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2023-07-08 09:25:15

How to cook a perfect steak on a Traeger

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Oh , hey , everybody , Lewis here our shack barbecue and other things .

So , uh , recently , uh keeping with the heart healthy theme that I'm doing , I did a couple rib eye steaks and I used a salt free uh spice rub that is very similar to Montreal steak spice rub .

Um And then I did these on my Trager Pellet grill .

Now I've never done steak on my pellet grill because I always figured it would dry them out too much .

But I have to tell you these were the best steaks I think I've ever done .

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And my wife was like , these are better than any restaurant she's ever gone to any steak house .

So , um , with that said , well , let's get into this cook and see how it turned out .

Regulators .

You regulate any stealing of his property .

We're damn good too , but you can't be any geek off the street .

Gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean .

Earn your keep right .

Ok .

On these stakes we're gonna be using uh decks .

See if we can get that in there .

Dack spices .

Uh Let's see .

It says , look ma no salt , no MS Gs and , uh , whatever that is .

What's that ?

Say ?

All natural .

And this one is steakhouse seasoning .

We're gonna use this on the steak .

Now , they have quite a few other spices .

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Oh , dropped one .

let's see .

We got , this is tack night space , uh , spices .

This is like an all purpose uh , rub .

Then you got super Greek .

Hm .

That should be good .

Um , this is original red .

Hm .

That looks really good .

Then you have green zest .

Uh This is probably a good chicken one and then you have blackened .

That's probably a little spicy , but uh we'll definitely give it a try .

Um , dack spices .

You can find these at dax spices dot com .

Daks spices dot com .

I think my sister ordered these through Amazon .

Um , but we're gonna give the steakhouse steak seasoning a try .

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So let's get into are two rib eyes and to stay with the heart healthy , we're going to go with sunflower and avocado oil .

This is supposedly better than , you know , extra virgin oil or any of them for you .

So we'll just put some of this on the stake here .

That's quite a bit there .

Ok .

Now we're gonna come in with our steak house seasoning spice .

We're gonna Sprinkle it on there .

So I got all kinds of different little seeds and spices in it here .

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I'm seeing so I get this and flip it over , hit this side and we'll just give this a moment or two probably 10 minutes or so to rest and we'll get the trigger fired up , get it up to temp and get these going .

So , here we are out at the trigger .

I have it set on high and that's going to be about 450 .

I'm using pecan wood or pellets .

What we're going to do is we're going to put these in here and let them go for five minutes and then we'll rotate them .

OK ?

For the potatoes , I just punctured a bunch of holes in it with a fork .

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Like so , and then I'm gonna come in with the same avocado oil kind of give it a quick little coat .

See if I can do it without getting too much on here like I did the steaks , but hey , nothing wrong with too much .

Give them a nice little coat here .

Nice .

So then we're gonna coat the outside with this uh garlic , big country garlic sauce or spice .

Just kind of give it a quick little Deb .

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And then we're also going to hit it with black pepper and then we're gonna microwave these .

So it's been five minutes .

What we're going to do is we're going to rotate them 45 degrees .

This way , we're trying to create that cross hatch pattern on them and we'll let this site go for five minutes .

Another five minutes have passed .

So we're going to go ahead and take them and flip them over and repeat the process on this side , five minutes and then rotate them 45 degrees .

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So , what I did is I took a half a cube of unsalted butter and five cloves of chopped up garlic .

And I put it in the microwave and melted and stirred that all together .

Then I also got some rosemary .

So after the five minutes went , I rotated and then I took my garlic butter and I kind of coated the top of the steak with it and then I like put the rosemary twigs on each one and then also another little , what would you call it , dab of unsalted butter on them .

Um Just to melt as they finish this last five minutes .

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Ok .

Here's our finished steak .

Let's cut into it and see what it looks like just the way I like it .

It's probably like a medium rare um to rare .

Let's just have a little bite here .

Oh , we got just falling apart a little bite here .

See what we got going on .

Ok .

Let's take a bite .

Who batter is really good , nice and tender uh nice meat flavor to it .

That seasoning is not too heavy on it .

That man could happen so good .

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Once again , this is Dax steakhouse seasoning salt free .

No MS GS Heart healthy .

You can find these online at dax spices dot com .

Daks spices dot com and uh I'm just overly impressed Trager did a great job .

This is perfectly cooked , nice and moist .

I mean , it's really juicy and it just cuts like butter .

Unbelievable .

Hm .

I gotta go in for another bite .

Cheers .

I've been craving steak and this was perfectly done anyhow .

Hope you enjoyed it real on .


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