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2023-07-09 14:12:51

Save $80 Every Time You Go To The Grocery Store Buying Ribeye Steaks

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I do not , the bone releases so much flavor and you can't tell the difference .

By far .

Today , I'm gonna be preparing for you a bone in dry age .

Rib eye steak .

You want to find a piece of beef that is beautifully marbled .

You've got a lot of veins of fat running through the beef and that's where the flavor is , this is probably about an inch thick 1.5 inch steak .

You can really get in there with a sear cook .

The perfect , perfect medium rare or rare steak .

It's a little different from your average steak because it's a little bit thinner .

Usually it's not quite as thick .

A steak cut , it can be a little tough , but you just sort of do cooking things to work your way around that first things .

First , we're gonna season our meat .

I like Montreal steak spice , which you can just buy in the grocery store .

So , what I'm doing is I'm gonna mix uh coriander and black peppercorns and some other stuff .

But first I have to smash up the coriander and peppercorns .

So I'm just gonna use a pan .

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It's where we're gonna put our steak and our beautiful marinade and then back and sea it .

Ok .

So this is the final result , right ?

So we've got the rib on the steak now and we're just gonna give it a few minutes to rest and let the seasonings meld in for minimum five minutes , 24 hours in the fridge .

And in the meantime , we're gonna make our steak sauce .

Purists say a beautiful piece of meat should never be ruined by sauce .

But sometimes I like to get fancy schmancy .

I'm going to cream together the blue cheese and butter .

Look how nice and easy that is .

So we're gonna make a log , have a piece of cling wrap here and then you see you roll that up that my friends is a blue cheese butter log .

So ingredient number one ketchup and some other stuff too .

So , uh , vinegar , pepper salt , a little bit of hot sauce .

This is sugar .

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We're gonna do Worcestershire salt , some mild flavored molasses .

And then I'm just gonna combine these , I'm just mixing them together .

All right .

And this is our steak sauce .

OK .

So now we're gonna make a , our delicious sauce .

So what we need is equal parts of vinegar and wine .

Two shallots that we're gonna cut very roughly .

These are some peppercorns , the peel of any citrus that you like .

I love Mayer .

Lemons .

Mayer lemons are more aromatic .

So now we're gonna bring this sauce to a boil and then we're gonna reduce it down halfway .

We have wine and we want to evaporate the alcohol and we want to concentrate all the flavors .

Perfect .

This will take about 5 to 6 minutes to cool down and then it will be ready to use it for our river sauce .

I'm gonna cut my Mayer lemon and some herbs that I have here .

So I'm gonna do basil mint and thyme .

We're gonna start separating four eggs , just a yolk .

That's gonna be the base of our sauce .

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It's gonna emulsify with the butter and the pickling liquid that we did before I previously melt down the butter and cool it down because if you don't cool it down and it's hot while you incorporate it to your eggs , your sauce is gonna separate and you're gonna start seeing how the sauce starts getting , you know , thick and rich and that's it .

You see , it's creamy but it's not super thick .

And that's what we're looking for .

The last ingredients that I like to add are the herbs because we want the herbs to still be very fresh and the mushroom powder and that's it .

Just mix it .

I love it .

Exactly what I was looking for .

All right .

So , the next thing I'm gonna be doing is cooking the steak .

So I'm using a nonstick pan .

Not everyone has a cast iron skillet .

Ok .

You see before you the holy grail , a cast iron pan .

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I've been heating this up in the oven with just a slick of neutral , high smoke point oil .

We're gonna cook it in our so machine .

What so machine does is that keeps the temperature the same for a long period of time .

It's 130 F .

So we're going to leave the steak here for an hour and a half and then we'll come back to it when ready .

So you just wanna wait for the pan to actually be on .

I just , I have a tendency to like put it on and then be like , ok , let's tie it , let's tie it .

So I'm gonna try and be patient an hour and a half later , our steak gets ready to go .

We're gonna take it out of the water .

It's very important to dry it very well because it's not , you're not gonna get that perfect searing .

All right , we're going , yeah , you got a little bit of a sizzle there .

I'm gonna sear this on each side for about four minutes , three minutes , 3 to 4 minutes till it gets very , very , very crusty .

And now we wait .

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I would assume we're gonna keep going down right here .

We go .

Beautiful rib , eye steaks .

All right .

Now we get to the end .

So how are we gonna do this ?

This goes this way , this goes that way .

We're , we , we gotta deal with this .

So when you get to the end , the , the best thing to do is before , before your last cut , you gotta make a plan .

I gotta figure out how I'm gonna get this straight and how I'm gonna get a stake out of this one .

So I'm gonna take it and I'm gonna square up the other end .

Ok , square up the other end and then I'm left with one huge steak , which I'm gonna cut in half .

These might be a little thinner .

But again , different steaks for different people .

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Here's the hardest thing about the searing method .

Patience .

I know you're not here , but it smells so good .

Like brown butter garlic , that marinade that we previously made the fat from the meat .

So good .

So good .

Great .

I think we're about ready to go .

Flip .

Oh , hello .

There we go .

And we're flipping .

Gotta hold your handle .

This pan is so hot .

All right .

Look at guys .

Can I just tell you what perfection is ?

This is so perfect .

Look at this and then I add some butter .

I know it's a lot of butter , but that's where the flavor is .

It's a great way to get like a nice juicy tasty buttery steak and then time a little bit more flavor and garlic .

And now we're gonna hold this with the butter .

This is the beauty of a cast iron pan .

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It conducts heat so beautifully and it holds heat .

So I think that this is probably around as much as I want to cook it .

I like my beef pretty rare to medium rare and I think it's been on for about eight minutes which is with this thickness of steak as much as you really want to do this .

So machine cook the steak to the perfect medium rare .

So what we're doing here right now is just searing the meat because you don't want to overcook it .

This little girl is ready to roll .

We're good .

We have a nice sear a nice crust .

We're gonna turn this off .

Now we go into a super hot oven for , let's say eight minutes .

See you in a bit .

So this meat is ready to go and we're gonna put it in our cooling rack and then we're gonna let it rest for about do three minutes .

All right .

There we go .

Ok .

That's as good as it's gonna get off .

Go away .

No , I turned it on again .

I don't know what I'm doing .

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So leave a little bit of fat on there again , that fat is gonna melt while it cooks .

So we want that , we want that fat in this flavor .

But that , here we go .

Nice rib eye steak .

Check that beautiful steak out .

Oh , my goodness .

Oh , remember as the rib eye goes down the stakes look different .

Ok , we got , we got one that looks like this and we got one that looks like this .

This almost looks like a strip almost because it doesn't have that , that wheel of fat in the middle .

And this one super pronounced fat in the middle .

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Uh You gotta rest it because if you slice it right away after cooking all the juices are gonna come out and you want the juices to not come out .

So while this is resting , gonna take my blue cheese butter , which I've had in the refrigerator , we're just gonna slice , look at that .

Is that nice or what ?

We've got that sliced up and now it's time to slice it and plate it .

So the grain was this way .

And so we're just gonna slice it this way .

I like to cut against the grain because it's a little more flavorful and tender .

If you cut it the other way , the steak , it's gonna be tough and you don't want that .

I mean , come on .

Oh , so , so some of the juice is coming out because it may , it may have wanted a little longer to rest .

But that's ok .

Um Level one .

All right .

Ok .

Uh Oh yeah , it is .

It's bleeding pretty heavily .

We're gonna plete it right here .

Ok .

Here we go .

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And then you take your beautiful butter and you kind of put it between your steak slices .

I'm just gonna add a little steak sauce on the side .

I'm just gonna put a little , like a dipping sauce kind of thing .

Almost put a little parsley on top of our steak just a little bit and now it's ready to serve .

Here's my steak friends .

This is my steak .

There's a nice steak .

All right .

So it's time to eat .

Mm .

Mm .

This is good steak .

I'd say that turned out great .

I mean , it really , I mean , it's like steak levels of chewy but not like wow , chewy delicious .

I'm gonna take another bite just to make sure he's good , you know .

Mm .

Very good .


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