

Just take the plug out of the back , put some pellets in , put in a fire starter , light it up .

It's my favorite part .

Setting things on fire and then plug it back in right now .

And we wait , we already have a nice fire going .

And there are a lot of difficult instruction on how to light this thing properly and let it sit aside and , and this is , it , it's not difficult to do .

It's just wait , like with any other grill except it takes a lot less time .

Did I , did I show you you can remove the Jimmy .

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What you can also do is like , and this is a little bit sketchy , but you can like , remove the legs .

Just think about the possibilities .

You can put this in the summer on your table outside just like get it somewhere out of cabin or from your little shed and just pull it and just , and you set it up , light it up and your pizza oven is ready to go .

I think we're getting to the point where the pellets are starting to be lit up .

So I'm going to open this top and I'm going to add more pellets and now we got a little fire started .

So now we just gotta wait until it comes up to temperature and you gotta give it a little time .

You know , pizzas are cooked really fast , but the pizza ovens gotta be in the right temperature .

You want the flames to divide the heat slowly but surely throughout the pizza oven .

So it's nice and equally hot everywhere .

So yeah , maybe more .

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So we could just like , take a minute , we can sit in the sun , enjoy like this little spring sun that we're coming .

You could do it like this , soak it all in .

It feels good .

It's sunlight , Martian .

It's good for you .

It's giving you vitamin D .

It's really good for you .

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Flames are literally shooting from the back to the front and that's why this is such a great pizza oven .

I'm gonna quickly close that lid out of was flames are gonna be shooting out the back of this barbecue .

And we have a wooden handle there which I don't like particularly to go and burn .

Now , we have this little thermometer here that shows us when we're at the right temperature and we , if we're in between like 253 100 degrees Celsius , we're at this specific spot where you want to be making pizza .

Now , of course , you can play around with these temperatures and you do so by adding more or less pellets .

Now , Bernard sent me this beautiful pizza oven , of course , to make pizza .

But let me tell you something , we're not making pizza .

I made a selection of mushrooms and we're going to chop them up .

And once we got a big mountain of those because they are delicious and we're gonna need a lot of them .

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We're going to take our preheated pan , put in a little bit of olive oil , add a little bit of butter And oh , look at that thing being hot .

Add the mushrooms , put on some fresh ground pepper , a little bit of salt and put it back in the Nero pizza oven .

Once the mushrooms are baked nice golden and brown , it's time to take them out .

No one starts slicing up two large white onions .

Put a little butter in the cast iron skillet and add the onions to it .

A little bit of ground black pepper and a little bit of salt .

And back in the pizza oven again , we'll let these stir soft and once they're done , they go out as well .

And again , we have a hot cast iron pan .

We'll put a couple of hand full of cherry tomatoes in it , followed by some de seeded black olives , a couple tablespoons of capers and then the pan goes back into a narrow pizza oven .

We're going to let this cook until they turn fully soft and all the flavors are emerged and we'll put that on a plate with the mushrooms and the onions grate some pecorino on top .

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And now it's time to move on to our steak .

This is 250 g of beautiful rib eye black angus .

Look at that beautiful marbling , intramuscular fat .

This is gonna be so amazing .

We're going to put it in a pan .

This pan is only warm to the touch .

Then I'm going to put my thermometer in to make sure I get the temperature Right .

And I'll place my beautiful steak in our pizza oven .

Now , we're going to slowly let this come up to a temperature .

My thermometer just told me that we've reached the desired core temperature on the stake .

So let's get it out .

And that's looking good .

We've been going low and slow in our pizza oven .

I had it set to a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius .

Now it's time to fire up our pizza oven and start searing off the steak .

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So I bake to see a butter in the oven but Morrison let it burn .

Come on .

I am pit master .

I don't let anything burn .

So I have to blame you .

Your machines are too powerful .

Now , you're blaming the machine .

It can't be the machine .

They sponsor the video , they are the sponsor .

It's not their fault .

I am the pit master .

It's not my fault .

The dog is too cute .

It's not the dog's fault .

It's Morrison's fault .

Right .

Yes .

It's , it's Morrison's fault .

Right ?

Says is Morrison's fault .

Let me know in the comment down below .

Whose fault is it that this bread is baked as what I have in front of me is something special and it's because of this beautiful pizza oven .

Is it a good idea to cook your steak in a pizza oven ?

Let's just give it a try and find out .

Oh , you already ate something .

No , no , no .

The camera , the camera was off .

It didn't happen .

It was , it was , it was a mushroom .

Come on .

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So there was a mushroom on , there was a mushroom here lying right here and it was like , 00 , just pick me up .

This is the taste this .

You can only eat it if the camera is on .

Yeah .

Ok .

Oh , now the mushroom is so good .

You already had it .

How was it ?

I'm gonna fake it really , really good .

Watch this .

It looks so juicy .

Mm .

Whoa , whoa , I'm gonna go for , I'm gonna go for the steak .

That is just one ridiculous little tasty steak .

It has a crust and a crunch to it .

That is phenomenal .

All right .

No nonsense .

No nonsense .

I wanna go for that steak .

I dipped it in by accident in , into all that goodness underneath it .

Wow .

Hm .

We got crunch .

I'm gonna , I want two hands .

This , this is a hand steak , man .

Oh , yeah .

Let's get one thing out of the way .

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The black Angus steak that you saw was an amazing steak before we cooked it .

And of course , every good steak starts out like a beautiful thing and then you have to cook it and you have to make it greater than it already was .

But because of the intermuscular fat , we got the beautiful cross in the cast iron pen and then with the heat blazing on top of it , with the flame shooting out , it's like , you know , yes .

If you're looking for a pizza oven , why not buy something that also can grill ?

You know , I bought an Xbox because I can also watch Netflix on it .

But what is also good is what's underneath the stake and that's maybe even more important things .

It's like one big show .

And that's what this is , this is the show for the steak .

This is like the background dance is the fireworks , the band , the Michael Jackson's performance .

That's just ridiculous .

Hm .

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Do you think people know they can go to our website and just click like print on the recipe ?

I think .

Sound low .

If you go there and you hit the recipe , you hit print you , the thing rolls out of your screen and into your printer into your hands into your shopping cart .

I mean , you can make this , honestly , I was the worst cook even I can make enough except for our cooking breath .

No , you can , you can have this .

If you want , you can take it home .

We're saving the last piece for the dog .

I'm gonna be making a little recording for the other channel .

It's so good .

What ?

You took another piece of that steak ?

No , no , no .

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

I wanna say a special thank you to our patrons and our youtube members .

And if you enjoyed it , they leave us a big thumbs up and the thumbs up is important because did you see that ?

We hit the with the S people .

We almost hit the 5000 .

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We didn't hit the 5000 , but we almost hit it .

Like it's really good for the Yes .

And it's really good for the algorithm on youtube .

So if you hit the like button , you're doing us a big favor .

Thank you for your comment .

Uh Hope to see you guys next time until then .

Keep home grilling .


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