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2023-07-10 08:51:29

Cajun Dirty Rice

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What's good , everybody .

Welcome back to my channel , smoking and grilling with me A B .

But today you didn't already seen that thumbnail .

You didn't look at that picture , your mouth , got the watering .

You clicked on that button and now you're here today .

I'm getting ready to show you guys just how easy it is to make .

You know what ?

We're just gonna make a dirty rice .

Keep it real simple .

Hey , and saying that let's just go over these ingredients right now .

Let's make it happen .

All right .

So look , we're gonna start off .

Look , I got some long grain rice , right ?

This is what you're gonna need that .

And this right here .

This is my Creole seasoning .

You know what ?

And if you've been watching me for a minute , you know , I rave about this creole kit .

This is a must have folks .

I use it in everything .

Now .

You can use Creole Cajun or whatever .

But this right here is my weapon of choice today .

All right , we got guarded clothes , big leaves and then let's talk about your sausage right here .

You can see right here .

It says Italian sausage , right ?

It's up to you what you guys , you know what you guys wanna use for me .

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This is what I'm using today or you can take an sausage , you can cut them out , you know , and like you get all of the sauces out of the uh out of the and then , you know , go ahead and fry it from there .

Now , here we go .

Now we talking about dirty rice .

So we're talking Creole slash Cajun , right ?

So you know what , I'm gonna go ahead and just put this right here and let you guys tell me what you think about that right here .

This is a must have when you're doing , you know , if you ask me if you're doing anything Cajun and Creole .

Now you see celery , green red bell pepper and then we're gonna use that yellow onion because we want something sweet , right ?

I always got my salt and pepper .

I use cautious salt .

I like to , you know , grind my pepper .

I got parsley here for some uh for some garnish and then I got my infused olive oil right here .

This right here is just garlic infused .

I'll be using that today .

Now over here , look , we got chicken broth .

You're gonna need some of this .

I'm gonna show you how to put all this together .

Hey , look , it's enough talking .

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Oh And before I forget because I love to say uh yeah , w sauce .

This is it right here .

Let's make it happen .

OK ?

So you you see what I'm making money and I'm using my cast iron skillet , right ?

This is the 12 inch cast iron skillet with the lid .

This is not the , the lid that came with it .

You know what I mean ?

This is one of those uh lids for another pan that I have .

But this is what I'm gonna be using today , right ?

So this is already coming up to heat .

I'm gonna go ahead and open up , you know , my sausage and what we wanna do is we wanna brown this until we don't see any pink , right ?

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So I'm gonna go ahead and just give it a little start with just a little bit of my olive oil , right ?

So now I'm gonna go ahead and just add my sausage peel this off .

Now , look , I'm not gonna touch it and don't forget this is in , in the duction top , right ?

So the heating element is right here in the center .

I want this to like crust over .

So I'm not gonna beat it , break it up or nothing like that .

We're gonna let it form a crust .

Then I'm gonna flip it over .

I'm gonna let it form a crust on the other side and then I'm gonna break it up .

Ok .

So now that we got the , you know , our sausage in the pan , let's go ahead and let's just start , you know , prepping our bell peppers , right ?

OK .

So now I'm gonna flip it , you could look at that crust right there .

That's what we wanna see .

You see that , that's that flavor folks .

OK ?

Right here .

I'm gonna go ahead and kick back and let you guys look at the little knife work and give you a little bit of that eye candy .

OK ?

So we got crush on the bottom side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , what we'll do is we'll just go ahead and break it all up .

Well , we want , we don't want to see any pink .

Now , I'm gonna turn this down to a medium which is about 275 degrees .

You just wanna break this up and get it nice and small .

So as you can see , I got it all chopped down and I'm gonna tell you , you know , I'm big on having the right tool for the job , right .

I like these wooden spoons and see how it square makes it super easy for me to get right down there .

And you know what , when you're breaking up ground beef or turkey or whatever you're doing turkey sauces , whatever .

Look , it helps you this right here just makes your job much , much easier .

Ok ?

Now that we got , you know , everything , you know , all of our , our veggies look , they chop the way I like them or dice .

Some of these are fine .

Some are like regular dice .

Now , what I wanna do is look , my , I got my skillet is back up to temp , right ?

I just wanna show you this right here when your skillet is seasoned , right ?

You don't get none of that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Stick it right .

But if you use ground beef , maybe that had stuck down on the bottom .

So what you wanna do is you wanna take your w sauce , right ?

You gonna add this right ?

And we're gonna use this to de glaze it .

But for me , I don't have that issue .

So I'm gonna go ahead and turn it down to like a medium heat .

You know , look and you , you see , I had nothing to stick on the bottom but anything to stick on the bottom right there .

That's your flavor .

You just wanna make sure you get it all .

Also , I wanna cover this .

If you went ahead and used ground beef , you might , it depends on the percentage of fat .

You might have a lot of fat in here .

What you wanna do is drain some of that fat and leave yourself about three tablespoons of fat in the bottom , right ?

So now I'm gonna go ahead and start adding my veggies .

No particular order , right ?

Onions and the green bell peppers .

Now you just wanna go ahead and get everything coated with all of the goodness , all of the , the oil and everything that's in here .

You know what I mean ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We wanna get that to marinade and the soften and saute some of these onions down , some of these veggies down .

Now we're gonna give this a little bit of a head start before I go ahead and add that garlic , right ?

Because you know , garlic can be a little tricky but check it .

Yeah , I get to use my press , right .

So go ahead if you got a press , whatever , whatever it is , you know what I mean ?

I just suggest everybody get one of these to look and make your life a whole lot easier .

Check this out y'all .

You just squeeze it and guess what ?

Folks ?

We got Mince Garland .

Now we got it .

We're just gonna go ahead and give it a good stir .

Right .

Look , the steam from the , you know , from the pan , the veggies are starting to release is , it's goodness .

Right .

And it's starting to soften up .

What we wanna do is , and again , look , I don't know if I said it already , but I'm under a medium heat .

You know what I mean ?

I might turn it up a little bit .

Remember , medium , 275 degrees .

I'm gonna go ahead and raise it up just a little bit to 300 degrees .

Right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Because we wanna cook some of these veggies down just a little bit more and we don't wanna burn that uh that the garlic , right ?

All I can tell you is if you had this going on in your kitchen right now , everybody that comes in to your home will just say , oh my goodness .

What is that you cooking ?

Right ?

There .

So look like I said in the beginning , I made one of these before made a video and I put shrimp in it and everybody was like , man , that's more like a , a jumbo .

But check it out .

You guys can put whatever you want to put in here .

It doesn't really matter .

It's your dirty rice , you know what I mean ?

But this right here is just like fire and for those that never ever had it , this is a great start .

Where is the creole seasoning ?

Oh When do we put that in with the rice ?

Got it .

It makes sense .

Now you wanna go ahead and get yourself a couple of pinches , right ?

And then check it out .

We gotta go with that salt .

I mean , excuse me , that pepper right now , for me , you guys know you've been following this channel .

You know , I like to use a lot of pepper .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now look , my veggies is starting to soften up .

I can touch them and feel them the way they feel , you know , with using my wooden spoon .

And you know what ?

Even if you don't do that , you can look at them , see how it loses some of the red and the green is starting to , you know , fade away and the onions look everything .

When they start to soften up , they start becoming translucent and they lose a lot of that color .

This right here tells me is right now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna introduce my long green rice , right ?

So we just add that .

And what we wanna do is we wanna brown this for about two minutes .

Now , after I get just stirred up , right .

I'm gonna go ahead and just set a timer .

Hey , you know what it doesn't , I like mine to be a certain color .

So I'm gonna go ahead and just brown it for about , I'm gonna say three minutes .

OK ?

So we got the rice in the skillet .

We browning that up , right ?

Oh And I should have said this too .

I went ahead and raised my fire back up to a medium high because we wanna put a little bit of color on that rice , right ?

So we're gonna go ahead and I'm gonna measure this out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is a four cup Pyrex cup , right ?

Measuring cup .

So , and actually this right here holds uh I think this carton holds six .

So what I'm gonna do is I just wanna get four .

We're gonna come back and make one .

OK ?

So my timer just went off .

Now , I'm gonna go ahead and add now we got five cups and I'm gonna go ahead and give it a stir .

And then what we wanna do is bring this back to a boil .

Then we're gonna lower the temperature down to get us a simmer and then we're gonna set a timer for about 25 minutes and we're gonna look and see how that is .

Now , remember I had a top once I get everything up and I set it down to a simmer , I'm gonna go ahead and put that top on there .

Now , this is when you introduce , you know , your Creole kick or your Cajun seasoning .

If you've been following me for a minute , you know , I'm gonna use that , that Creole kick at all times .

Then you wanna go ahead and add your bay leaf .

Give it a stir , then you wanna go ahead and cook it to all your liquid is gone .

OK ?

Timer went off .

Let's take a look at it .

Oh Yeah , that's another .

They wanted the tell tale sign .

You see all the liquid is going now you just wanna take it .

Look , I notice what I'm doing .

I'm taking it square uh wooden spoon , right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Take it , hit the bottom and I wanna push it through when I put it right there .

Nothing is starving it on the bottom , right ?

It's just getting a little thick .

This right here folks is dirty rice .

Hey , I'm gonna go ahead and just give it a stir .

Let me take this heat off .

Right ?

Oh Yeah , I just wanna stir it .

Let some of the steam , you know , get out .

We don't want it to be mushy , right ?

So we're gonna leave it like this .

Uh You guys tell me , hey , all that box , dirty rice and all of that you can make this , you know , really , really fast .

Tell me what you think down in the comment section below .

I'm gonna let it steam .

I'm gonna give it about five minutes .

We're gonna put some of this on a plate or a bowl .

I don't know yet .

And we eat this folks .

OK .

Now , what I almost forgot to do was add my little green , you know , my little parsley because you know what , we gotta have some color right now , watch how this is and it does something a little bit better too .

Check it out when you go ahead and mix it all together .

You know what I mean ?

It's just the way it changes the texture .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The , the green is like deep up in there .

You know , we just do it like that super easy .

Check out this presentation and as I'm moving and I'm looking , I was no rice and guess what ?

Folks , I forgot all about my little friends right here .

OK .

So now that is what the best part , you know what I mean ?

I'll just go ahead and just get me some , put some on this plate right here .

That'll be enough for .

Now , let me get myself a fork and check it out .

Folks .

It's going down .

Look at that right there .

Dirty rice .

Yeah .

The right amount of heat .

Hm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then when it's hot like this , I'm talking about like the , the warm from being , you know , being freshly cooked .

You know the heat from the fire .

All of that .

Listen , just feels so good going down .

There's something about that like the Italian sausage , the spice from that and that creole kick .

Hey , I don't wanna say nothing .

This is one of them things where I'm not trying to sell it .

You gotta make this , you guys out there making these other dishes and I'm out here showing you guys make this and then please come on back and hit me in the comment section below and tell me what you think about this one here .

When I say fire , that's what I mean .

Fire .

Who ?

Man ?

I got a right the right amount of kick to it too .

So listen , if you knew to my channel , let me just take the time to say thank you for watching this video .

Don't forget to like , subscribe and tell everybody out there right ?

There's a channel out here that's simplifying these recipes and taking the mystery out of cooking .

Now , if I ain't took the mystery out of cooking with this dish right here , I don't , I guess I don't know how to do it .

Hey , with that being said , you guys , hey , thanks and I'm out of here .

Peace .


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