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2023-07-10 08:48:29

Slow Cooker Steak

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Right guys , I wasn't gonna turn on the camera , but then I thought some people may need inspiration today .

So I'm turning on the camera and there's a little baby .

She's like , um what about me , mom , what about me ?

Every time I turn the camera on , they want to be up on the counter to season .

Um But anyway , so long story short down to the cuts of meat that we've been holding off on because we really don't want to use them .

And it's our steaks , uh to be perfectly honest , um Our steaks were cut horribly and they're just , they're not very good .

Um So I hide that by putting them in a crock pot and making them look like roast .

And we're gonna serve this particular dish over mashed potatoes and I'm making a crusty bread in the um Dutch oven and that's what we're having today .

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So in here I have about four rib eyes underneath and then on top , I have four big sirloin steaks to that .

I added one packet of brown gravy mix , one packet of a gravy mix and one packet of ranch and then a stick of butter and this is going to be similar to my Mississippi roast or Mississippi chicken recipe that I have made in the past .

And I have videos on both those , but I don't have any pepper tini .

And I'm not planning on going to the grocery store until Sunday .

Today is Thursday .

So we are just using what we have in the parenting , which is what we've been doing really for about two months now .

Um Except for essential things .

I haven't been going to the grocery store .

So this is going to be delicious .

I already know because the flavors are right .

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And I wanted to bring you a lime because sometimes you just gotta think outside of the box , would you normally put steak in a crock pot and cook it like roast ?

Probably not .

But if you have a piece of meat that you may not like this is a good way to hide it .

So that is why I'm bringing you a love this .

I have a third baby here today .

Um This is still partially frozen .

So I'm going to put this on low and just let it go all day .

You could also put it on high and it should be done in 3 to 4 hours .

So I will bring you back when this is ready to go and you can see my little step on the counter .

All right .

All right .

So , all right .

So I know it's in a different pan and it is because it is the next day .

Um We ended up not eating dinner until really late and I completely forgot to do an ultra and ending to my video .

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So this is leftovers that we are having .

Me and the girls are having for lunch .

You can see that it made a gravy .

I did not thicken this at all .

This is the gravy and the meat is super tender .

It falls right off the bone , which is what I like , especially since um it was supposed to be boneless to begin with .

But anyway , it's slow roast all day .

It's super tender , super flavorful because of the seasoning packets that we put into it .

And like I said , it made its own gravy plus um it gets nutrients from the bones as well .

Now , obviously not the same as if you were to cook it for 48 hours and make traditional bone broth , but you still get some since it's slow roasted all day long .

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Um So yeah , this is the ending of my video but it's super tender .

I mean , and to me , it tastes like a high quality roast .

It's just in state form .

Um So I hope you enjoyed this video .

It's just a super easy crockpot recipe that you can use to use up meat that you may not particularly like or cuts that are super tough , which in all honesty , these steaks are pretty tough .

Um If you try to just grill them So this is how I'm gonna be using that .

The last of mine .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Also , if you follow my meal planning , Mondays , this meal is in place of the , um , stew meat that I was gonna do over mashed potatoes .

We did this cut of meat instead I am OK .

Switching out , uh , meats like that .

It's the same dish I was gonna make .

But with steaks because I just bought 2 £20 turkeys and I needed the freezer space .

So the steaks , the steaks one for dinner because they're bigger than me .

So I will see you guys next time and thanks for watching .


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