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2023-07-11 07:18:16

How to Make Homemade Bread Bowls

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Hey guys , it's Tessa and welcome to my channel .

I'm so excited you're here today because we're going to be making homemade bread Bulls .

There's no better way to serve soup than in a homemade crusty bread Bull .

And they're actually super easy to make .

So if you'd like to learn how to make homemade bread Bulls , then just keep watching .

All right , to get started with my homemade bread bowl dough .

I have 2.5 cups of warm water and make sure it's just warm .

If it's too hot , it'll kill the yeast .

I'm also adding 4.5 teaspoons or two packets of instant yeast .

A tablespoon of sugar , two tablespoons of olive oil .

And I'm going to add about half of my flour here just to mix it in to get the dough kind of started coming together .

And I'm actually using bread flour for this recipe .

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About half bread flour , half all purpose flour .

And the reason for the bread flour is it's going to help give these bread bowls a nice uh tall firm structure , which is exactly what we want because we want to make sure that these don't flatten whatsoever .

While they're baking , otherwise they'll basically just be giant and burger buns .

We want to make sure that they get nice and tall and the bread flour helps the dough form really strong gluten strands .

And that's just going to help it give a nice sturdy shape .

So I've just added the rest of my flour mixture gradually .

And now I'm adding two teaspoons of salt .

And the reason I added the salt at the end is because salt can prohibit the yeast from developing in the dough .

And since the yeast development is so important in this recipe , because we really don't want to have flat uh bread bowls .

I added the , the salt in last .

So it wouldn't uh kill any of the yeast off .

Usually I don't really worry about it .

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But for this recipe , I want to make really sure that these bread bowls are as tall as beautiful as possible .

So I've just needed the dough in my stand mixer .

You can also do it by hand if you'd like until it's nice and soft and smooth about five minutes .

And I'm placing it in an oiled bowl , just give it a quick roll around in the oil and covering with a damp cloth .

I'm gonna let it rise until double in size about 40 minutes .

Once it's doubled in size , I'm just going to press down it slightly to gently deflate it .

And then we're gonna go ahead and divide the dough into six portions .

And this recipe makes six large bread bowls .

So these are perfectly sized for a generous serving of soup and get that nice kind of slightly soggy but crusty on the outside bread that you can eat as you enjoy your soup .

So I'm using a bench scraper to cut my dough into six portions .

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And I'm trying to make them as equal as possible , but it's not the end of the world if they're not perfectly shaped .

So I'm gonna take each portion and pinch towards the bottom of the dough .

So I'm kind of pinching the dough , bringing the dough around to the bottom and creating a nice , tight , smooth ball .

And we want to make sure the balls are really nice and tight because again , that's what's going to help keep the red balls nice and round .

So after I've kind of pinched the bottom together , I'm just gonna roll around on the counter to seal and then place it on a greased baking sheet .

And I'm going to do that with all of my portions .

Once they're all portioned out , I'm just going to slash the top with a sharp knife .

And this is going to help let them kind of floss them into a beautiful round shape .

Cover with that damp cloth again and let rise into double in size about 30 minutes before these go into the oven .

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I'm brushing the bread all over with one egg white , combined with a tablespoon of water and this will help the bread bowls get nice and shiny and golden and they're going into a 400 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes .

But to get them really nice and crisp and to make sure they don't deflate , I actually have a boiler pan and another shelf on my oven .

And I'm pouring one cup of hot tap water into that broiler tray .

Hopefully you won't spill a little like I did and closing the door and that's going to create steam , which is going to help my bread dose my bread ball bowls a rise and get a nice , beautiful round shape .

So this is what they should look like when they're all done .

You let them cool completely .

And then we're gonna cut out the center to make the bowl shape .

So I'm just using a little perry knife here to make a round incision in the top of the bread bowl .

And I'm going to pull out all of the , the center uh bread in the middle .

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And you can actually make bread crumbs from the crumbs if you'd like to save that extra bread .

So , feel free to make as deep as you like as you can see , I got quite a bit out there , but I'm going to yank the rest of it out just with my finger to make sure that we have a nice deep bowl and we can fit lots of soup inside and make sure that you use kind of a more creamy soup because everything that's too watery will just soak through really quickly .

All right guys , thank you so much for watching .

I really hope you enjoyed this video .

If you make this recipe , don't forget to tag me in a photo on Instagram .

I love to see the recipes you guys make .

If you did like this video , give it a thumbs up .

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and I'll see you next time with another food video .


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