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2023-07-11 06:52:36

How To Cook A Tomahawk Ribeye on the Blackstone Griddle! _ Perfect Steak Crust _ Ballistic BBQ

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Thank you for stopping by ballistic barbecue on today's video .

I'm going to be cooking up a £3 tomahawk rib eye on the Blackstone griddle .

Let's get going right here .

Is that beautiful steak ?

We're looking at £3 1.4 kg of USDA prime rib eye .

This is beautiful .

So last night , what I did was a dry brine with salt .

I seasoned the whole thing with Kosher salt , threw it in the refrigerator on top of a cooling rack and I just let it sit there until this morning when I pulled it out and it's been setting out for a couple hours now , coming up to room temperature , we're ready to cook .

So as I said , we're using the Blackstone griddle today .

I have these three burners on high .

The fourth one is not on at all .

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And we're going to be using the constant flip method for this particular cook and I'm using beef tallow for the fat .

We let it down .

We're gonna let it cook for 30 seconds before the flip .

This is a really , really thick piece of meat .

So we're just trying to kind of nurture the cooking along .

We let it sit .

No .

And then flipped it only once we'd end up with a very overcooked piece of meat .

I mean , it would probably be medium rare in the dead center , but it would be overcooked everywhere else .

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I will pull it once it hits 120 F .

Yeah .

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If you can really see the crest of developing on this , it's gorgeous .

We're a little over 8.5 minutes in .

I'm looking at here , you know , 70 degrees .

We've got a ways to go .

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We're getting fairly close .

Now , I'm gonna add a little bit more fat .

I have a head of garlic that I cut in half .

I'm gonna put this in here just kind of let it season this deep callow up a little bit .

Ok .

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Yeah .

All right .

We're at 120 I am going to pull this check that out .

Now the total cook time on this was 18 minutes .

So I'm going to allow this to rest about , I don't know , 15 minutes or so .

And then I'll give you guys a try and here it is all rested and I have to tell you it smells amazing .

I mean I'm smelling that kind of , that caramelized beef smell is what I'm smelling nice and juicy .

Now I want you to notice too because I'm , I'm going to get some comments .

You see the edges , the fat , the fat on the edge has got nice and rendered and seared , there's so much radiant heat coming up .

Initially , my plan was , you know , I wanted to sear off the fat on the edge of the , of the meat , but I hit that 1 20 .

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It kind of caught me by surprise .

So didn't take my chances .

But I'm very happy with the way the edge turned out and there we are medium rare , maybe a little closer to medium , little closer than I normally would want it .

But it looks really good .

I mean , it looks very juicy .

This crust is amazing .

Hm .

Wow .

I mean , it's definitely a little bit more cooked than I normally order it .

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But I'm sure the quality of this meat says a lot .

This is good .

I mean , it's very , very juicy , very beefy flavor .

Come in .

Anything cooked in beef , tallow beef , tallow was demonized like back in the seventies sometime .

But it's not , I mean , it's good stuff .

I'm happy with this .

Um Like I said , personally , I wish it was just a little less cooked or less done .

I know a lot of people , you know , they like their steaks , medium .

I'm a medium rare guy , but I'll take this , I'll take this any day of the week guys .

Thanks for stopping by .

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Make sure you ring the bell and if you like the video , I hope you did thumb it up .

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See you in the next video .

Cheers .


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