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2023-07-27 17:54:55

Hanger Steak. How To Prepare And Cook Hanger Steak. #SRP

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Well , hello there , my friends .

Welcome back to the Scott re Project .

Now , today we are going to be working on what is most probably the worst , best kept secret in the butchery trade .

It's the hanger stake .

Now years ago , you would not have heard of this cut , but now it's becoming very , very trendy once was called the butcher's cut or the butcher's stake .

There is one on each carcass now bearing in mind that a carcass weighs on average between 323 160 kg when you think this weighs under a kilo and there's only one on each beast .

You know why it's a rather special cut .

Now , a great cut of meat lends itself really well to the grill .

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The barbecue takes marinades really , really well , uh very , very flavorsome .

I mean , this is from inside the carcass .

It's attached to the last rib right below the tenderloin .

And the nature of the location of this looks like it's hanging , hence hanging steak or hanging steak , right ?

What we're gonna do , then I'm gonna show you how to trim this out .

Obviously , it's quite a decent sized piece of meat .

But obviously there is sines in there .

As you can see that line down there , we shall separate these two steaks away , which will give us two beautiful steaks to cook and we will get one in the pan .

So first of all , then what we need to do , get our knife under and just gently , just gently start to trim away any of this crystal , any fat .

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So we got a nice clean steak , like I said , very , very flavorsome hangs quite near the kidneys .

So some people say it's got a , a rather mellow offly taste .

I don't agree with that either way .

It's a cracker .

So just gently with our knife , either side , just cleaning off any undesirable bits .

Now , you can always leave some of this fat on fat is flavor , but I'm going to do the full monty trim .

Now , the next one , then there's this line of sine just with the point of your knife .

Very , very gently as you can see , just , just skimming over it really , no pressure .

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And pretty much that is the one side done again , just cleaning it up .

And that's per usual because I can't help it .

Just going to square it off and they is one hang a stake ready to rock and roll or as they call it in France next onto this bit , just again , just almost shaving that little bit of meat off there .

And then with our knife just under , start it off .

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Just like that and then grab it and in emotion from heel to tip , if you can see there angled up towards the sine , just keeping it taught , taking it the whole length of that steak there , trimming that off , trimming that off .

Like I said , a little bit of fat down here and that and that , and then obviously this side repeat , just get your knife under gently skim and again , just taken off any undesirable bits .

And there we have from that one piece too beautiful hanger steaks ready to cook .

Now , like all cuts like this , either really , really quickly or stew it for a long time .

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Either way you're gonna get a beautiful depth of flavor .

What I'm gonna do then is just very , very simply pan fry this , but it lends itself well to dry or wet marinade , you know , things like chimi chowry or salsa verde , but I'm just gonna do it old school bit of oil , salt and pepper and cook it medium rare .

So with anything like this , then we're gonna keep it simple .

I'm gonna cut this long piece in half .

Like so get my tray , get some oil on it , massage it in always oil in the steak and not the pan .

Hit it with some pepper either side .

Now , it always looks like a lot of pepper , but you will lose quite a bit in the pan and then some good old sea salt .

I've got my pan on it .

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I want it screaming hot because we want to hear that sizzle as soon as it hits the pan to start that mainly reaction .

Get it nice and sea it just putting it in the pan , pressing it down and then we're gonna leave it .

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So a very simple pan fry as you would , any other steak or on the grill or on the barbecue finish with a little bit of butter again , lightly tented with foil .

Just to retain that heat .

That residual heat will keep cooking it , bring it up to your desired temperature .

I want this rare to medium .

I want the full beefy experience , baby .

How good's that looking ?

While my hanger gently weeps better get into this .

Better get into this call .

All that lovely juice .

Hm .

I'm afraid I gotta mop it up .

Oh , yeah .

And that's is how you want this no more than medium rare .

That is absolutely perfect .

Flavor is absolutely immense .

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Now , I am not a big fan of tenderloin or filet .

I think it is absolutely tasteless .

It's overrated .

It doesn't take no eating .

I like steaks and I've got a bit of texture got flavor .

Hence why I love rump and rib eye .

But this , this is something else .

Get up plenty of bite to it and absolutely packed with flavor .

Just look and how good that is absolutely fantastic .

Go and see your butcher say I want a bit of your special meat and he'll say what you want about say , I want some of that anger state mate , that secret .

I need some in my life .

Go and get some .

Give it a go just divine .

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Well , there you go .

My dear friends , the truly , truly wonderful hanger steak really is something special and you know , it's becoming very trendy like I said , tenderloin .

Not for me , sirloin .

You know , I can take or leave it , but a rib eye or a rump , but this has just now gone to the top of my steak chart .

It's absolutely fantastic .

Be sure to get some and give this a go .

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You'll see my ugly mug come down in the corner in a minute .

Uh , check me on my social media , Facebook , Scott re and the Scott Re Project and on my Twitter at the Scott Re Project .

And please do check my back catalog .

I have got a vast back catalog of all kinds of butchery and cookery , you know , you need to see them .

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So until next time , take care , I am actually gonna neck this now .

I can't help it all the best mo


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