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2023-07-11 07:13:45

EASY 2-Ingredient Naan Recipe _ The Best Homemade Garlic Naan Recipe

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Hi guys and welcome to my channel .

If you watched my last video , which was the Masala recipe .

You know that I mentioned that in one of my upcoming videos , I'm going to share a very easy , simple recipe for Nan .

Now , for those of you who do not know what Nan is .

Nan is basically an Indian Pakistani style flat bread .

It's very light and doughy and it's perfect for the masala I made or any other type of curry .

So if you make the masala recipe , I shared a few days ago , definitely make this non because they go perfect together .

So let's get straight into the recipe .

Subscribe if you haven't already and now let's get cooking .

So let's start with the ingredients guys .

I have 2.5 cups of self rising flour here .

You can make your own self rising flour .

If you don't find it in your store , just take about two cups of all purpose flour and just add one teaspoon of baking powder in it and just mix it all up and you'll have your self rising flour .

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Then I have some whole milk yogurt here .

This is whipped yogurt .

You can also just use Greek yogurt or any other plain yogurt you find in your store and I'm also going to add in just one pinch of salt , but salt is optional guys .

And if you want to make this a garlic nan , you're going to use a few tablespoons of butter , which I'm going to melt one teaspoon of very finely chopped cilantro or coriander leaves .

And then I have one clove of garlic that I have also chopped very , very finely .

You don't want big chunks of garlic as you bite into the nan .

So make sure to chop that very , very finely .

So here's my flour .

I'm just going to add literally a pinch of salt .

Well , two small pinches and then I'm gonna start by adding my yogurt .

This is just half a cup .

I'm going to add more .

So this is another half cup .

So that's a wonderful full cup of yogurt .

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And now with your hands or with a spatula , you just wanna make everything up to create your nice dough .

So typically for this non recipe , you would use um active yeast just to make it a little bit easier .

I think it's better to just use some yogurt because yogurt also has active cultures in it which acts the same way as yeast in a way .

So this is with one cup of yogurt .

So I'm going to add another half cup .

So I'm just going in with the yogurt and half cup increments just so that my dough doesn't become too wet or like or way too soft either so nicely mix everything up and if you feel like your dough is way too dry , just add a couple tablespoons of water as you need .

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So , what I'm gonna do is add in just two additional teaspoons of yogurt .

And I think now that's all I'm going to need to finish off this dough .

So basically , I used 1.5 cups and just two teaspoons .

So this is the kind of texture that you're looking for in your dough .

It's not sticky , but it's still very soft .

And I'm just gonna let this rest for just like 5 to 10 minutes .

So on a clean kitchen counter surface , you wanna just Sprinkle some flour that's enough .

And here's my dough .

I'm just going to take a little bit of it to make a bowl and to create my little non .

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So about this much is good and the dough is so soft you guys , but it's still holding a nice shape together .

And the shape of the non that you make doesn't have to be perfect or anything as you might have had in restaurants .

They , they're usually more like an elongated oval shape , but you can make any type of shape you want and you don't wanna roll them out too thin either , maybe about 1/8 to a quarter inch thickness is a good size .

This kind of size is good and this shape is good for me .

I'm gonna make them kind of rustic style , not perfectly round or oval .

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So now to cook the Nan I'm using this frying pan here .

It's a nonstick frying pan .

You can also use a flat griddle or if you have a , you can use that too .

If you don't know what a is , it is basically a flat um griddle made out of iron and typically it's used in India or Pakistan or like those Indian subcontinent countries .

So I put in some oil here and I heated that up on like medium heat and now I just wanna drop in your non just like that and let that cook on one side .

And then once you start seeing like these small bubbles forming , you wanna go ahead and turn it over , use a spatula if you need to , but I'm kind of used to doing this and look at that color on this edge guys .

It's so beautiful .

This is exactly what you want and these are not gonna take long , maybe like a couple of minutes on each side .

But once you start seeing these bubbles , you know , you're doing the right thing .

And now let's turn this one more time and look at that guys .

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I love it when things turn out just so perfectly as the same as you envisioned them .

And this is exactly how I envisioned this non to turn out and then I'm just gonna take this out .

So I'm just gonna go ahead and make the rest of the non look at that color .

You guys that golden brown goodness on this non .

These are turning out so perfect .

So here is all of my nan I made six of them and these are good on their own .

But why should we stop here if we can add some extra goodness garlicky cilantro butter on them .

So now let's make the garlic butter mixture for this non .

So I have some melted butter here and this is about three tablespoons and I'm gonna add my cilantro in here .

I'm also gonna add my chopped garlic and just a little pinch of salt .

Not much .

And then you just want to mix this up .

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There's nothing much to this and that fresh cilantro when it hits the butter just adds such a nice fresh fragrance to it .

OK ?

This looks perfect .

And now what I'm going to do is just take a brush and you just wanna take all that goodness and just brush it all on top of this garlic , Nan .

Do you see how amazing this looks guys ?

And how easy was that ?

There's like no excuse to not make this at home .

So I'm going to brush this on the rest of my nan .

So here is my nan guys .

I slathered these with the garlic butter I made and I just wanna break one for you just to show you how soft these are .

But look at that .

Do you see how perfect these are guys ?

I'm so proud of myself if I must say so myself .

Look at that , you can see the fresh green cilantro , the butter absorbing into our dough and look at the bottom of the dough .

So that was it for today's video guys .

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And as you saw the Nan is nice and light and doughy .

It's perfect with any type of curry that you may make at home .

You can also even make non pizza out of this Nando .

Just use your favorite tomato sauce , some toppings and some mozzarella cheese .

Just bake it in the oven for a few minutes and you're good to go subscribe before you leave like this video if you enjoyed today's easy recipe and I'll see you in the next video .

Take care guys .


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