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2023-07-27 17:54:53

How to make bread with just TWO INGREDIENTS _ no yeast bread _ pantrydemic recipe #3

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hi , guys .

And welcome back to another instalment in my pandemic recipe series .

That's hot .

And today we're gonna make two ingredient bread .

Now , before I get into this video , I should remind everybody I stay reminding we should all know what's going on by now .

It's currently April 2020 .

The world is going through a global crisis the likes of my generation have never seen before .

So I'm going to remind you again .

Please follow your respective governments advice for us in the UK .

We're on lockdown , so that means we can only go out for essential items to and from work .

You can't work from home Exercise once a day .

Keep washing your hands And if you do have to go out , keep two metres apart .

Right , so on to the bread .

Now , this is a really simple bread to make , and I was a bit kind of dubious at first , but I was on Facebook looking at a group , and someone posted a picture of this bread that used only two ingredients and I was like , Oh , I wanna give that a try .

So I asked the person who posted it .

They sent me the recipe and this is it .

And does it work ?

Well , Yes , it does .

How do I know ?

Because I made some the other day .

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Admittedly , I did scorch the bottoms a bit .

You can see they're a little bit dark , but that's my own fault .

Um , I hadn't got any bacon parchment , so I put them on tin foil , which obviously transmits heat .

So of course they're gonna burn .

But actually , that bit was quite nice .

It's like a really nice , toasty flavour .

But you can see it's bread .

That's actual bread .

All right , that's what we're gonna make .

So let's crack on with it .

I'll show you what to do again .

If you look down below in the description , you can get all the ingredients that you need .

If you get your face down here , I'll show you what to do .

Right .

So these are our two magical ingredients that we're gonna make our bread with .

We've got Greek yoghurt and we've got self raising flour .

Yes , we've got salt .

But listen , everyone's got salt , so just kind of use that as a given .

But a little bit of advice for the Greek yoghurt .

Make sure you buy the proper stuff .

None of this Greek style yoghurt because it's a bit too runny and not what we need for this recipe .

The real stuff kind of looks like cream cheese .

It's nice and thick .

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That's the stuff you need .

Apart from that , this is all we need .

So what I'm gonna do now is just weigh these all up so we can mix it up into a dough .

OK , so I've got my flour weighed out .

I'm gonna pop that into a mixing bowl .

Now I have halved the recipe from what I put in the description .

And the reason for that is is because I needed to test this out first to see if it worked .

So I've halved the recipe for today .

But when you make it , it's gonna make about eight rolls as opposed to four today .

And I've also got my er Greek yoghurt here .

Now , this is a 500 gramme tub .

I used half of it for the first time , so I know there's enough in there .

Oh , wait .

Before we do that , we wanna add some salt , don't we ?

About a teaspoon in there and add the Greek yoghurt to the flour and Of course , what I should have done is mix the salt into the flour to start with before I started mixing in the yoghurt .

But never mind .

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So anyway , what you wanna do is get your spatula and just kind of mix it up until it forms a very loose claggy sort of dough .

It may look really dry now , but trust me , it comes together , so just keep working it for a bit .

OK , so we've got a nice loose claggy dough there , and before I kind of tip it out , I'm just gonna lightly dust a work surface and then just tip the whole thing out .

And what you're gonna do is just kind of bring it together , just like so pick up all that loose flour .

We're not really needing this like a traditional bread .

What we're trying to achieve here is to just bring it all together into a nice , smooth dough so you don't need to go mad with it .

You might need to add a bit more flour if it starts to go a bit too sticky .

So I'm just gonna work this for a couple of minutes and then I'll show you the next bit , right .

So I've needed the dough for a couple of minutes .

This is the end result again .

You don't need to , like , need it for ages and ages .

It's a nice soft dough , and what I'm gonna do is cut that into four .

But remember , if you're making the full recipe , you're gonna need to make it into eight .

So half and then half and then so on and so on .

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But I'm only making four rolls , so I'm only gonna make it into four pieces .

It amazing that , innit ?

It , And just lightly dust them .

And all you're gonna do is just form them into little balls like a bread roll size .

So I'm gonna crack on with the rest of these .

We'll finish them off with some egg wash , and we can bang them in the oven .

Right .

So I've got the dough in a tray here .

Now , if you've got bacon parchment , just use that I .

I haven't got any , so I've had to kind of improvise , and I've just lightly dusted a roasting tray with some flour .

And what I've got here is one egg lightly beaten with a pinch of salt .

And what the salt does is it breaks up the white , which means it's less sort of gloopy .

If you haven't got egg , you can use some melted butter or just a brush of milk as well .

And at this stage , you can kind of make them your own .

You can jazz them up as much as you want .

You can add some seeds on there .

Fennel seeds , poppy seeds , sesame seeds , anything .

Really .

So now they've got the egg wash on .

They can go in the oven .

Now you wanna bake them off for about 20 to 30 minutes ?

All depends on your oven .

Really ?

About gas , Mark five .

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I'll put the conversion up on the screen now .

Now you're not gonna see a lot of rise in them .

They're not gonna sort of swell up to these nice , big sort of bread rolls , but you are gonna see a slight bit of lift .

And once you bake them off , you wanna put them on a wire rack or a plate just to cool down to room temperature before we can eat them .

So the bread is done .

I've cooled it down , just a room temperature , still a little bit warm So what I'm gonna do now Let's just smother some butter on it .

Cos what is bread without butter ?

So we have it .

Let's give it a taste .

But it's so impressive .

Honestly , now this is all play acting , obviously , because I've made these before , I know exactly what they're like , but , you know , you gotta kind of Josh it up a bit .

Mm .

It has to be said , bread made with two ingredients .

I'm impressed .

Really .

I'm impressed .

It's got a slight chew to it .

Er almost like a bagel .

Slightly denser , but it's still light at the same time .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I think that's the yoghurt .

There are some caveats with this bread , though .

I wouldn't recommend making a sandwich out of it .

It's a little bit too heavy .

Obviously .

When you have a sandwich , you want nice light , fluffy bread .

Um , so this is gonna work really well with something like a soup .

Excuse me ?

Something like a soup , a stew casserole .

You can sort of dunk it in .

It's gonna soak up all the nice juices , and it's gonna be really nice , but something like a bacon sandwich .

Hm ?

I don't think so .

I think it'd be quite nice , toasted under the grill with some butter , some nice jam on it , a bit like a S , but an absolutely cracking little bread to make .

If you've got some self raising flour kicking around some Greek yoghurt , you can make it .

And I should say that this isn't my recipe .

As such , I did convert it into metric and sort of changed the measurements just slightly , just to fit in with how we do things in the UK .

But if you want to read about it , see the full recipe .

Go along to the link in the description at recipe girl dot com .

Now that wraps up today's video guys , thanks again for watching , If you enjoyed it , please , like share and subscribe .


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