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2023-07-11 06:55:32

✔COCONUT RICE - How to cook the best COCONUT RICE (Basmati Rice)

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Hello , my kings and queens .

Thank you so much for joining me in the Navis kitchen today as I present my lovely coconut rice recipe .

If you've ever wondered how to take your plain white rice recipe to a more delightful presentation , super flavor loaded .

Well , here is the perfect video for you guys .

You'll find this recipe really useful and versatile .

As you continue to watch my videos , you'll see how I creatively incorporate this recipe in a lot of the dishes that I will be coming up with here shortly .

So stay connected and if you haven't subscribed yet , please be sure to do so and turn your notification on too .

So when I upload the next videos , you will be notified like proto OK .

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So I have heated up my extra virgin coconut oil here in my pot and I have added some thinly sliced shallot onions and I've sauti it for just one minute and I wash my rice thoroughly until the water turns clear .

And now I am toasting my rice in the pot until the water is completely dried out .

So that way the flavors of the onions and the coconut deeply penetrate each and every grain of rice , then add your coconut milk , the star of this recipe and some water and give it a good stir to get all of the ingredients at this point .

Well incorporated in the description box below is a list of all the ingredients used in their measurements .

It is crucial that you get the accurate measurements or ratio of rice to moisture to end up with the perfect outcome that fluffy rice dish .

OK .

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So now you cover it up and let it cook 15 minutes or until all the water , water has evaporated .

Give it a good fluffing up with your fork , leaving all these air pockets in there to cook the rice the rest of the way , which takes only about five minutes once you trap the steam with your parchment paper or foil in the lid .

Five minutes later , here is that beautiful outcome I was talking about love that how fluffy this rice is garnish with some scallions or spring onion slice on the bias .

You can serve this with any stew you have available beef , chicken fish , just anything you can think of and you can make fried rice out of this .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

Make it a great day and have fun .

Especially in that kitchen .


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