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2023-07-07 13:54:53

How to Cook Pasta in a Frying Pan (and Infuriate the internet, apparently...)

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Ok .

I saw online that you can cook spaghetti in a frying pan .

This is not how you do it , but this is what you need to do it .

So let's begin .

So we are pouring this angel here into the pot pan .

Yes , it's called Angel Hair .

I have helpers .

Noisy , noisy helpers .

Hello .

Now we are going to take this over here and we are going to put cold water in it .

It has to be cold water .

Come on cold water .

It needs to be enough to cover the pasta , please .

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This is really entertaining and exciting .

I feel like that is enough .

Now we need to take it back over to the stove .

Watch out Grace .

Oh , this is much heavier than it was before .

Ok .

So now we turn it on .

See here .

Oh , come on focus .

Anyway .

That says hi .

And so now we wait , I'm going to be timing this somehow .

I am going to put some salt in the water .

It's idolized sea salt .

Very excite .

Can you ever have enough salt ?

No , you can't .

And so now we wait , the timer is going , I'm gonna see how long it takes .

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I don't know how long it normally takes to boil the water , but I assume this is much , much faster .

So we will see at a full rolling boil it's been about 12.5 minutes and you can see it's , there are like super soft already .

Yes .

Hello .

Let me see if I can get one without destroying my fingers .

Oh , that is done .

That is done all day long .

Those are done .

Wow .

So I guess you could put these through a strainer or you could probably just pinch them out like , oh yes .

All in all less than 15 minutes start to finish to have some super done pasta .

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Now , this is not spaghetti .

It is angel hair and so I'm sure spaghetti would take longer .

But right .

Alice do it .

Oh So anyway , we made pasta in a pan .

So that happened in less than 15 minutes .

So that's pretty fantastic .

I'm gonna strain this and we're going to eat it .

Now .

Spaghetti .

I also feel like it's not like it's been sitting for a few minutes because I'm a dope and I didn't start my sauce , but I feel like it's not as like sticky as pasta like normally is where it just forms these big chunks .

I feel like it's , I feel like it's , I mean , obviously it's still sticky because that's what happens .

And I only put salt .

I didn't put any butter on it and I will continue to eat this .

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But anyway , all in all it's really good and it's really fast and I don't think I'll ever make spaghetti in a pot again .

So I hope this was helpful .

And if you thought this was helpful then like this video and subscribe and I might do more things .

Who knows ?

I'm , you know , I do things so I can video about it .

Ok .

Come on .


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