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2023-07-08 09:26:15

Grilled Tomahawk Ribeye Steak - Fool Proof Method - PoorMansGourmet

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Today , we're grilling a tomahawk rib eye steak .

And I'm going to show you a foolproof method to get your steak exactly the way you like it every single time .

So , stay tuned because this recipe is up next .

So here I purchased almost a £3.5 tomahawk rib eye steak easily feeds up to four people .

And while you're considering that price , just look how beautiful she is practically three inches thick and we're gonna need a rub .

So here I've got some dried rosemary , but it's too hard in this state .

So we're gonna crush and grind it up here .

I've got some kosher salt and black pepper .

I'm gonna add that rosemary right to it and just stir it all together .

Now , we just need to spread a good even layer of this right across the top of that steak .

I like to give it a good firm press .

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Make sure it's not gonna fall off when I flip it over and season the other side .

Now you don't have to use this seasoning or this rub .

You can use whatever you want , but just make sure that you get all sides of your steak again .

Be sure to press it in firmly seasoning both sides of the sides .

Then he could just pick it up by the bone and dab up whatever is falling off on the sides on the tip .

And that is our fully seasoned steak .

All we gotta do now is let it rest for a good hour to get to room temperature .

And just before it does , you wanna preheat your grill ?

I've got every burner on over medium high heat and I hit about 450 F before I lay my steak down , immediately trap that heat in there by dropping the lid and following a five minute rule for the next 20 minutes .

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Every five minutes , we're going to rotate this steak 45 degrees the first time to get both grill marks on the first side , then close the lid .

This is a good time to add some butter to a small pot along with some garlic .

We're going to open up this next five minutes here and throw this on the back of the grill .

Then flip our steak .

Now , if you don't have that perfect diamond plate , look to your grill marks .

Don't worry , I'll show you how to fix that later .

Just get that lid closed again and go another five minutes , then rotate that 45 degrees again .

You see here , it's starting to look good .

Our garlic butter is melted now too .

So we'll go ahead and remove that from the heat .

Go ahead and drop the lid while we wait our last five minutes on this steak .

Now , back up , you can see at this point we're pretty much done with our sear .

You see the bottom here , perfect grill marks .

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Now , this is how you fix the top .

The internal temperature isn't there yet .

So you can go ahead and flip it back over on the side .

You need to get the grill marks on .

We're gonna probe it here right in the middle lid down .

And you can see our internal temperature here on the left is 97 F .

So a few more minutes on that grill to fix the grill marks isn't gonna hurt it one bit .

And as you can see , we've achieved that , no problem .

Now , let's go inside and get it wrapped .

I've got two layers of aluminum foil here .

We're just gonna set that steak right down in the center of it .

And before I get it wrapped , we're gonna take that garlic butter half of it anyway , right over the top here and then flip it over and do the same thing on the other side .

If you've ever seen my pan fried rib eye , you know , I like to ba my rib eye steaks with garlic butter .

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So I'll just use a spoon and spread this out here and get the same flavored effect .

But instead of going in the oven , we're gonna wrap it here with this aluminum foil , the old smoking trick and we're gonna take it back to the grill , cook it slow and low over indirect heat .

And the way we're gonna do that , we're gonna kill two burners and run the front one .

It goes up the side here , leaving this back right corner open for indirect heat .

We're gonna probe it so we can keep an eye on that internal temperature .

Now , this is how it works for everybody , whether you like your steak rare or well done .

All you have to do is monitor your temperature with a thermometer .

I set mine for 1 25 medium rare .

I'm sitting at 106 .

My grill with the lid down is 275 degrees inside there .

Fahrenheit .

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I lift the lid again just to flip over my steak .

When I'm halfway to my goal .

I was at 106 .

I'm going for 1 25 .

So at 1 15 , I give it a flip for me .

It only takes a total of 30 minutes wrapped to reach that 125 F .

Total cooked time was just under an hour .

And as you can see , as we unwrap here , we still got that garlic spread all over that top and on the other side just melt it down perfectly .

And you better believe this thing is gonna be tender and juicy , but we don't want it to spill all out when we carve into it .

So we're gonna set it on a plate and let it rest for about 15 to 20 minutes before we cut into it and looking at it from every angle under the light here , you can see how well it cooked slow and low folks is the way to go .

But let's go ahead and start carving it up .

Lift the bone up here and we'll remove that here with the blade .

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We'll show you some pink , we'll go ahead and remove it from the plate and set it down on the cutting board .

Then we'll go ahead and remove the cap .

I don't know about you , but personally , this is my favorite piece .

It's always so juicy and tender full of flavor .

I can't wait to sink my teeth into that piece .

Let's go ahead and finish off here .

The tail portion by the bone .

It's a good piece .

Now for the actual rib eye , if you look at the texture here , you can see which way the grain's going to get your most tender bite .

You want to cut against it right .

This is the end we probed as you can see that hole there and it's starting to look pretty damn good for my personal taste .

Anyhow .

Again , if you like it more well done , just cook it longer for me .

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This is perfect and just take a look at the center of this eye .

Any prime rib lover would be thrilled to have this now for my favorite piece .

There's the end .

Let's go ahead and cut it down to the metal .

Look how juicy and tender .

Mm .

And let's go ahead and get this last piece in half just for fun .

If you like this video , be sure to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and there you have it .

A tomahawk rib eye steak right here in the poor man's Gourmet kitchen .

Thank you for watching and be sure to stop by poor man's gourmet kitchen dot com .

For more recipes and exact ingredients .


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