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2023-07-08 09:13:28

How to cook the perfect steak on a Philips Airfryer HD9240 - Appliances Online

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Hi , I'm Gavin .

Here .

Today , we're looking at the perfect steak cooked in the Phillips extra large air fryer .

Now , the perfect steak technique has been debated for years and years and years .

And if you google it , there are so many theories on how to create the perfect steak , but most of them revolve around a high temperature of searing all the moisture and all the juices into that meat and giving it a char grill type effect on the outside .

So the air fryer has perfected the perfect steak technique .

It's really simple .

If you want to baste your steak , you can , if you want to season it , you can , but you don't need to turn it .

All you need to do is pop it in the air fryer .

And when we're talking about air frying times , we're talking about minutes being quite important .

So 2 300 g filet steaks straight into the air fryer , set the timer for say 12 minutes .

Now , 12 minutes will make it a medium cooked steak .

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If you like a steak that's well done , I'd suggest a 14 minute time .

If you like a steak , that's very rare .

About 10 minutes will be enough .

So two minutes between a rare a medium and a well done shows you the speed and the technology of the air frying technique .

So 12 minutes later , and we're gonna have two of the most beautifully cooked medium style steaks , no turning , no special techniques , just popping it in the air fryer and let , letting it work its magic .

There we go .

Wow , they look great .

So you can see that it's cooked evenly and beautifully on both sides .

Mouth watering , you can see all of the moisture that's been retained in this frying process .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And there is the perfect medium done steak .

Hi , I'm Gab .

And today we're having a look at the Phillips extra large air fryer .

Now , the air fry technology has been , been around for a few years now and it's revolutionized the way in which we fry our foods .

It's a healthy fast way of frying foods opposed to a deep fat frying type of situation .

So , the way the extra large .


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