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2023-07-11 07:12:51

Crispy Sub Baguette, You'll never buy a baguette again

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Hi , everyone .

My name's John .

I'm a retired cook from the northeast of England and the UK and welcome to my 63rd bread recipe .

And in this one , I'll be making these absolutely delicious and relatively quick crispy sandwich baguettes .

And if you like your homemade sub sandwiches , but with a crispy bucket bun instead , then this recipe is perfect for you .

You can view the ingredients list and full written method for this recipe on the recipe page on the channel's website .

I'll leave a link in the description under the video or you can click on the eye icon top right of the screen to take you directly to the recipe page .

And I'd like to thank the Patreon and paypal supporters for their very kind help .

I'll be doing the shout out and name splash a little later in the video .

OK .

Let's get on with today's recipe .

First job is to make sure your yeast is OK .

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Heat your water up to approximately 40 degrees Celsius .

That's 100 and four F , add the sugar to the warm water and give it a good stir once dissolved , add the yeast and whisk it in and allow it to sit in a warm spot for 10 minutes .

If there's no activity after 10 minutes , your yeast must be dead and it needs replacing .

Ok .

On to the needing .

Now , I know a lot of you out there don't have a stand mixer , but because of my wonky hand , I'll have to use my machine to do mine .

But you can easily need this door by hand .

If you don't have a machine , I do go into quite a bit of detail in my sandwich bread and cottage law videos on needing techniques .

I leave links in the description box to those videos .

OK .

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Add the salt to the flour and mix it in once you're happy that your yeast is alive and kicking .

Add it to the ball .

Make sure you get it all out of the jug and now add the flour to the ball with the door hook attached mix until it all comes together .

This should take about a minute or so .

No .

Using your bowl scraper clean down the sides of the bowl .

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This will just make sure that all the ingredients are incorporated into the dough .

Yes .

Right .

Set your machine away for 10 minutes .

If you hand needing , it's also 10 minutes while that's mixing grease , a large ball with a little oil , about a half teaspoon of whatever oil you've got and set it aside .

And this is what it looks like after five minutes and that's it .

The 10 minutes are up , whether you use a machine or hand needed .

You should now have a nice smooth door .

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Right .

Turn it out onto a flower free bench and form it into a bowl .

Yeah .

Now stretch the outer skin of the dough by shone .

Now , get it into the grease bowl and you'll be pleased to hear .

This is its one and only rise in the bowl .

I'll swirl the dough around like I'm doing to coat it in a little of the oil and now cover the bowl .

I like to use the shower cups for this .

And these are available in the website shop .

If you want one , we have white or red .

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Now get it into a nice warm draft free spot .

I like to use my oven with just the light bulb on for this .

Now , set your timer for one hour , right ?

While that's proofing , you'll need to oil strip of cling film or plastic wrap about 45 centimeters .

That's 18 inches long .

I'm using vegetable oil , but any oil will do right .

I'll set that aside for now .

Ok .

Time's up on the first proof .

And as you can see , it's well risen .

If yours are still a bit low , just give it a bit more time proofing times vary depending on what temperature they're in .

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Now , Sprinkle some flour on the worktop as shown , turn out the door and dust with a little more flour .

Now , knock the door back that simply means get all of the gas out of it .

Now , using your dough or bench scraper this time equally divide the dough into four pieces .

And if your measurements were correct at the beginning , each piece should work out at 250 g each .

If you're working in ounces , that's 8.8 ounces much easier to work in grams .

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Guys not preaching , just saying we now need to make what's known as the pre shapes for these baguettes .

Once you have your four pieces , form each one into a bowl , then into a fat sausage shape as shown , I'll just quickly do one more .

I go into a lot more detail in forming these doorbells in my dinner roll video .

If you want to have a look at that one , I'll leave a link for that video in the description too .

Once all four is done and in a line , don't add any flour to these .

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Just place your oiled cling film over the top as shown and set your timer for 10 minutes .

This rest period is very important as it allows the door to relax and it makes the final shaping of these baguettes much easier .

And at this point , I hope you don't mind if I give my two recipe books a bit of a plug .

The books have lots of our favorite , easy to follow recipes from our work kitchens in them .

Both books are available in the website shop along with lots of other equipment I use in the videos and by popular demand , the skeleton style oven gloves are now available too .

Just click on the eye icon , top right of your screen and that will take you directly to the website shop .

Now you can use an ordinary flat baking tray to make these on , but I'll be baking my buggs on this baguette tray .

They do make life a lot easier when making this kind of bread .

I'll leave a link in the description for this one .

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They are very cheap too and well worth investing in one .

OK .

On to the final shaping .

Take one of your pre shapes and place it on a flower free bench .

Turn it over so the oily sticky side is now facing down now gently flatten it with your fingers into a rectangle .

Now roll it towards you tucking in the ends as you go right now .

It's important to close the seam properly or it will pop open in the oven .

Try to copy how I do it in the video starting by tapping it gently with the heel of your thumb .

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Once that's done , turn it so the sea is pointing upwards and pinch it together as shown once you're happy with it , place it on the baguette tray or if you're using them on a baking tray and make sure that the seam is on the bottom .

I'll quickly go through one more once all four are on the tree .

Give them a light dusting with flour .

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Don't worry about them being a bit wrinkly at this stage that will smooth out as they rise .

Right cover with a lightweight dry cloth and allow them to rise for 45 minutes .

Ok .

With 10 minutes to go on that rise , you'll need to preheat your oven .

Now , before I do that , I'll add a pan of hot water on the bottom of the oven and then I'll set the oven temperature to 200 degrees Celsius .

That's 3 90 F or gas mark six .

Ok .

Time's up on the final rise and it's time to bake these beauties , but first we have to score them .

So take your or raise a blade scorer .

Now , these are available in the website shop too .

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Now , just cutting with the front of the blade and keeping the back of the blade up in the air .

Gently cut a line down the middle of the bucket .

I'll show you a different angle of that first cut .

Now , carefully and gently go over it two or three times until you're about 13 millimeters or half an inch deep .

Right .

I'll quickly go through the rest of them and once that's done , get them into the preheated oven .

Yeah , once they're in , give the oven a few squirts with water .

This will create a bit more steam and it's the steam created in the oven that makes your bread crispy .

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Now , set your timer for 16 minutes and for the very first time I'll attempt to show you these baking through the glass and there you go , 16 minutes baking in a few seconds .

Right .

Time's up .

So I'll get them out , but I'm not finished yet .

I want to turn them over and give the bottoms a further three minutes to crisp up some more .

Ok .

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That's them done and just listen to how crispy they are .

So I'll allow them to cool for a while on a wire rack and then I'll come back later to show you the insides and of course , have a taste and a glimpse at how I build up my filet steak and blue cheese sandwich .

Ok .

Time to cut one open and by the way , the smell in my house is absolutely fantastic .

Nice and crispy as you can hear .

And as you can see , it's got quite a close crumb for a baguette , but it is soft and very light ideal for making sub sandwiches .

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I'll try a little with some of my homemade butter on and they really are absolutely fantastic .

You couldn't buy a better sub sandwich baguette .

The taste is simply amazing .

Now , as promised , I'll quickly go through our customer's favorite sandwich .

First is a generous layer of caramelized onions cooked with a dash of aged balsamic vinegar .

Next , a small medium rare filet steak sliced and a good helping of my homemade blue cheese sauce .

Finally , a few thin slices of a good quality danish blue cheese .

Absolutely delicious .

A sandwich fit for a king or a queen .

Definitely warrants a big thumbs up .

And as promised at the beginning here is the latest list of my Patreon and paypal supporters .

And they are three Rahe you David Boyce Doc Eldridge , Trinity , Nov , Kenneth Hunter , Rebecca Lindley P FOOT , Preston mccoy and the Egg Factory .

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And there's also two who wish to remain anonymous .

Thanks very much guys .

I really do appreciate all that you do in supporting the channel .

Well , thank you again for watching .

Please like share , comment and subscribe by hitting the circle above if you do subscribe , activate the bell icon next to the subscribe button on my channel page .

And by doing that , you'll be automatically notified every time I upload a new video .

And in the meantime , here's a few of my other videos and playlists that you may want to watch .

So until the next time , be safe in your kitchen and bye for now .


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