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2023-07-07 13:49:28

Chinese Sauce Pasta _ Indo Chinese Pasta Recipe _ Kanak's Kitchen

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What's good everybody .

And welcome back to my channel .

Smoking and grilling with me A B .

Now , check this out .

I know you guys read the title .

You seen the thumbnail and I know we all vested right today .

I'm getting ready to show you guys how to make a shrimp and sausage .

You know , pasta , we're gonna use fettuccini noodles .

Hey , listen , it really is just a , you know , shrimp and uh sausage pasta , you know , super easy .

Uh When I get ready to show you guys the ingredients , I want you to take a look at them .

It's gonna look like a lot , but I promise you , it's just about doing your prep work , right ?

So listen , when you prep it , it's gonna take you about 10 minutes and then after that , you're gonna go ahead and cook it .

I'm gonna just tell you this in 30 minutes .

You from the time , you know , you got started , you put all your ingredients out , you on the table getting ready to eat .

So super easy .

I'm not gonna over talk it .

We gonna get right into it .

So let's make it happen .

All right .

Look , we're gonna go over the ingredients .

Listen , it might look like a lot but I promise you it's not .

So I'm gonna start out right here on this cutting board .

I'm gonna just show you this right here .

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Normally all the pasta packets already have the written instructions as to how and how much time to cook the pasta , depending on the size of the pasta .

Normally this pasta takes around 7 to 8 minutes .

So it's been seven minutes .

It's spoiled enough .

We'll remove one and show you I'll just cut and show you .

It still has some resistance .

And that's the right stage to close the flame as we don't want to over boil the pasta .

So just switch off the flame at this point of time .

And now I'm going to strain it and after straining it immediately pour in some water on top of the pasta to stop the carry over cooking and let it come down to room temperature and then spread it a bit and keep it aside .

So this is how it looks .

It should be slightly undercooked as we are going to cook it further .

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Look , we got some French bread .

This is not part of the recipe , but this is what I'm gonna be serving it with .

I got some of this lemon butter right here .

Hey , listen , you guys might not be able to get that particular brand but you know what ?

Got some uh they make all kinds of uh compound good butters .

I I just suggest you guys get some of that .

Look , I'm gonna just put , you know , butter on here , put it in the uh toaster and uh we're gonna go ahead and get that , you know , nice and ready and serve that with this .

Now , this right here .

Look , this is the shrimp supposed to be £1 and listen , I have some extra jumbo ones .

So I'm gonna go like this .

Look , you guys can see that , you know what I mean ?

Uh These are some big shrimp .

I got those and then I got some , some regular size right here .

These are like medium .

So it was like a mixture but just £1 here .

We got uh what is it ?

This is crust , you know , tomatoes , red bell pepper .

Look , this is a whole , this is like just a regular large bell pepper , you know , red obviously .

And then I don't know if you guys can see this , but I diced them kind of small .

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You guys can use Creole or you can use uh I'm gonna just say this if you don't have Creole kick and you can see the quantities on , you know which , what , what is in each one of these , right ?

But if you're gonna be using something like Tony's or any other brand , listen , they heavy on the salt .

So you might wanna adjust it .

I just say divide everything in the half .

If you don't have that right .

Then we got look grated uh Parmesan cheese .

Then we got just a little bit of brown sugar .

I know some of you guys talk about you don't really do brown sugar or you don't do sugars like in uh in green beans and stuff like that .

Listen , I just want to clear up the myth .

You don't put enough sugar in there where you can taste it .

Listen , it's a smooth blend that just evens out the bitterness .

You guys gotta uh you gotta trust me on that .

And then right here I got two car garage clothes .

Now you can look at this one .

This one's kind of big right here .

I was trying to feel it like man is this two but this happened to be just one big one .

So really just three regular .

But if you got some big ones , you know what I mean ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let it come to a good boil first and then cook it over medium flame for another 1 to 2 more minutes until all the sauces are nicely cooked with the slurry and the rawness of the corn starch also goes away .

It's cooked enough and has come to a good pace .

This is how it looks .

I'll show you the texture and the consistency .

It's neither too thick , nor too runny .

So at this stage , we'll add in the pre poli pasta along with some spring onion greens and toss everything really well until all the pasta is properly coated with a flavorful sauce paste .

The pasta looks really nice and separated because we had cooked it until 80% .

Keep tossing it for a while until it's cooked through taking care not to overmix it .

Otherwise you'll end up breaking the pasta .

It's done enough nicely coated and the pasta is also fully cooked .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is all the shells from what's been peeled , you know , from my shrimp .

I'm gonna ask you guys , I'm not gonna spoil it right now , but you guys gotta trust me .

Go ahead .

Save them .

I'm gonna freeze them now until I fill up this bag .

Once I got them filled up in about two weeks , I'm gonna put out a video and I'm gonna show you why we're gonna save this .

Most of you guys are thinking we're gonna make a stop but I got something else .

Hey , that's good to save them too .

But just get in the habit of anything that you peel like this .

If it's seafood , go ahead and write what it is on there and just freeze it .

That's a pro tip .

You guys , hey , you're gonna thank me for this one later and now for the fettuccini , listen , I got these in the pot already cooking .

I'm just gonna get them cooked to the time they're supposed to be and then I'm gonna stop them right ?

So which is like 12 minutes then I'm gonna put them in my calendar .

Soon as I put them in the calendar , I'm gonna , you know , shock you with that cold water because we're gonna stop it because after that , we're gonna put every , all the ingredients in here .

We're gonna continue cooking .

You don't want your noodles to be mushy .

Now , with all of this being said , hey , let's get it .

Ok .


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