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Even more chili-laced stuff to devour with your rice.

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It's important not to stir the pa near the very end of this process because you want the rice to start sticking to the bottom of the pan to create that .

So , which is the sign of a well made .

And today's recipe for me is a special one .

It's my mom's filled with fluffy rice , pine nuts , raisins , herbs and cooked on a bed of fresh tomatoes .

Now , these peppers are just beautiful .

They're very firm .

They have taught skin , they're pretty when they're baked and you can use red peppers or green peppers .

Now , this one will have a hard time standing up so you can just take off a little bit of the bottom .

Yeah .

Now it stands , try not to pierce the uh flesh because you want this filling to stay in the pepper .

This one it's nice and blocky and even , and it stands up nicely .

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So this has this top and this has this top and we're ready to go with our filling .

Now , first thing to do is soak three quarters of a cup of plump raisins with a half of a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice the raisins are so good when they're soaked like this and they get really nice and plump .

Now , cook your rice .

Now you can use already cooked rice or if you don't have any cook one cup of rice and two cups of water .

Long grain rice is very popular because after cooking the grass remain fluffy and separate .

So that's what you should choose for this particular dish .

Uh something like a basmati rice or a long grain white rice .

A good choice in another pot .

We can start the filling .

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Now in this pot are four tablespoons of butter saute one small white onion or yellow onion , finely chopped and add two shallots a little more flavorful than the basic onion .

And it adds a nice color and another slightly different flavor to the stuffed peppers .

So salt and pepper that those onions saute .

So now the rice is boiling , reduce the heat and cook for approximately 15 minutes .

And as soon as the onions become translucent , add one yellow pepper , finely chopped two sprigs of fresh thyme .

Just the nice leaves .

Mm It smells good .

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So here is our filling seasoned with a little bit more salt .

A little bit more pepper and voila .

That's it .

You can now stuff the peppers .

So here's our casserole .

We've sliced and seeded some plum tomatoes .

This will be the base of our stuffed peppers and just line in a casserole .

You can do this in a enameled cast iron dutch oven or you can do it in a casserole like this .

So there that's just about enough and some sprigs of thyme in the bottom just for added flavor and you'll eat the tomatoes .

I'll make kind of a puree in the bottom and some lovely sprigs of .

You could use some oregano if you like sage , whatever .

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So let's make our sauce first to a bowl mix and two teaspoon each of soy sauce , Chinese stark vinegar and sugar , plus a quarter teaspoon each of salt , MS G and half tablespoon starch , then finally mix and half cup water stir well to dissolve everything .

And for a sauce , heavy dish like this , it will be preferred to use starch that can hold the consistency better such as potato tapioca or a root .

And next up aromatics less mince of 5 g or half inch ginger 3 to 4 big cloves or 10 g garlic together with one break scallion .

Also minced .

Remember though to separate the white and the green and now flavor profile needs Sichuan pickle chili , but it seems like a lot of people are having trouble finding the exact type of Sichuan pickle chili .

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I have a little herb garden outside my kitchen door and I'm always snipping and now to fill the peppers , use a large spoon and ladle right into the pepper itself .

I don't even add any more salt and pepper .

You can , but you can season afterward .

So this will get stood up right there .

Another pepper and just feel nice and full .

Don't pack if you pack it might split the pepper .

This should be enough to fill six large bell peppers .

Take it from me .

My mom never wasted a grain of rice .

So here it goes .

The other 10 , this looks so pretty now .

Place the little tops around the peppers after they're cooked , you can put them back on .

I'll be a little bit like Big Martha .

I hear this one needs a little bit more .

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I'm gonna eat one and then I'm gonna take the rest to my daughter , Alexis and her kids , her kids love stuffed peppers and , uh , put a little top right here just to prop it up , tiny sprinkling of olive oil .

A little bit of chopped shrivel for color .

The reputation of Iranian cooks rests on the quality of their tad di which is the term for the golden crispy rice that forms on the bottom of the pan in which it's cooked .

Today's version goes one step further .

The rice is cooked on top of thinly sliced potatoes for the tag with honey potatoes cooked in sizzling butter .

So you're getting two things .

You're getting that crispy rice and crispy potatoes .

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Now , when no liquid eggs flowing around anymore , when you push inward , then just gently flip the egg over , continue to push swirl , walk along to cook the other side for about two more minutes .

Then heat off gently , put the omelet on your surfing plate next .

No need to wash the wok .

Just add in one tablespoon of oil and add in the minced fry or medium low till the oil tis red .

Then add in the aromatics fry to fragrance about one minute .

Then give the sauce a good stir and add that to the wok , turn the heat to high .

Now keep stirring and let it come to a boil .

Then when it thickens to something like this consistency , mix in most of the scallion , green shell of the heat and smother the sauce over the omelet , Sprinkle the rest of the scallion on .

And now this very pretty fish fragrant omelet .

It's done .

All right .

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Now , mama rice is what we're using for the Persian rice .

It's a long grain variety of rice that was originally found growing at the foothills of the Himalayas .

Thousands of years ago , we're cooking it in a big pot of rapidly boiling water into which a little bouquet garni or a little spice packet is placed .

This has one cinnamon stick , a handful of peppercorns , some cardamom seeds .

A couple of cloves as a delicious perfume to the rice and two cups of white basmati rice and add one tablespoon of salt .

Bring this to a rapid boil and cover .

I have some already cooked to save us a little time .

And here it is .

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So once you discard the little spice bouquet , drain the rice in a strainer , very , very fragrant rice and let it sit in the strainer for about 10 minutes to completely drain Now , this is an interesting process .

So watch carefully in a large nonstick skillet , melt four tablespoons of butter .

It seems like a lot of butter , but we're going to be browning the potatoes and we're going to be flavoring the rice .

Now , two large Idaho potatoes .

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Idaho's work very , very well for this and slice on a mandolin to a uniform thinness and either use a guard or a cloth as I am to get down to the last little nubbin of potato .

And don't look away while you're doing this because you may be cooking in a slice of your thumb .

You don't want to do that .

Transfer your rice which has cooled for about 10 minutes and you see each grain of rice and you lift it up , it is individual and firm .

Add two tablespoons of chopped apricot and two tablespoons of golden raisins and stir this all into the rice season with salt .

And to this , add your melted butter .

This butter in the pan is what's going to create that wonderful to dig .

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So you can layer your potatoes right in the butter lined nonstick skillet and you can start in the center or you can start on the outside but just keep going around and around .

This will be the beautiful zib of mahi , which is the potato lining for your for me , the addition of a potato in this dish is really special .

So that looks perfectly good .

And now we can Sprinkle the potatoes with three quarters of a cup of finely chopped cilantro , coriander leaves and mix your rice with the butter .

Hm .

So beautiful .

Now , add half the rice and the rice is infused with this beautiful perfume of the cinnamon and the cardamom and the cloves and the peppercorns .

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So about half goes in first and you're going to press this down and now you're remaining rice on top of this .

Just want a nice even layer .

I first learned how to cook Persian rice from my friend Harvin .

She's Persian and she makes very good Persian food .

Now , tuck the cheese cloth right on top of the rice .

This dish is cooked entirely on top of the stove cover , cook it for about eight minutes , reduce the heat and cook it for another 20 minutes or so on low .

OK .

Here we have it .

Remove the cheese cloth .

Hm .

The rice smells so good .

And then when we turn this out , it will be the beautiful rice dish that we're hoping for .


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