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2023-07-09 14:22:54

How to cook basmati rice perfectly _ Non sticky _ Deeps Kitchen

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Hello , friends .

This is Zip Resh .

Welcome back .

And today in the kitchen , we are going to see how to cook basmati rice perfectly , which are super grainy and nonsticky like this to begin into a bowl .

Add one cup of basmati rice since we want to remove any dust and residue , wash it well with clean water .

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Now add clean water and soap this for at least 20 minutes after 20 minutes , keep a deep pot over your stove , which is big enough to hold five liter of water and fill it with a two liter of water and teaspoon of salt and teaspoon of oil , cover it with the lead and just wait until it starts to boil .

Now take your soaked rice straight from oil , sorry water and then add into this boiling water .

If you want to use this uh for making a Biyani , er you can add a whole masal into it .

So now just wait for five minutes uh after 5 to 6 minutes of cooking , I'm sure your rice must be done .

You can see they have double in its size and if you take one rice grain and press with your finger they will easily break or mash up .

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That ensures that the rice is cooked too well .

Now strain this rice from water and uh spread it over a big and wide tray like this .

So I have uh strained all rice from water and spread it over this white tray .

So make sure you are spreading them evenly so that the rice will get cooled down quickly .

Because if you want to use in variety rice , pull out and fried rice , you want those rice to be completely cooled down .

If there is any moisture or steam , it may further cook your rice and make it mossy or uh break easily .

So you don't want that to happen .

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So the good idea is after you spread over a big tray place underneath the fan and let it to dry for at least 15 minutes .

So it's been around 15 minutes and I can see my rice is completely cooled down and there is no moisture at all in it .

So I will show you guys how it looks .

You can see they are not sticking together and it's super grainy and fluffy as well .

So this is perfect to use for making your favorite pula , delicious fried rice and mixed variety rice like tomato rice , um lemon rice , coconut rice , et cetera .

And you can also use this rice uh in making dumb Brian and layered Biyani , et cetera .

In that case , you no need to cool it down .

You can directly strain from water and add into your Ryan .

Hope you find this video really helpful .

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If so , please hit un like button and subscribe to my channel to enjoy more delicious recipes in future .

Thank you so much for tuning in bye-bye .


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