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2023-07-10 09:15:03

Reverse Seared Steak with Homemade Compound Butter

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Hey guys , I'm Matt Pitman with Meat Church .

Welcome to my outdoor kitchen today .

I'm gonna be showing you guys how to make reverse seared steak .

What is a reverse seared steak ?

Well , it's the opposite of what a lot of folks do , which is sear the meat first and then put it in a high heat oven to bring it to your desired internal temperature .

We're actually going to smoke this steak first .

Bring it up to about 120 degrees internal tempt .

We're going to pull it off and we're going to build a raging fire and we're going to sear it hard to get us to a medium rare between 131 135 degrees .

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Then we're going to finish it off with an epic compound butter and it's going to be awesome .

So when you reverse sear , you need a couple things , you need a thick steak , which we have here and you need time .

It's gonna take about an hour to get this cooked completely .

And we got both of those today .

We've got a gorgeous Tomahawk rib eye from E three ranch in Fort Scott Kansas .

This is a never ever product .

So no hormones or antibiotics .

The taste is gonna be amazing .

So , the meat Church family , you got a lot of options for seasoning .

My favorite is our beef rub .

Our holy cow topped with our gourmet garlic and herb can feel free to use your favorite rub or whatever you like .

This is a thick piece of meat .

So I'm gonna season it pretty liberally .

Holy cow is a good mixture of salt pepper .

Garlic , a little bit of paprika .

I'm gonna put the holy cow on both of these first .

Then I'll come back with the garlic and herb .

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Now that we've got a good application of our holy cow and our garlic and herb .

I'm gonna let this adhere for 15 , 20 minutes or so .

And then it's time to get to cooking .

It's been 15 minutes or so .

This is looking really a here you can see it's like nice and wet , it's time to cook it .

So let's talk about reverse here .

It's a two step process like I mentioned , think of it .

If you're in your house , the first step is in your oven and the second step is searing it on top of the stove .

But here at the meat Church , we don't cook anything inside .

We're gonna cook out here in my outdoor kitchen .

So step one , we're gonna cook these on our offset stick burner at 275 degrees and then step two we're gonna give them a hard sear right here on our Santa Maria because I love the taste of a good sear and char that you're gonna get on the outside of this rib eye .

Let's stop talking and get to cooking .

Hello .

Quite natural .

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Right , guys .

So our steaks are on the smoker and depending on the thickness of your steak , you're gonna need somewhere between 30 minutes .

45 minutes , maybe a little longer .

I think that thick steak that we have is gonna take about 45 minutes at 2 75 to get to 120 degrees internal temperature .

So , in the meantime , I'm gonna go ahead and put together a compound butter , I've softened some butter and I'm gonna mix some herbs in it .

You can , you know , go with flavor profile , you like , we're gonna go with some lemon zest , some shallots , some garlic , uh , some rosemary , any kind of goodness you wanna put in the butter , we're gonna mix it together .

Uh , and then we're gonna put it in the fridge to kind of firm up a little bit .

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And we're gonna finish that over the top of our steaks when they're done cooking any time .

A recipe calls for salt and pepper .

I replace that with our holy cow salt pepper garlic .

Plus that's gonna complement the flavor profile of the steak that we're cooking today .

Ok .

Now that I've got that pretty well combined , uh I'm gonna take this and put it in the fridge and check on the steaks .

All right , guys , these stakes have been on for about 45 minutes .

We're gonna check the temperature , man .

They look gorgeous .

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So I'm looking for 100 and 20 degrees internal temperature right in the middle and that one's dead on .

That one's a couple degrees over .

That's ok .

We're gonna pull these beauties off .

We're gonna go see them .

We've got a Post Oak fire going here in our Santa Maria and we're gonna sear these steaks .

We got a lot of ways .

You could see some people like to see her in cast iron .

I really enjoy that but nothing really beats cooking right over a real hot fire .

These steaks have been , you know , resting for just a couple of minutes .

Now it's time to see her .

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All right , these steaks are looking awesome .

We're gonna take our compound butter that we made and we're gonna put a healthy amount right on top of the steaks .

And as the steaks rest , we'll tint it with foil and we'll just let this butter melt .

Um , over the steak .

It's got flavors in it .

They're gonna complement the steak .

Trust me , this butter is gonna make a huge difference .

It's gonna be epic .

I'm gonna lightly tint it with the foil .

Let it sit about 10 minutes and come back and eat .

Our steaks have been resting for about 10 minutes .

The butter's melting over the top it's really important to rest any big cut that you've made so that the juice is kind of redistributed throughout the steak .

Oh shit , man .

Look at that .

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All the herbs from the compound butter telling you it's not gonna suck .

I can't wait much longer .

I'm not gonna lie to you .

It's afternoon here in Texas and I've not eaten anything today .

So let's get to work here , man .

I'm telling you , I feel like this uh E three Tomahawk is gonna be nice and tender .

I'm gonna tell you right there .

I'm just gonna eat right out of banal and we can just show you right in the center how good that's looking .

Look at that .

So the benefit of reverse sea you get perfect medium rare from coast to coast crust to crust .

So when you're looking at the steak , you get maximum , medium rare , not just targeted , medium rare in the middle .

Anyway , I'm done talking .

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Mm I'm gonna need a minute .

Yeah , that's unreal .

Amazing steak every time .

Appreciate you guys sticking around .

Thanks for sticking with me for about a minute while I ate my lunch .

If you uh if you like this channel , subscribe to it .

We got more videos coming all the time .

Thanks to E three for providing these stakes for us today .

I appreciate you guys .


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