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2023-07-11 07:18:20

Dinner Rolls

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If you love soft and buttery dinner rolls , then you've got to try my dinner roll recipe .

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Hey , you're watching a preppy kitchen where I John Cannell teach you how to make delicious homemade dishes to share with your family and friends .

These dinner rolls will be ready in a moment .

So let's get started .

First off , we're gonna wake our yeast up in a bath of milk and sugar .

So warm one cup of milk to 110 F .

Let's snip off a little bit of yeast , one packet and add that in to help it .

Wake up .

We're gonna add 1.5 tablespoons of sugar .

This recipe uses three .

So just add half of that in .

It doesn't have to be exact .

Give a little stir .

We're gonna set this aside for about 5 to 7 minutes and when you come back , you should see it foaming frothy and just basically yeast .

Waking up and saying hello .

While our yeast wakes up , you can melt five tablespoons of butter in a small bowl .

Get that mixer out and let's measure the flour as well .

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We're gonna use three and a quarter cups or 390 g of all purpose flour for these dinner rolls .

And I'm using a scale because that is the easiest way to measure things out .

Precisely .

One handful less .

And that is perfect one final tip .

Before I add my warm milk back in here , this bowl is actually ice cold .

So I'm gonna run this under some hot water just to warm the glass up , pour it out and just that little bit of extra work really helps the bread just kind of wake up more easily .

I don't like shocking the temperature back down with ice cold .

Anything .

Let's check on our yeast using the proofing drawer today .

So it's really nice and cozy .

And as you can see , this is so just really like bubbly and it looks like a witch's brew almost .

It's ready to pour into our mixer into the mixer .

You go and you can use your spoon to get all that frothy stuff out as well .

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Two way milk mixture , I'm gonna add five tablespoons of melted butter .

This is gonna make it so rich .

And I'm gonna tell you ahead of time these dinner rolls are addictively delicious .

They're so soft , melt in your mouth and just ah really perfect .

Add the rest of the sugar in there .

We're gonna crack one egg , give it a whisk and finally , we're gonna add half of the flour in right now .

Give it one more whisk just to bring it together at this point .

It smells amazing and it looks kind of like a cake batter to my remaining flour .

I'm adding one teaspoon of salt .

The salt is not a friend of um yeast .

Yeast doesn't love salt .

So I like to add that in at the end after it's had a little bit of a head start .

Now we can add the remaining flour into our mixer .

A dough hook .

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I know a lot of you have this in the back of your cabinet somewhere , but it comes in so handy for making bread , add that in , lock it off and we're gonna mix this for about two minutes and you'll see the dough start to come together and in theory , your mixer can finish kneading for you .

But I always like to finish needing by hand .

You really get a feel for the dough and it's also kind of fun too .

Have it on a medium speed , mix it up for two minutes and just keep an eye on it if you need to .

You can always scrape the bowl down .

So right now you can see the dough came together but check this out .

Use a clean finger , tap the dough with your finger , it shouldn't stick to your finger and it should bounce back .

Also , it'll look smooth .

We're going to keep needing this for just a minute and then it'll switch to hand , hand kneading .

We need a little Sprinkle of flour for your work surfaces .

Not too much .

Now , we're gonna get this dough out .

It's an enriched dough , which means there's butter in there , there's fat from the milk and the sugar and everything else .

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If you're making enriched dough , like you would for cmon rolls or sticky buns , you know that it's gonna be delicious .

It also needs some more rising time because the yeast has to work extra hard .

So just keep that in mind and know that this is gonna need a little bit more than an hour , maybe up to two to double in size .

So work the dough , you're stretching it out .

See what's happening with your dough .

Does it look smooth ?

Is it bouncy ?

It looks pretty smooth .

It's bouncing back really nicely .

Now , finally the window paint test , pinch off some flour and there you go .

Look at that .

It's not tearing and I can see light through it .

It's beautiful .

I love this dough so much .

I really hope you make this .

Ok .

Now , a little bit of oil , if you're a bowl , we don't want the dough to stick , pop it in there and we're gonna proof this for about an hour , hour and a half , maybe two hours .

It'll double up in size and all you need to do is cover it in plastic and place it in a cozy spot .

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You can either just put your oven light on and keep it in there or maybe turn your oven to 100 let it heat up , then turn it off and pop your dough in there .

Our dough has doubled in size .

Look at this monster .

I love it .

All right .

All we have to do is divide it , make it into little balls and proof it again .

This has two rises , but it's so worth it .

Right .

We're not going to flower our counter this time .

So dump the dough out .

You can flatten a little bit if you want .

And I'm going to divide this into about 16 equal pieces .

So that's easiest if you just use a bench scraper , uh we're going to divide this into quarters and then eighths and so on .

So it would be a great math lesson if you have little ones at home , here is the secret to making a beautiful roll .

It's really easy .

You just have to know the technique .

So get your dough and we're going to fold it over on itself .

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So it's a pretty side and a wrinkly side youth and age then take it in your hand .

Make a little circle with your , yeah , make a little circle with your middle finger and your thumb and then just use small circular motions and it'll corral it into a little ball .

Look at that , we can set these aside until they're all done .

And if you have little helpers in the kitchen , it's a really fun activity .

As long as their hands are clean and you can do this for making hot cross buns dinner rolls , any kind of roll .

We're going to transfer these into a nine by 13 inch baking dish .

I'm just going to lightly butter .

We're popping this into our baking dish .

They need a little bit of room to grow so don't crowd them out too much .

These are ready to pop into a warm and cozy place for about an hour to rise again .

Just cover them up so they don't dry out and then they're ready to bake and brush with butter .

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The most important part , this is ready to go into the oven at 3 50 but I just had to show you how beautiful they look .

I wish you could smell them .

They're amazing .

OK ?

3 50 in you go , they're gonna get nice and golden and then we finish them off with butter .

It's gonna be delicious .

OK ?

As soon as they're out of the oven , you can brush them with melted butter .

Look at this golden color .

It's a beautiful thing to behold .

Right .

Brush generously with the melted butter .

It's gonna give them just a little bit of extra richness and added shine and make them so indulgent after rolls have been brushed with butter , let them cool down just a little bit and then serve warm .

These are gonna be the best thing ever .

These guys will be gone in a flash .

But if you like this video , check out my bread playlist so fluffy and amazing .

I'll see you in the next video .


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