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2023-07-08 09:13:24

How to Broil Steak

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Hi , I'm chef Mark .

Welcome to learn to cook dot com .

Today we'll be cooking a steak .

We'll be broiling it under a broiler can use either a home broiler or many times in a restaurant .

We'll use a restaurant boiler .

Our broiler always has top heat .

This happens to be a boneless rib , eye cut from the prime rib .

Also , certain parts of the US , they may call it a market steak .

Sometimes a Spencer roll .

So it just depends where you buy it in North America .

This is about a half inch thickness and that's desirable for making a steak .

If it's too thin , it sort of curl up .

You'll also want to have a broiler pan or if you don't have a broiler pan , which is cast iron , you can use a small cast iron skillet or a pan without a rubberized handle .

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Just make sure if you're going to use a small pan to broil your steak , it doesn't have a rubberized or plastic handle that would burn up as well .

If you don't have either those items , you could certainly use a cookie sheet pan .

They work very well .

You'll want to make sure you put some oil , just a little bit of oil on the bottom of the pan .

So using a broiler and then you also want to Sprinkle some salt on the steak .

Don't be afraid to assault it liberally on both sides .

We don't put pepper on , the steak pepper tends to burn .

So we like to put the pepper on after especially freshly ground pepper is really nice .

So let's brush that on there and I'd like to leave my stakes out about an hour or so before .

So they get room temperature .

That's really important .

They'll cook better that way .

So that looks beautiful .

We're gonna cook this uh in our broiler .

It's on high .

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Uh That's the , the best setting .

What you'll have to do is make sure uh since it doesn't give us the temperature of the broiler to adjust the rack start four inches or five inches below the rack , the boiling element , try four or five inches below the broiler element on a rack .

If it starts to burn , you're gonna watch it , lower it down and adjust it .

It takes a while to get used to your broiler at home to see how it works .

And the same with the restaurant , we adjust to see the rack uh level .

So now we're gonna put in the bread and we're just cooked on one side .

We're gonna show you how it's cooked .

So we'll be cooking this right now .

Now , this is almost done .

This is the half that I'm showing you other side to be cooked .

Yet I like to do is based when I broil a steak with all the liquid that may come out right .

You base it , get some more flavor just with the liquid that's come out of the steak , olive oil .

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Then I'm gonna steam , I'm gonna , I'm going to , uh , roast the other side .

It's steaming hot , but I'm going to now broil the other side .

It's been about six minutes on one side and back into the broiler .

Ok .

So this is the first side I broiled .

This is the other side that I broiled .

All right , of the rella pan on your dinner plate , warm dinner plate .

When you present on the dinner plate , you want to present the eye part of the rib eye to the guests , not the fatty part .

And they'll think the steaks fatty .

Some fat is good fat and salt is good .

We enjoy that .

So it's medium rare and to finish that off , I have a beautiful uh black pepper and thyme butter which will melt over the top .

I can drizzle just a little olive oil over that for color .

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I like to finish it off with a nice sprig of water crisp because water crest is peppery , which is really nice and that butter starts to melt that , that fresh thyme and black pepper butter doesn't let it melt .

Overall nice and warm serve to your guests .

Enjoy that broiled steak , uh , medium rare , medium , enjoy it .


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