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2023-07-11 07:10:23

Hokkaido Japanese MILK BREAD Recipe -- fluffiest loaf & stays fresh longer! --Tangzhong Method

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Greetings , my beautiful lovelies .

It's Emmy .

Welcome back .

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Big thanks to Trade for sponsoring this video and today I'm going to be making Hokkaido milk bread .

Now , I had never heard of this bread before .

It was brought to my attention by Renee .

Thanks so much Renee for leaving me a message on Facebook about this bread .

And when I researched it , I was familiar with the technique , but I've never tried this technique before .

And it's a very interesting one .

It's called , I'm not sure if that pronunciation is correct actually .

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And it actually sounds like a Chinese word , but I believe it's used in many Asian baking recipes .

And basically what you're doing is you're making a hot water .

What is a , is basically a thickener .

Usually it's made with some kind of fat with flour and it's cooked into a paste and it thickens sauces , thickens gravies .

But in this case , we're gonna be using water and it hydrates the bread .

Now , what does that mean ?

Well , it means there's more water in the dough .

And why does that make a better bread ?

Well , when the bread is baking , it creates more steam which creates more air bubbles which makes a fluffier taller loaf and it makes a bread that lasts longer or stays fresher longer .

It doesn't taste as sale because you've got more moisture content in your bread .

So the first thing we need to do is to make the .

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So in a small sauce pan , we're going to take three tablespoons of water , three tablespoons of milk , two tablespoons of bread flour .

Before we add any heat , we're gonna whisk this together .

So we're gonna heat this up on medium low heat until it thickens up like a nice paste that says when you can see the whisk marks at the bottom , it should be ready .

So the recipe I'm gonna be using today is adapted from King Arthur Flowers recipe for Hokkaido milk bread .

I will put the link down below to the original recipe .

So in the original recipe , it says to allow the tongue to cool to room temperature .

I found a youtube video by Helen Rennie who also used the King Arthur Flower recipe .

She says to go ahead and add the milk at this stage which will cool the down , which I thought was brilliant .

And then we're also gonna add our egg at this step as well .

One large egg .

All right .

Now we're ready to make the rest of the dough .

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So I'm gonna fit my stand mixer with the hook attachment because we're going to need this .

So we're adding 2.5 cups of bread flour .

Now , bread flour contains more gluten , a quarter cup of sugar , teaspoon of salt , one tablespoon of yeast .

So I'm gonna give that a little bit of a stir .

Now I'm gonna add our milk and egg mixture and a quarter cup of melted butter .

Whenever you're working with a stand mixer , it's always a good idea to pause in between and scrape down the side .

So here's the dough .

After about eight minutes of kneading , it's no longer sticking to the sides .

It's become this massive dough which is gonna give it a few needs with my hand .

Just a couple of turns kind of form it into a ball .

So what are we doing with all of this needing ?

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Well , what we're doing is we're forming chains of protein .

So the gluten forms and bonds together when air bubbles form in the oven .

And from the yeast , the gluten stretches and captures that co two or carbon dioxide , which gives us those pockets and the pores inside of the bread , which is the crumb of the bread .

So if we don't develop that , then we don't get this nice big rise .

Just put a couple drops of oil in just the same bowl that we mixed it in .

Roll the top of the dough in there .

We don't want it to dry out , place it in the bowl and we're gonna let this rest for about an hour to an hour and a half until the dough puffs up .

It says specifically in the recipe , it may not double , but you definitely want to sit long enough .

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Yeah .

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Ok .

Let's get on with the bread making .

It's been about an hour , an hour and 15 minutes since I placed my dough in this bowl here .

And this is what it looks like .

And one way to test to see if it's ready is if you poke the dough and it doesn't spring back , that means it has proved enough .

So take the dough out such a luscious dough .

So we're gonna flatten it here and we're gonna portion out into four equal portions , 1 76 .

So I should have two pieces that are 100 and 76 .

Take the balls and kind of roll them under like this to form a ball and then use my hands to kind of shape it into a sphere like that .

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OK , four balls , keep them covered and take one of these balls and I'm gonna just flatten it out , roll it a bit , fold it over like an envelope .

12 , rotate , then roll it out lengthwise and then just roll it up , pinch it together and place it into your buttered pan with your four other rolls to cover this and allow this to rise for about 50 minutes until it's nice and poofed before we bake it .

At this point .

You also can retard this , meaning you can delay the baking process by placing this in their refrigerator .

And then when you're ready to bake it , take it out , let it come to room temperature and then place it in the oven .

That way you have a little bit more room in terms of your baking schedule .

Ok ?

See you in a little bit .

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So after you finish shaping your loaf , you're gonna let it sit for about 40 minutes or 50 minutes until it poops again .

And then we're gonna take one egg and one tablespoon of water , beat that together and just very gently brush the top of the dough with your egg wash , then place it into a preheated 350 degree oven for 25 to 32 minutes .

Also , if you notice that the top of the bread is getting dark very , very quickly .

You can lay a piece of aluminum foil on top to kind of keep it from getting over brown .

Then you're gonna let it rest for 10 minutes before taking it out of the pan .

Here we are .

Here's my beautiful loaf of bread .

It turned out beautifully .

Ok .

So , while my bread turned out beautifully , I noticed that I have a few bubbles here .

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Not exactly sure what happened here , but maybe some of the yeast did not get incorporated properly or didn't get hydrated .

And so I'm getting little pockets of carbon dioxide .

I don't know , professional bakers chime in .

Let me know .

Let's go ahead and pull this bread apart .

All right , here we go .

Yes .

Look at that .

That looks absolutely beautiful , beautiful , beautiful , beautiful .

This actually reminds me in terms of the color , in terms of the type of crumb of bows that you can get in Chinatown .

I love baked bows .

I love them filled with tau .

I love them filled with coconut cream .

Maybe I should do a bow recipe .

Let me know in the comments if you want to see .

So you can see a little bit of a swirl here from when I rolled it .

Now , let's just pull this apart and see how it tears apart .

Yes , it tears apart beautifully .

All right .

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Hokkaido milk bread so delicious .

Hm .

And it tastes just like freshly baked , warm , a touch of sweetness and rich .

So it has that buttery flavor and there's an egg in there that just makes the crumb ever so soft and chewy because we use bread , flour .

The bread is chewier than regular all purpose flour .

So stink and good .

And if I were to think of some bread analogies , it's actually quite similar to Hawaiian bread or Portuguese bread .

So there you have a hoka of milk bread that you can make at home .

Big thanks to lovely Renee for introducing me to this bread .

I had never even heard of it as of yesterday .

So once I saw it , I knew I had had to make it .

So now you can do it at home .

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It's pretty simple , pretty straightforward and absolutely delicious .

Big thanks to trade for sponsoring this video .

Be one of the 1st 100 people to click the link down below and enter Emmy to receive 50% off your first purchase .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

I hope you guys enjoy that one .

I hope you guys learn something .

Share this video with your friends , follow me on social media , subscribe , like and I shall see you in the next one to take care , right ?


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