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2023-07-10 08:49:02

How to Cook New York Strip Steak in the Instant Pot!

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We're just gonna drizzle it on .

Oh , like a cooking show ?

Oh Look at that .

Oh MG .

Hey , you guys .

So I got a special treat for you .

If you are anything like me and you've been a new chef all your life .

Super lazy .

Don't know how to cook .

This is a special treat for you because Michael here is going to teach us how to make steak in the instant pot .

So check it out .

He's going to break it down in super easy steps and we are going to follow along and by the way , this is my first time ever learning it .

So I'm learning along with you .

So let's see what the heck to do .

Thomas .

I don't know what you're looking at .

Hey , chef Michael .

Hey , Charmaine .

Hey , what are we making today ?

So we're making steak today .

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This is a New York strip steak .

Beautiful .

We're gonna be following a super simple recipe using the instant pot .

Whoa .

It looks like it's from space .

I think it might be actually .

Oh my God .

How do you make sense of this though ?

How ?

Well I do have a computer science degree .

So I think that helps .

You know , all of the buttons , say what they do , you'll notice they're labeled .

No , this is too complicated .

Ok .

Anyway , so , Chef Michael , what's the first step to making this sirloin steak ?

Well , really quick , I wanna go over everything we have here .

We have everything we need to make the steak .

And obviously we have the steak itself .

We have , how many pounds is this ?

This is about £1 .

Ok .

With the bone in New York .

Strip steak .

OK .

Bone in New York .

Where did you get it from ?

VS Oh Vons .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right .

Yep .

And then over here we have butter and all our spices .

We've got pepper , salt and granulated garlic .

All right .

So step one , we're gonna get two tablespoons of butter .

I'm gonna move this out of the way real quick .

Hey , guys , did you know , carry gold butter is the best butter ?

It's pretty great .

We get ours from Costco and it's pretty stink and good perfection .

Two tablespoons of butter .

We're gonna put it in this mug .

Two microwave .

Charmaine's favorite mug .

Yes .

Strong women .

Strong world .

We're gonna microwave it for 30 seconds .

All right .

Our butter is done .

Yum .

Ready to drink .

Yeah , that wasn't what I was planning .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the next thing we're gonna do is mix in a half a teaspoon of granulated garlic .

You can also use a clove of fresh ground garlic .

Ain't nobody got time for that .

That's right .

We just go for the , uh , the pre ground stuff here and then we're just gonna mix this up .

So the first thing we're gonna do with this , add it to the bottom of our instant pot .

We gonna use about half of this mixture here .

Oh , smells so good .

All right .

And then you're going to set the instant pot to saute .

That's it .

You just press it , just press saute it times it by itself .

Oh , What does that mean ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh That means it's starting , it's heating up now .

Ok .

So we're gonna let this heat up for just a , just a little bit , just a few seconds .

And then we're gonna put the steak in to Sear .

I'm telling you guys , I literally have no idea how to use the instant pot .

It's my first time actually watching Michael use the instant pot because I would hear him cooking in the kitchen , but I never observed , observed this .

So you and I both we're learning together .

Look at the bubbles .

Oh , can I zoom in on that ?

Oh , yeah .

Oh yes .

So we can see it starting to brown just a little bit now .

So we're gonna put the steak in , man .

Just get in there .

00 yo .

Oh my God .

Leave it there for two minutes and 30 seconds .

Oh .

Oh , this smells so good .

I love that sound .

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You also wanna make sure you're doing this with plenty of ventilation because it's gonna get a little smoky .

Ok .

But good thing we got the windows open , the windows , we got the fan fan .

Ok .

We prepared .

Oh , look at that .

The smoke .

Oh , all right .

The steak has been searing long enough .

So I'm gonna take it out now .

Normally you would flip it right now .

But I kind of forgot something important .

Oh , no , you forgot something .

You might have forgotten something .

Um , most of you will want to do , which is season the steak before cooking it .

And , ok , stage fright , you know , it gets the most , the most of us .

I'm so confused right now .

All right .

So get it out of here .

Oh , we can still season this side .

So I'm gonna do that right now before we flip it over .

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So you season it before you put it on the butter usually ?

Yes .

And what is this ?

What are you putting ?

Now , this is some salt .

I'm just gonna pat it in there and then we like to be fancy with a Himalayan pink salt .

That's right .

You know , you can't , you can't be cooking with regular white salt .

That's , yeah , that's just , you know , not regular salt , you know .

Exactly .

All right .

And then pepper .

Ok .

Now I'm gonna put this back in .

All right .

Now we're good .

Oh , look at the other side though .

Sounds freaking nice .

When you're searing a steak , you don't want to move it around at all in the pan .

Just let it sit for the two minutes and 30 seconds .

Um , and that's how you'll get a good sear .

That's what I've been told anyway .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , I would have definitely moved it around because that's what I see people on television .

Do .

I think so .

Tossing it around and I definitely would have been moving it around .

Right .

The other side should be done searing .

Now , I'm gonna turn it over if I can , if I can manage your own .

Oh , that looks good .

Oh , man .

Let me get a close up on that .

Oh , my gosh .

Oh , that is gorgeous .

Can we just eat it now ?

That's , it's ready .

Right .

Well , right now it's rare .

So you could eat it .

Now , if you wanted a rare steak we're gonna make ours medium .

And if you wanna do that , the next thing you're gonna wanna do is put some hot water .

Oh .

Oh , hot water .

Well , it doesn't , it's hot now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I mean , just water .

But you put one cup of water , one cup of water in the bottom of the pan and then you need to scrape off the , uh , burnt stuff on the bottom so that you don't get a heating error , heating air .

If the bottom of the pan gets too hot , the instant pot will stop cooking .

Oh .

How do you know that ?

The internet told me ?

Oh , my God .

And it also happened the first time I used the instant pot .

So , ah , you learn from experience .

Exactly .

All Right .

I think that's good .

Once you have that you're gonna wanna put in your trivet .

Oh , that's a fancy term , trivet or whatever it's called .

Ok .

Make sure the little wings go up .

That's how I remember things , I guess wings go up like a fly .

Oh , look at that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It was in and now we are going to pressure cook the steak .

Mhm .

For five minutes .

Make sure you turn the valve to ceiling .

So venting there and then ceiling .

Oh , yeah , in the back , right .

Ok .

And it should go to ceiling .

Yes .

Ok .

All right .

So we are going to turn it on pressure cook .

So press that we want it to go on high .

So press it again to turn it on high .

We're not gonna use the timer .

I'm just gonna let it turn on and I'm gonna use my phone timer to time five minutes .

All right .

And starting five minutes here .

Oh , ok .

Because the , this time it automatically , yeah , that'll stop it cooking automatically .

But we really only want it to be in there for five minutes total .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And the thing about the instant pot timer is it won't actually start until the pot is pressurized .

Um , and if you do it that way , if you wait for the pot to pressurize and then time for five minutes , you're gonna have more of a medium , well to well done steak .

Oh , we don't want that .

We're gonna have a medium state .

Here .

So I'm gonna time the five minutes on my phone .

All right .

Do we have to flip it over ?

No , just leave it in there for five minutes and we will show you when we take it out .

All right .

Hey , guys , this is our kitty's favorite toy .

Don't you love it ?

They go crazy for this thing .

I don't know why .

Here .

Watch , watch .

Oh , what ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ok .

It's not their favorite anymore .

Bringing up the , uh cat condo .

She always jumps up there .

Yeah .

Well done .

Yes .

What time is it Michael ?

It's time to take the steak out .

It's done now .

All right .

So we are going to turn it off .

Oh , ok .

Just press cancel , cancel .

Ok .

I would have pressed pressure cook again .

That would have done nothing .

Ok .

All right now .

So we want a medium state .

So what we're gonna do is instantly release the pressure .

You got to be a little bit careful with this .

Oh , what the hell .

Oh my God .

All right .

I , I never , never did that .

So you just put the Ben thing really slowly ?

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just try not to let the initial splashes get your hand .

Maybe you can wear a glove or something if you want to .

Oh , because it's really hot .

Yeah .

Oh my God .

That's terrifying .

If you want a well done steak , you can actually let the pressure release naturally instead of doing it instantly like that .

How long does that take ?

Um , I think usually 5 to 10 minutes for the amount of water we have in there , like the knob would turn itself .

Um , no , no , the knob stays the same .

But , um , you'll , you will see the , uh , pressure indicator here .

It will drop down by itself .

Uh , you can see it's dropped down now .

So the pressure is released so we can open the pot .

Ok .

All right .

So , here we go .

It's like a spaceship thing or ?

I don't know .

I think a Star Wars when you remove that lid or just , I don't know , things with knobs and connecting things .

I don't know .

I just think of Star Wars or something .

R two D two .

Thank you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

R two D two .

Thank you all .

Oh , so we're gonna bring it out .

Gosh , you know , it's so great Michael .

You know , it's so great .

You don't have to flip this over .

Oh my God .

Hold on , hold on .

Holy moly .

Oh , look at that .

So when you take it out , uh , you're gonna want to immediately add the rest of the sauce that you have left over .

Oh , yeah .

Don't forget that .

Don't throw it away .

No , don't throw , don't throw the rest of this away .

We're just gonna drizzle it on .

Oh , like a cooking show ?

Oh .

Oh , look at that .

Oh G here we go .

That's our steak .

We're gonna let it rest for five minutes and then we're gonna eat it .

All right .

Oh , my God .

Oh man .

Thank you , Chef Michael for your expertise .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I am like totally not an instant pot um cooker .

So this was my first ever lesson .

So thank you guys for joining us for our first ever instant pot youtube class together .

And we hope you enjoyed this .

If you want to see any other instant pot recipes or any other recipes that you're interested in learning that is low carb and high fat .

Let me know by jumping a comment and follow us by subscribing by clicking the link below .

Hey , thank you , Chef Michael .

No problem .

Also , by the way , I wanted to say you can find the recipe for this uh steak on recipe vibes dot com .

That's where I found it .

I just found it online .

It's just called instant pot steak .

I think we'll , we'll put a link in the description .

Yes , we will put a link in the show notes , check out the caption for the full recipe .

All right .

Thank you guys .

See you next time .

Bye .


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